Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The War at Home

By Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell
Vinland Folk Patriot – VFR
For the 14 Words

Greetings fellow Patriots and Comrades!

Today, I desire to illustrate a rather alarming reality, or rather, a series of realities which are contributing to the destruction of the white race. And while this horror is one of global proportion, I shall henceforth address this issue, in the main, as it applies to Aryans here in Vinland. My only request of you is that you peruse the content of this piece with your head, not your heart. In other words, abandon your passion, emotion and animosity in consideration of my postulation, in favor of employing the calm sound of reason and logic instead. For if you may do so, it is my belief that you will better comprehend some long time realities. And if enough of us can achieve such a station of understanding well then, we may just yet be able to turn the tide of Aryan demise in Vinland (US & Canada), which I sadly believe will be total and complete within 200 years if we fail to reverse the damage thus far done!

If Iraq, or Al Queda truly desire a victory over the U.S.A., they should just borrow a page from history as well as today, wherefore the Art of Subtle Warfare is in regard. Both Japan and Mexico have enjoyed great success at it! Of course, I am being facetious regarding any victory over us by our enemies. Albeit, I am not joking about the past and current success of Japan and Mexico.

First, before I continue a minor though rudimentary history lesson… The Third Reich of Adolf Hitler evokes a great deal of negative emotion and animosity among Americans and this of course is only because we were taught to think and feel that way. But the reality is, as any honest historian will inform you, that Adolf Hitler never wanted war with England, or Vinland! A further point of reality is that Adolf Hitler was Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” for 1938 and he was nominated that same year for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, which incidentally, he won. Albeit the award was rescinded. The above two honors are not bestowed cheaply, nor do those whom render such accolades arrive at them without great debate and lengthy considerations.

That Hitler seemed to be on a conquest for European domination, is more rightly confused with his attempt to reclaim what land Germany had lost in previous wars. Any land which he pursued had once belonged to Germania under Charles the Great’s (Charlemagne) Holy Roman Empire.

That considered, I wonder, if our ancestors had lost a war, or two resulting in the loss of say, oh I don’t know, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. And then say, twenty years ago our own commander in chief sent our troops to reclaim those states from those who claim sovereignty over them as the spoils of previous wars, would you call the President a dictator? Or how about evil, would you call him evil? Would you say that he was wrong? Oh, I know, perhaps you are thinking, “What about the Holocaust?”

Yes… What about it? Assuming that it were the truth (and I don’t believe it to be so), what about it? In comparison to other details in history, it assumes its place among such details. What about the Native Americans that the U.S. Army gave Small Pox infested blankets too in the 19th Century? On the orders of the American President, the U.S. Army distributed small pox infested blankets to the Native Americans whom occupied the land the U.S. Government wanted. This is tantamount to a biologically engineered attack (Gem Warfare) upon Los Angles, today! What about the 16 million Stalin murdered? Or the 64 million that communist China’s Chairman Mao murdered! Take a moment to digest those numbers. What about the Armenians that the Turks sought to erase form mankind. What about Dresden, Nagasaki and Hiroshima? What about it?!!!

It does not matter if you are a National Socialist, Skinhead, Identity Christian, WASP, Atheist, Scientist, etc., etc., etc., All that truly matters is that you are a White Nationalist, where Our Race Is Our Nation (ORION)! Regardless of one’s religious or political perspective, Pan Aryan unity and solidarity are essential to our peoples’ survival. One must commit to becoming a stalwart Folk Patriot, without exception, apology, or remorse for your natural desire to see your Folk survive. The right to life belongs only to those who are willing to fight for that life!

What genuine victory did our nation secure from the Empire of Japan during the culmination of WWII, when they have long since reaped their revenge upon our nation, when they have purchased so much of our country? They have laws in Japan which either limit, or prohibit altogether the harvesting of their own natural resources. So, they have bought large portions of Vinland and rape our nation’s natural resources. They deplete our forests and mines of their trees and minerals and coal. They flood our market with electronics and automobiles which are manufactured by the very same manufacturer of the Zero’s (airplanes) which attacked Pearl Harbor!

Our Nation has a long history of being sold out by our own government. Consider the Communist question of both today and the Cold War era. It would have failed and fallen long ago had we as a nation just refused to recognize such governments and enforced our own economic sanctions and embargoes which we imposed upon them. But that has never been the reality at all. Our government has done business with the Reds ab ignition, that is, from the beginning, everywhere that Communism has existed with the single exception of Castro’s Cuba.
If Hitler was so evil, why then did we not view Stalin, or Mao as even greater evil and thereafter seek their demise?

Right now, as I type these very words, Vinland (USA) is under siege! We are being invaded and our own government is holding the door wide open at the Mexican Border. Think about that when next you vote. The death of American citizenship, via open border policies and amnesty programs, reduces genuine patriots to outlaws in their own country. And as I write this, your liberal government is hard at work on passing House Rule 1592 (HR1592), which would make what I am informing you about, a “Hate Crime”. But don’t trust me. Do your own research and flesh out the truth for yourself. Don’t be trusting or lazy any longer. Take a stand damn it, while we still can. Send a message loud and clear to Washington, DC that we’ve had enough!

FACT: Only two Presidential Candidates are truly against the proposed open border policy; (R) Ron Paul of Texas and (R) Tom Tancredo of Colorado. Everyone else is just blowing smoke and telling lies for your vote in “08”.

I am neither a Republican, nor a Democrat. I am a Vinland Folk Patriot - that is to say that I am a Nationalist of the White Race. I believe the Republic of the United States of America died when Thomas Jefferson vacated the White House and had long since been sold out by the Masonic Agents of American government prior to Jefferson ever taking up residence there. And that Democracy as it truly exists, not as we believe that it does, is a threat to the legitimate welfare of any healthy nation and its people.

Incidentally, the House passes HR1592 on May 3rd, 2007 CE, at 1:46 p.m. by a vote of 237 to 180. King George W. Bush has pledged to veto the bill. Providing that he follows through on his veto, it will be the first decent thing that he has done yet, in my opinion.

Something else to consider… The government is ever more seeking to cut Social Security benefits for those eligible Vinlanders, all the while the SSI benefits doled out to illegal aliens exceeds 346 billion dollars! Take a moment to digest that piece of information. If our government would serve their peoples’ wishes, they would cease French kissing the Zionist government of Israel’s ass, and end the current war in Iraq. They could quit spending on an unnecessary war abroad, and instead, back home worry about domestic policy issues. Like revamping the Social Security program and utilize the remainder of body bags in Iraq, back home in Vinland to shore up the overflowing levies and rivers during flood and hurricane season. We could also bring home our National Guardsmen so that they could serve where they were designed to; “Our communities!” Oh, I know, such a novel idea.

Never before in all of our history has our National Guard been deployed abroad to engage the enemy. Not in two world wars, not in Korea, and not in Vietnam! So when our Nation was informed that our National Guard troops were going to a foreign land to fight, that just should have set off alarms in any intelligent citizen’s mind. But instead of listening to their own voice of reason and logic, John and Jane Q Citizen opted to listen to and believe that dangerous little voice which emanated from the glowing, one dimensional gods on the other side, or plasma screen (TV).

Shame on those whom place the future of their liberty into the hands of ZOG’s yes-men and spin doctors!

Say I’ve a grand idea… While we are saving Vinland and her Aryan Folk, let’s demand that our corrupt government sever ties with all the following: the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the World Trade Organization (WTO), all of which are agencies of the mono-culture, New World Order and devices to bring about the destruction of the White Race via the vehicle of passive Genocide (greed and consumerism). Even with the rant and deceit of the mainstream, Zionist owned and operated media, these realities are easy to descry.

Now, more than ever, Nationalist Folk Patriots need to awaken and educate those of our own race whom are in a slumber, or suffer from denial. The red, white and blue of our father’s has long since been betrayed and pimped since the turn of the 19th Century. It is employed to guilt people into uniform and wars which only benefit the International Zionist Jew.

I was once duped, and a soldier in the Army. I used to think, “Get off of the soapbox!”, when I’d read, or hear this sort of content. But thank the Gods, it opened up my eyes to the realities as they exist.

ORION = Our Race Is Our Nation, not a flag with its lies, or any lines in the sand. Our Aryan race is our Nation wherever our people exist and reside… Respect no borders where our people are concerned, our current government severs ties with the Zionizt New World Order’s agencies? I mean, all we have to do is keep demanding… Just like those illegal aliens marching through our streets, carrying their Mexican flags and shouting. “La Raza (the race)!” Demanding that they be granted U.S. citizenship… It seems to be working for them. So if we too, just keep demanding that they do right by us, I mean… You know?

ORION is our creedo and the 14 Words is our battle cry! It is our paramount imperative and any other option beyond that of our total success is just unthinkable. “WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND THE FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN”.

If we don’t set aside our religious and political beliefs for now and unite to secure a future for our race, well then, true to nature’s decree we WILL simply cease to exist as a people.

Unite for white life! I implore you…

I remain yours in solidarity and in service to the 14 Words.

Fraternally Yours,

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell
Vinland Folk Patriot –VFR
14 / 88

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