Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Spirit Within

The Spirit Within by T.A. Odinson Walsh, 1519-A-G

There are probably few among us who would dispute that every society and culture must maintain law and order, and that those societies must also have means of dealing with those who would, for whatever reasons, violates the terms of those statutes. To approach the matter of law from any other perspective would be both illogical and absurd, for no culture can persist in which BOTH community and personal accountability are not mainstays.
That said, as one who has been racially aware on BOTH sides of the wire, I’d like to address the issues that pertain to the Aryan community at large, and the way in which they view and deal with those kin who have found themselves at the wrong end of the law and are now paying their dues as a result.
First of all, I think we could all agree that there are, under ARYAN racial law, certain crimes so despicable, so heinous and horrible; that no reasonable thinking Aryan person would dispute that there could be no forgiveness for. I think we could also conclude that there are certain individuals who, after many opportunities, have proven that their running afoul of the law is neither the result of youthful indiscretion, poor judgment of bad luck but instead BAD CHARACTER, in which case we must be resolute in our rejections, as to embrace self-destruction is to invite ones own destruction too. Having spent many years amidst some of the worst low lifes this world has produced has made me all too aware that, like the captor of Cool Hand Luke once said, “Some men you just can’t reach”, and each of us must accept that reality if we are to avoid wasting time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.
Having spent so much time in prison myself, I have ALSO has the opportunity to meet a great many men (and, via correspondence, women too) who, having realized the degree to which they let down families, folk and future, have sought out education and ethics that would enable them to develop the lifestyle that would not only prevent them from repeating the errors that brought them to this low to begin with, but which would allow them to contribute to something bigger than themselves, that would allow them to be the examples of Aryanism they were meant to be. Over the years I have witnessed many who, armed with this rejuvenated mind-set, were able not only to uplift themselves out of a previously self-destructive and detrimental lifestyle, but through their example to inspire many others to do the same as well, all in an environment where the pretense of change and the exhibition of ethics are usually mocked, and almost always seen as a front. Unfortunately, these same men and women, who have struggled to evolve and contribute, have found it difficult, if not always impossible, to find the OUTSIDE encouragement necessary to making them see that their efforts have not been wasted, or their sincerity disregarded. It’s a paradox, that our folk and families would tell us, “when you PROVE to us you have changed, THEN we will accept you.” For, HOW, precisely, is anyone to prove anything, if no one is willing to watch, to interact with, and even extend SOME form of kinship to this person? Again, I am NOT talking about the true dirt bags of the world here, and sex offenders or serial dope fiends who say they’re sorry a hundred times, just so they can rip you off that one hundred and first, but rather of those who have made poor choices, but who THEMSELVES first embrace accountability…we too, as a Movement, should embrace them, my friends.
My time behind the wire has also taught me some valuable lessons about those who would use our Cause, or a pathetic semblance of it, to further less than honorable ends, and these, yes, we must be aware of, and critical of. Because prison is such a blatantly volatile atmosphere where racial tensions are a constant, it’s easy for the unscrupulous to convince the naïve new White prisoner that they really “care” about them, that they offer the surrogate “family” and “love” they need to make it through this hard time, and that Race is the foundation of this unity. In truth, RACE is just the ruse, usually taken by those eager for social affirmation, and while the SURFACE is where that racialism begins and ends, for never is there any educational effort, never is there any ethical effort, and never is there any admittance that the lifestyles that got them INTO this mess to begin with was/is WRONG. Rather, they are convinced, by some very cunning cats I might add, that “we can’t save the world, so we’ll just look our for US now”, and “most White people don’t care about US, so why should we care about THEM”, and other such disclaimers and “justifications” that enable them to sell their continuance of criminal lifestyles, dope-doing, and immorality they are most comfortable in. The number of those I have personally met over the years who were drawn into this kind of lie, only to see at some point the degree of dishonor and disgrace they had actually aligned themselves with, is staggering, and sadly many of those same people, people who might, if only taught PROPERLY from the start by those who WERE truly ethical, just might have become adamant activist in our Cause in vain, they are now bitter and disillusioned beyond retrieval. There is, however, a difference, and there is a contingency of men and women behind the wire who attempt to engage us in every kind of side track game they can from slander to physical assault, and despite the doubt we often encounter from the folk in the ‘free world” (unfortunately, usually due to them having had a bad experience with one of the FAKE “Aryans” in here!) we continue to struggle, we continue to reach out to those not yet ruined, and not yet jaded, because we know that, perhaps here more than anywhere, our people NEED us to do that, NEED us to not only make them see the error of their previous lifestyles, but NEED us to remind them that even thought they have erred, they CAN STILL BE VALUABLE assets to our Race, and they can STILL BE good Aryans who make a difference in the future of their folk.
Some of you may say, “Well, I DO know some Aryan prisoners and I DO try to reach out to “them!” and to you I say thank you, and that your efforts are not unnoticed. But to those who are resolutely rejecting EVERY White man and woman who has erred, I ask you: ARE YOU REALLY PREPARED TO GIVE UP OUR FUTURE, YOUR FUTURE, SO EASILY? Has the young White man, who may have had no other example of morality in his youth, other than the MTV or the diversity training of his public school REALLY had a chance to prove his worth? Has the your White woman, caught up in the grip of substance abuse because she sought to ease the pain of not seeing a world that had anything left to offer HER REALLY become “trash” to you, something to discard without even the smallest attempt at salvage? Just as these people have needed those of us behind the wire who could show them the difference between REAL Aryanism and the FAKE version they’d been approached with, so too do they need you, to show them that the new life they have adopted is not in vain, that the Fourteen Words they have embraced are not JUST words, but relevant to them because they TOO are our White Children, my friends. Who among us will dispute that “children” need two things, love and discipline, if they are to become the people we really want them to be?
As my own time winds down and I prepare to start serving the Cause on a much broader scale outside these walls, it would be easy for me to leave all this behind, to be embittered by the negativity that I have witnessed in prison and to walk away from an experience that I know entails far more negativity than positive results, but to do so would be to surrender to forces that I know can be defeated by those resolute, and defeat should NEVER be an option of the true Aryan. I also know, that despite the mistakes they (and I) have made, there are people here who, with the right education and the appropriate encouragement, can and WILL become adamant warriors in our Cause, and so hey are MY people, OUR people, and to turn my back on even one Aryan would be to betray ALL Aryan people, so continue I shall to educate, to uplift, to set the example of change and character these men and women need, to live the life that YOU out there may see that will enable you to know that that change can be real, in hopes that you too may someday work WITH me to inspire MORE change, not simply in SOME of our people, but in as many of them as is possible, wherever they may be. To quote Adolf Hitler, himself an ex-con: “Everything on this earth can be made into something better… and out of every oppression those forces can develop which brings about a new re-birth.”

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