Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On Aryan Beauty by Mrs. C

This article will be published in the next issue of "Gungnir", the Holy Naiton of Odin, Inc. newsletter

On Aryan Beauty… by Mrs. Casper Odinson Cröwell

There is so much to publish for all to read and I have been happy to contribute by putting Gungnir together, until now. Now, I have something to say…
Something has occurred which ignited a small fire, ate at me for two days, and began to create a bonfire. This will take some explaining, as you will have to use your imagination where this discussion leads you. It is fitting to write this now, with our July Hof service written for Allmother Frigga!
You probably don’t know, but we actually have two websites for the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. One is our official site; the other is on a web host called “My Space.Com”. The “MySpace” site is another connection to mainstream America. This is the reason for my discussion here; you need to have a general understanding about how the site works… People on My Space who see our site and are interested in affiliating themselves to us or the organization can connect themselves to us. Either they or you can send a “friends” request to the other, and be added to either site as a friend. You can (everyone does) have a profile with a photo and you can disseminate information to several people and post notices in the form of “Blogs” and comments. My Spaces has several policies concerning site usage; and if you don’t adhere to them, you will be deleted. One of which is no nudity. This site is available to kids and teens. People can post comments on your page, and comments on your blog articles. The first page is set up as the profile page, and has your “friend’s” photos on it. We have the following comment by Dr. Cröwell posted as a notice on the site for everyone to read:

The Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. does not condone the egregious disrespect of our Aryan Sisters, nor disparaging remarks, nor do we desire to be associated with anyone who depicts our women folk in any ill or demeaning light! If we assert that our children are our greatest resource, the very future of our race resides within them. The Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. is laboring to attract more Aryan women to our faith and folk lifestyle in an honest and noble effort towards Aryan Folk building, that our race may survive yet another millennia. Running them off with disrespect and abuse, places the blame squarely upon our shoulders, not theirs alone, when they run into the eagerly awaiting arms of non-white men with whom many will ultimately breed with! Something everyone should consider in earnest - for Family, Faith and Folk.

To start with, a comment: Art is an interpretation of life. Life is not art.

When I add a friend, I visit their sight to view their content. We want to promote our faith and draw people in – help them discover their ancestral heritage. We have several “friends”. Anyone showing women in a demeaning light will be denied as a “friend” or deleted.
What lit the fire? Well an Aryan man (Odinist/Ásatrúar) sent us a “friend’s request”. When I viewed his site, one of his friends was an Aryan woman, attractive, standing by a couch or chair. She was wearing a knitted sweater which was completely see-through and she had no bra on. Now, I sent him a note and told him I didn’t think we could add him, due to his “friends” photo. The fact he allowed it, means he accepts and condones it. I told him I would have to speak to Dr. Cröwell about it, being this was not a photo he posted, but his friend’s posted photo. He wrote me back and made a comment about the Shiites covering their women and how the sight of a beautiful Aryan woman raised his blood and gave him reason to fight, to be a warrior. He believed this woman to be a work of art. He respected my comments but completely disagreed with me.
Now, our artwork on the Gungnir covers, have very shapely, full figured women depicted. They are created by very talented kinfolk! They are the images of the ideal Valkeyrs - strong, brave, virgin warriors. So, there seems to be a contradiction, I find the cover artwork beautiful, with wonderful colors and detail, and they make me want to be stronger, appreciate the life given to me and fight for the survival of our faith and the Gods and Goddesses whom we love. The photo of the woman on the website is extremely offensive to me.
First, I pondered. Why would a woman expose her breasts for every man on that site to see? Simply, she is doing it for only one reason: to excite and entice men. Feeding her self image by having many men put comments concerning her “sexiness” on the site. There is a prevailing idea in today’s society that morality is prudish and dead. And I am disheartened that Aryan men want to promote it! Now the second reason, more importantly, she is promoting the destruction of the image of what constitutes real beauty in a real woman. Media moguls have corrupted the minds of men in today’s society, defining beauty in their terms. Men teach it to their sons and daughters everyday when they idealize the sculptured, surgically enhanced woman. The woman on this site, no doubt, has fake breasts. So, is this the same as me highlighting my hair - Fake hair? No, I don’t think so. I want to look my best and present myself as a beautiful Aryan woman, and if my husband thinks I look terrific in green, I am going to wear a lot of green! My hair color does not promote an idea that I want you to think of me in a sexual way. Everyone wants to be "attractive", not though "sexual attraction". I am angry that a man would tell me that this unrealistic image of a woman is what he would fight for. This was his image of what constitutes Aryan beauty. Granted there are beautiful women, who for a short period of their lives may resemble this woman as she appears in this photo. I am not using hardships of life as an excuse to let yourself “go”, I believe we all have an obligation to stay fit and healthy. To be the best we each can be.
If you have a copy of Myths of the Norsemen, by H.A. Guerber, on page 99 there is a picture of Idun. In this image, I see the true beauty of a woman. She is real. Every line, every curve, every dimple and scar on my body is the evidence of my fight, my battle in this life. Earned through child bearing and child rearing, my battle scars are symbols of my beauty. Some women carry scars of physical abuse or their fight to save their life because of a health issue. I see myself as a beautiful woman, though I do not meet the contemporary standards. I am offended that a man states he wants to promote Faith, Folk and most importantly, Family and then in the same breath, turn around and say this “unrealistic standard” is the definition of a beautiful Aryan woman and her behavior is acceptable. It is not ok that she chooses to parade around naked to entice all men. Would it be ok, for his wife, mother, sister or daughter to be this woman? Is this the woman he would want his young son to view on his site? My physical beauty does not define who I am; it is small part of me. And, it is a part so very sacred to me - a part that is only available to my best friend and companion – my husband. It is out of my respect for him and for my self, that I only entice him. My gift to him is that I am his alone.
Now, what’s funny is that there are no pictures of men, showing there “johnson” on this site. How would men feel about their women constantly having those images of various men all around them? Openly comparing and setting the “standard” for what a man should measure up to? Flat abs, big biceps, the amount of body hair, Etc. Etc? Would men care? Maybe not, but, I can not respect a woman who promotes the warped ideas of the mass media giants, who only want to profit off unrealistic and fake standards. And I will not promote a man, who wants to allow them to create the definition of what constitutes a truly beautiful Aryan Woman!

In Frith with thee, Mrs. C

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