Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Immigration Bill: Friend or Foe

By Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell

I’d like to ask that you consider the following content with an open mind and an honest heart. That you afford the supremacy of reason and logic due respect and deference over any urges, or impulse you may experience whereby your judgment becomes clouded and influenced by the very circumstance of emotion.

It would certainly be an honest observation for me, to assert that the current question of immigration and the myriad of circumstances surrounding this volatile and oft confrontational subject - has the Nation divided. Albeit, it would just as honestly be a pale understatement as well!

Only this past week (recently), my wife had a falling out with a friend of hers over this complex issue. Ergo, a friendship spanning almost two decades has arrived at its culmination. Her friend alleged that her views were “racist” and that I, her racist husband have corrupted her. This of course, is utter nonsense. My wife and I are both free thinkers and Patriots. Though we are indeed racially conscious and aware, we are by no means bigots! Nor are the overwhelming majority of whites whom openly declare pride in our Race, on parity with other Races and their respective peoples. And NO, we do not offer any explanations or apologies for our pride. Nor do we support the Immigration Bill!

Have you ever considered how it is usually the people whom levy allegations of Racism against others, who are always the ones getting loud, angry and hateful about their position? Not those they call Bigot. Notice the screwed up looks of angst and emotional distress etched into their faces. These are neither the voices nor the faces of either logic or reason. But rather unbridled emotion.

But, let’s get back to the immigration affair.

Let’s resolve to disregard the fallacies and stand upon the facts and realities as they exist and apply: shall we?

First of all, I have no problem with anyone, of any race whom resides in this Nation legally so long as they don’t offend or pose a threat to me or my Race.

Next and most importantly, let’s take a peek at just who this Bill protects. “Hispanics/Latin Americans”

Let’s say five million Muslims from Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq made their way into the country illegally. Are they to receive citizenship? Of course not! What about Caucasians form England, Germany, South Africa, Ireland or Canada? What about 5 million of them? Would they receive Citizenship? Of course not! What this all comes down to is cheap labor for farming and factories, imported from South of the Border.

And why? Because they demand it? What message do we send to our youth and honest, hard working tax paying Citizens, if we capitulate? That if you break the law long enough the law makers will yield to your demands? What’s next then? Pedophiles demanding that sex with minors be rendered legal? Rapists demanding Rape does not constitute a crime? Hey, folks have been protesting taxes, inflation and lack of health care for generations. No law maker has yielded to them and they were all born here. Hell, many fought wars for the ideals of this Nation! I suppose that, that is the problem… that they were born here.

Liberals and Democrats think with their emotions, their hearts, not with their heads. And any Republican or self proclaimed conservative who agrees with this Bill is only casting a vote for cheap labor to work in the businesses, they and their cronies own! Either way, a yes vote for this Bill means American Citizens lose big in health care, the work force and most importantly, the so called, afforded protections of the Constitution of the United States!

So then, is the Immigration Bill a friend or a foe to the genuine American Citizens? You must decide. But to my way of thinking, it’s not a complex issue. The law of the land must be enforced in order to set the rule of example. Otherwise, there are no legitimate reasons to obey those laws. When we arrive at such notions, anarchy is in the passenger seat of any such vehicle!

Hypocrisy bodes well with no free man or woman.

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