Thursday, September 27, 2007

VFR Local 1488

A Missive from the Allsherjargothi of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc.

Heilsan Folk!

As of late I have spent more than a considerable amount of time upon my meditations regarding the current state of the Aryan people and the primordial spiritual perspective of our fathers' fathers, what we today call "Odinism/Wotanism".

And equally important within the scope of said meditations, is the role in which I serve and shall continue to serve our Faith and Folk in the capacity of Allsherjargothi of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN (Inc.) and it’s Ministry.

The title of Allsherjargothi (pronounced: All-sheer-yar-go-thee), has assumed an elevated station in contemporary times among many of our folk and the numerous Odinist Institutions, Organizations, Ministries, etc., wherefore the Gothar (Priesthood/Clergy) is in regards. The very title of Allsher­jargothi, or Allsherjargythia wherefore our Gythiar (Priestesses) are regarded, has been employed as the most eminent and exalted Gothi or Gythia (Priest or Priestess). While it is a station which deserves the folk's respect, so long as the one occupying said position fully fulfills the duties in concert with scared office of Allsherjargothi. The literal translation from Old Norse simply put is "the People's (Folk's) Priest/servant". Furthermore, one responsible for raising and sustaining the rest of the Gothar (Priesthood) of his/her Ministry. His/her eminence is warranted and measured by the success of the Gothar and Folk within the care of his ministry. If he fails to meet the Folk's spiritual needs, if he fails to provide the Folk with an accessible proficient Gothar to serve and address their myriad of spiritual, philosophical needs and cultural needs in concert with the heritage of the Aryan Tribes, then he/she is not serving anyone's needs other than his/her own need to assume some station of abused spiritual authority for the sake of one's own ego!

It is both an honor and a privilege to serve both our Gods and Folk in the capacity of Allsherjargothi of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc. and Chieftain and Allsherjargothi of the ORDER OF THE SONS OF ODIN, 1519 - VINLAND, as your servant in our Faith and Folk. For that is what the Allsherjargothi's ordained station is, Spiritual servant of the Gods and Folk and not more!

In the role of defender of our Gods and Folk, "Ek Einherjar" (I am a One Harrier)!!! I am but "One" who fights on our behalf. I am not "Thee" General of Odin's battalions. I am merely one Commander, one soldier among many in his Holy Army! That is my honor.

I realize that we as a people/Folk suffer a great disunity and lack of Fraternal Solidarity among the cause for the 14 Words, which is our very survival and more correctly so, the survival of our descendants and their future thereafter. There is so much animosity between the many factions of our people. Why, we Odinists alone suffer a grave lack of disunity within our collective spiritual community due to an unwillingness to communicate among our several ministries and resolve to form a cohesive alliance, designed with the mission of advancing the vehicle of our Ancestral Faith and make it more approachable and attractive to our working class folk in the main-stream of society. Without a sound spiritual leadership and community on par with the' mainstream faiths and their weekly services offered, why should any among us even consider Odinism/Wotanism, or Ásatrú as a viable alternative to what they currently have, even if they are in a rut? They shouldn't is the answer. There is no sense in insulting the intelligence of the very folk we seek to call home to the old ways of their/our Ancestors.
Our folk may set up a Stallr/Stali (indoor Alter) in their homes and practice our faith with their own families. They may erect an Hörg (Pronounced; Herg, which is an outdoor Alter) in their back yard and honor the old ways.

They can gather together with extended Kin & Kith (Family & Friends) and form a Kindred to perform Blot services together. The options available are varied and many designed to suit the comfort and needs of the individual or family. What is not an option at this place in time in Vinland, are actual Hofs (Temples/Churches) where our folk may assemble together for services and Blot. We need to construct legitimate Hofs and/or rent/buy old business buildings and convert them into genuine Hofs where our Folk may gather. In the late 1970's, early 1980's, a Christian Pastor named Raul Ruiz formed a ministry called Calvary Chapel, in Los Angeles County (San Gabriel Valley). I'm not certain as to exactly what date it had occurred, but he and his ministry had purchased an abandoned supermarket in, Azusa I believe it was, and they had converted it into a beautiful and ornate house of worship. I had a girlfriend at the time whom along with her family were intent on seeking to convert this little Heathen, as it were and they attended this church which I speak of. I had gone with them one Sunnastag morning.

When I consider what they converted that old tired supermarket into, I dream about our Folk/Faith community having such Hofs. I dream of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN and other Odinist and Ásatrú Ministries having such Hofs in our communities across the street and down the street from houses of worship of the Abrahamic Faiths! Where our folk may assemble with their heads held high with pride in where we come from and where we are leading our descendants to in the future. A brighter future which is not laden with decadence and moral bankruptcy. A future where our folk our not ashamed to say the word Aryan out loud, nor be anything less than openly and unapologetically proud of the grand contributions which our ancestors have contributed to humanity and civilization. A future where our Faith openly thrives in the 21st Century and beyond just as it did in centuries millennia past, prior to the advent and forced conversion of Christianity.

We must work together in a diligent fashion to bridge the gap which indeed exists between several components of the Aryan Peoples. The severe bickering and disunity which plagues our people is one of the chief agents contributing to the demise of the white race! It is coming from within our own cultures. What good is a line of defense against outsiders, when one of our biggest foes stands among us, behind the imaginary defensive line? Odinists and Christian Identity Folk must take measures now, today - to heal the rifts between us! We are a people divided by our own design! Unacceptable I say! Pan-Aryan Unity is the hope for our descendant’s future. If we do not address this paramount issue now, our differences right now, at this place in our history. Then that is all that we will become...History. A memory of an extinct species. At that point, what difference will it make Odinist, or Christian Identity? It will mean nothing at all. What then will history say about us when we have vanished from the face of the planet; Led to our extinction like a heard of dumb cattle going to the slaughter. Led their by our own collective leadership's unwillingness to place the survival of our people and future for our children above and beyond their own personal aspirations or agendas. Such men and woman who do not seek to secure and advance our race are neither leaders of our race/folk, nor champions of our cause. And they should be removed from such influential positions and replaced with responsible leaders whom are dedicated to serving both our folk and our cause. And anyone whom proves to be a legitimate threat to our safety and security, should be addressed accordingly. No matter who they are!

Willful lack of viable solidarity among our folk must be counted and equated as being among the most evil and sinister agents amassed for the purpose of destroying our culture, heritage and the institutions generated by them and therefore, the very survival of our folk, our faiths and our Gods!

Let us all endeavor to dispense with the huge egos. Let us assume accountability for educating our people to the very real dangers which face us all. Let us dispense with any notions of exalted or elitist station of one faith over another. Let us rid ourselves and our racial communities of stale animosities toward our own people and our independent philosophies and Theologies. Let us resolve to replace our many prides with "one" pride..."WHITE PRIDE!"
I present myself to you, my folk, as your genuine servant and defender as Allsherjargothi and Einherjar of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc. and as one whom is more than willing to work with any and all of our EuroFolk of the Aryan Tribes in the pursuit of Pan-Aryan survival and advancement in an honest effort toward Folk Building!

I believe that this sacred mission is in fact preordained and commanded by Allfather Odin. It matters not to me whether you wear a Hammer, a Cross, or nothing at all around your neck. All that is of concern is that you have a willingness to fight for the mission of the 14 Words.
Furthermore, it matters not your religious denomination, as a member of the Aryan Tribes, your heritage, culture and history belong to you just the same as any of our ancestral lineage.

The time for coining catchy phrases and slogans is past tense. We have three which serve the needs of our ideologies just fine: W.O.T.A.N. = Will Of The Aryan Nation; O.R.I.O.N. = Our Race Is Our Nation and the very essence of our sacred mission, the 14 Words; "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

The late and beloved Folk Patriot and Odinist, David Lane, in part warns us in his 88th Precept, against any Guardian, Leader, or Servant who would aspire to either wealth or glory. I seek neither. My own purposes are quite straight forward and quite fixed; A secure future for my grandchildren's future. For "OUR" descendants future!

I implore you all, strive for, cultivate, foster and promote Pan-Aryan Fraternal solidarity, while we still have a chance. Share and emphasize this message with other Aryan Folk, no matter their faith or lack thereof.

While I'm not saying anything new, it bears repeating over and over again if our people are to live on beyond this century.

I remain in Frith, service and Fraternal solidarity with thee...

"Ek Einherjar!!!" Heil Allfather Odin!

the Honorable Allsherjargothi,
Dr. Casper Odinson Crowell, 1519-CCG

"No matter the host amassed against us, their overwhelming numbers, or their desire for our failure and demise. It shall not come to pass, unless we fail to unite and achieve Pan-Aryan Fraternal Solidarity." --Casper Odinson Cröwell, Ph.D., DD

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sons of Albion - Ron McVan

We must choose nothing less than our future this choice cannot be compared to any previous choice. The unique quality of this choice is the simple grandeur of the decision to be taken in it. The inexorability of the simple and the last allows no delay!

This decision reaches out to the uttermost boundaries of OUR existence, OUR Folk and OUR Heritage!

Our Race Is Our Nation!