Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wyrd bið ful Arœd ((Fate is Unstoppable)

by T.A. Walsh, Gothi, Holy Nation of Odin, Inc.

“When fate grips you, you do well to put reason aside.”
from “The Winter King” by Bernard Cornwell

For many years I believed that I and I alone controlled my fate, designed my destiny. Through my studies of philosophy, psychology, sociology, and countless other disciplines, to which I always added the wisdoms of experience, travel and interaction with a fair cross section of humanity, I concluded that none and nothing but I could determine the outcome of my life. What a self-centered and audacious fool I was, to ever think that I could accomplish anything I am not appointed to, or that I could have survived half of what I have were I not blessed with that appointment by someone or something far greater than I.
As I have reached my middle years I find myself increasingly intolerant of those who do not grasp the reality that is fate. Where I once saw worth in the stoic’s words, today I see there a lack of passion men can not hope to be compelled to greatness by. Where I once saluted those capable of conquering the most complex of ideas, today I am disgusted by most people’s inability to comprehend nature’s simplest laws. Perhaps most perplexing to me is the notion by some that we should have by now, as a species, “evolved beyond” our instinctual duty to racialism, as if with reason alone we could undo the threads of fate or create a new paradigm that no longer required such duty to secure our existence.
To call attention to such things these days is to be branded a fool, a “hater”, and all other sorts of nonsensical things I couldn’t care less about, for I have accepted the reality that any white man or woman who would deny our destiny, or the role racialism must play in such, is no kin of mine, regardless of the color of their skin. For whatever reason, the Gods have elected to leave these people blind to the importance of fate or duty to it. Perhaps, knowing they did not equip them adequately to make any significant contribution, the Gods grant them a form of merciful ignorance that relieves them of any guilt for their inability. Whatever the case, while I might pray for some of them to open the inner-eye some day, to accept that there are simply some thing we will never explain away with rationale and reason, and to embrace the truth that we cannot separate ourselves from natures dictates and hope to fulfill any fate, the fact is I view most as hopeless sheep, at best cannon fodder in battles to come, and thus worthy of nothing as much as my contempt and derision.
How can I look to any white man or woman who refuses to acknowledge that importance of racialism in the pursuit of our fate and treat them with anything approaching kinship? To what end would I treat with kindness, civility or, Gods forbid, respect any white person who does not look with love to the loyalist of our Folk or who does not look with hate to those who would oppose or obstruct that loyalty in any way? Because they do not understand fate, is this cause to allow them to thwart ours? Because they do not comprehend their duty, is this cause to forego our own?
Based on reason, I am told, we should meet everyone with equal regard and dignity, for to do so is to assure ourselves in return the same. Being rational, I am told, would entail accepting the ideals of this age, for it is “irrational” to believe on could do anything to change the tides anyway. These are, I say, the platitudes of cowards, the fear-driven ramblings of those who have no faith in themselves and thus surrendered any hope they may have had to one day forward fates cause in exchange for temporary peace or prosperity. Because my faith in the fates is full, I have no such fears, and because I have no fears I “call it like I see it”. When I meet a coward, I call him a coward, when I meet a “man” who carries himself like a nagging woman and when I encounter anyone or anything I know to be defaming, detrimental or even simply indifferent to my duty as an Odinist man, which parallels my duty as a racialist man, then I too will call that for what it is. If this renders me unkind, uncivil, or irrational (and of which I’ve been called – and worse by the blind), then so be it.
As I conclude, to those who may wonder how I can speak so eloquently in one issue of love and seem so callous here, I say to you Odin is both, so too am I. Where I am able, I love with a focus and a passion. I am proud to say is my first, and preferred motivation. Where I must, however, I will hate with a fury all that would make a mockery of all that I love in either case. Duty is what drives me, and in every case fate is the fortune I crave… and fate is unstoppable.

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