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Marie Antoinette once exclaimed, while deftly touching up an ancient hat, "There is nothing new except what has been forgotten." Within the mind of man exists all knowledge past, present and future for we all exist in the thought of the All High Creator God. Our own ethnic Gods are as dependant upon us as we are upon them and would virtually not exist without us. Mankind is a possessor of incredible powers and potential, more than he can really comprehend. The so called "experts" of the government approved "Educational Institutions of Mislearning" infect the brains of our children from the most important mind developing age so that by due process they will become perfect willing and complying drones for their Power Elite masters, who control every single detail of their struggling to subsist world. This mind control process implemented upon the masses has proven out completely effective. They can make you buy things that you don't need, or believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy, or that Columbus discovered America or that mankind evolved out of caves or pond scum and you will believe it just by the very fact that the system says so. How could you know more than the system? Who the Hell do you think you are to question, and where are your credentials? The controlled mass-mind travels on well-worn paths; but the mind of the free-thinkers and men of genius, never!
It should be overwhelmingly clear to anyone that the further we travel back into history the wider abundance of profound minds and men of genius do we find and not the opposite. If mankind does not soon free his mind from the chains that cripple his potential and keep the world in perpetual ignorance, the fate of all humankind and the planet itself will be the culminating result in the very near future. How can we move forward progressively if we can just barely retain the basic knowledge and common sense that our ancestors had in the past? In this present time in history we cannot even produce one Leonardo da Vinci, one Mozart, one Shakespeare one great philosopher or outstanding leader like Alexander the Great. Is George Bush the best we can do for a leader for the most powerful nation on the earth? It was said long ago that the people get the leader that they deserve. Does the trash society lunatic asylum that America has become deserve better? You want a mad mad world with all ethics and intelligence thrown out the window? You get what you deserve, George W. Bush, the living clone of Alfred E. Newman!
Very few people are truely stupid even though quite a few, if not the majority, really appear to be. One inch foreheads are not really the going American fashion yet and the potential for higher thought still remains. The urgent issue for survival and the forming of intelligent societies requires, in the first place, that mankind raise its collective thought process and awareness. Thought is the most powerful tool that mankind possesses and with it we can even bend the very forces of nature to our own will. As living biological creations of God, there exists divinity within all of us and we could easily be living a divine life if it were not for the avarice and greed at the top and the apathy and ignorance at the bottom in this living world. The good news, is that ignorance is not permanent and remains capable of becoming highly intelligent when ones desire and will power is awakened.
The ancient philosophers believed that no man could live intelligently who did not have a fundamental knowledge of nature and her universal laws. Before man can hope to reach higher levels of being, he must understand that the mysteries were devoted to instructing man concerning the operation of divine law in the terrestrial and cosmic spheres. The Aryan ethnic practice of
Wotanism, passed down over millenia from Northern Europe, was every bit as vital to our people in ancient times as it is and should be more so today than ever. The ethnic mythos which develops through the soul and spirit of a race is the symbolic collective revelations of man's condition, making an otherwise chaotic cosmos explainable and accessible in human terms.
Frequently, this mythos counts for the beginnings of things. This is not to say it is exclusively focused on the past, far from it. There are several ways in which the practice of Wotanism for instance has been preserved to safeguard its profound wisdom and truths over the ages. On the surface this arcane knowledge presents itself in the forms of myth, fables, legends, music, poetry, runes and symbols. Behind the obvious, however, we find a science of precise technical systems, keys, to open up and reveal the conscious and unconscious forces contained in the human psyche that reveal the seemingly unexplainable. If we want to understand the great mysteries of life and have effective results in the molding of the future, we need to carefully research our entire roots as a people. By this process we create a solid foundation for our present times and the future which lies ahead and thus gain a greater insight of point and purpose, which will render intelligible the phase of history and manifestation through which we are now passing and experiencing.
The failure of the various alien Semetic Christian and other Eastern religions are now experiencing the age of their decline in the Western World. The New Aryan Man will by necessity return once again to the true, natural ethnic spiritual roots of his ancestors. One can see this already taking place in the last few decades. The Aryan people must not only learn to readily distinguish truth from error but practice it as well. We must deliberately free ourselves from the lure of unbridled mass brainwashing in order to retain our right-minded sense of ethics, dignity and intelligence as a race on this planet.
The Aryan folk today as a whole enjoy greater freedom, conveniences and leisure than at any previous stage of our historical evolution despite the speed and complexities of modern society. Our versatile intelligence and creativness opens many gateways to worlds of science, art, philosophy and inspired spiritual evolution. To retain these qualities as well as a quality lifestyle deserving of our folk, we must begin a forming of our own race ethnic communities.
Wotan as the all high Aryan ethnic deity serves as, and is representative of, the highest level of our evolution as a species, and personifies the specific racial blood ideals which provides our race its identity and force of will. Every race cultivates its own highest ideal. If by a massive infiltration of alien blood, religion and alien ideas, this is changed or overthrown, the result of such a chaotic and unnatural metamorphosis will spell certain catastrophe and total extinction of all Aryankind. It was Druid belief that the essence in this life struggle boiled down to mind and motive. Men make history, but the destinies of a people are forged by the collective creative force of dominating ideas. The torch of the spirit, born by bold men, has always been the source of illumination in this world and the infinite potentialities which slumber deep in the soul of all of us.
Life grants us this choice, to live under the open leadership of the intelligent courageous and right living or die under the hypocritical liberal democracy of the decadent rabble. We need real leaders not shallow oppurtunistic politicians. At first a politician may appear brilliant, though corrupt as he may be, which, like a rotten mackeral by moonlight, both shines and stinks. It is imposible for a politician to ever lead effectively because in essence he stands for nothing but that which will get him elected into office.
No one who lives contrary to the law of his species goes unpunished. That's Natures law. The collective mind of our race or nation finds its greatest strength through sound leadership, through unity as a folk and retaining its own ethnic nationhood. We can never hope to find strength as individuals or as a people if this is not so. One must have the need to be strong, otherwise one never will be. One must awaken to the will and the need to preserve his race and live right life or the entire species will go extinct. Nature follows a very basic simple rule, Only The Strong Survive!Animals and insects know this instinctively and will ultimately outlive mankind unless we too make the intelligent choice to live in harmony with the universal law of creation which demands Biological Determinance!
Governments are founded on property. Property is founded on conquest, and conquest is founded on power, and power is founded on brain and brawn. Might and intelligence must decide "all things" in the future, as it has in the past. And they who teach otherwise are either dishonest or have no real concept of the magnitude and sequence of Nature and the instinctive Will To Survive.
A man must eventually come to know the secrets of the universe, but neither knowledge nor action alone can truely satisfy. To the highest plane of knowledge and understanding, and the force of action must be added the mystery of the blood. All races have a purpose in being who they are as species, as do all species of living life. Only through a heightened racial awareness of the self, our folk and our ongoing mythos which bind us in unified purpose may these deepest spiritual and psychological needs of man be manifested.
Our race will continue to drift, helpless and rudderless, so long as those of our own who lead us are blind, gutless and self serving. Boldness, directed by an overruling intelligence, is the brand of the heroic overman and should always remain the prevailing way of our kind. Within the essence of the Aryan folk lies the great power and potential of a new heroic age, a new creative and enlightened age. In a word, the simple acronymn "O.R.I.O.N." (Our Race Is Our Nation) says it all. Orion as a personage in mythology is known as the hunter and the giant slayer which is also intrinsic of the character of our race, for there is nothing that our people cannot surmount when we put our minds to it. Nothing!!

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You Might Be a Zionist, by Dr. Casper Odinson Crowell

You Might Be a Zionist
By Dr. Casper Odinson Crowell
VFP / VFR Local #1488

This is a study in the perils of non-conducive and illegal immigration and the Third World mongrelization of Vinland (America). It is the threat of Utopia which we as a nation are faced with. While the existence of Utopia is the product of legend and fantasy, the threat which its advocates pose is very real and right now!

1. Utopia - A place of ideal perfection. Especially in laws, government and social conditions.
2. Utopia -- An impractical scheme for social improvement.
3. Utopia -- An imaginary island described in Sir Thomas More's "Utopia". (From Greek; 'ou = not, no +- topos.')
- Merriam Webster's Dictionary

As voters in Vinland (U.S.) prepare to go to the polls this year (2008 CE), three great concerns weigh upon the troubled minds of voters, more so than any others; War, Immigration and the troubled and floundering Economy. Wherefore the White Patriot / Nationalist voter is concerned, the former two concerns are of epic importance. For we fully comprehend that the troubled economy is further exasperated by the myriad of problems which accompany and are associated with both immigration and the war.

This is a fact which is not lost on the presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle who are vying for residency on Pennsylvania Avenue. Each one has declared, with strong language, that they will not yield their position, be it pro or con, regarding these sensitive subjects which have long since divided the American people and continues to wreak havoc on the emotions of Vinlanders (White Americans) from coast to coast.

More oft than not, volatile emotions have supplanted reason and logic wherefore the 'buzz' topics of immigration and war, are in regard.

Expressions of open hatred may be witnessed each night on the evening's World News, as insults are exchanged by bitter politicians, and protesters crowd the streets in what has been thus far loud, albeit benign campaigning for pro or con stances regarding immigration issues.

These protests hold the promise of escalation in the coming months leading up to the November elections, and they will inevitably culminate in some instances with extreme violence and perhaps even fatalities.

No matter what position one assumes regarding the immigration question, certain facts and truths remain inexorable which do not bode well if left unchecked. For the Egalitarian camp, comprised of Universalists whom espouse an across the board human equality position that the national borders should be eliminated and all immigration laws dissolved. That is their collective
position. That Amerika can be a model for Utopia. But Utopia is out of reach. In fact, it is a certain impossibility!

What is a glaring reality is that if the mongrelization of our nation's already melting pot racial make up, continues at its present rate, in addition to being burdened and exasperated via the vehicle of illegal and, or non conducive immigration. America, once so mighty, will assume its place in history, not as leader of the free world, as is popularly posited. But as leader of the new third world!

On October 28, 1886, then U.S. President Grover Cleveland, before the unsuspecting eyes of their time, had officially dedicated the monumental Statue of Liberty. The mega-monument was a gift from France to America created by French sculptor Frederíc Agusté Bartholdi (1834 - 1904) and was intended as a gift/gesture designed with the mission of cementing Franco-American friendship. Bartholdi's idea was that "Visitors" and conducive immigrants arriving from Europe to America would be greeted by the light of liberty as they rested their gaze upon the golden shores. Or so the official story goes. And it may all seem benign enough initially. But the crux of the intention of the Zionist power brokers resides within the language of Emma Lazarus' poem, "The New Colossus", which is engraved upon the pedestal of the statue. While the poem in its entirety is lengthy, it reads in part, with a familiarity to most of us:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breath free.
The wretched Refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

For those of you whom cry 'foul', at my assertion of Zionist complicity wherefore the "purse strings" are associated with the monument's erection in New York Harbor. I direct your attention to the background of the American poet and essayist, Emma Lazarus (1849 - 1887) who was born in New York City. She became outraged in the 1880's by the Russian pogroms and thereafter became an outspoken champion of Judaism. She composed a myriad of works including the book "Songs of a Semite" in 1882, which contains the very words engraved upon the Statue of Liberty's pedestal.

Is it mere coincidence the words of Ms. Lazarus' poem were scribed years prior to the statue's construction and import to America? Perhaps. Though, I venture that Zionist bankers in both France and the U.S. had indeed conspired to dupe the U.S. and French governments and U.S. citizens into accepting what had appeared to be a benign and genuine gesture of friendship in the guise of 'Red Herring' whose intended purpose was to ultimately bring about the demise of the new White-EuroFolk government and nation and replace it with a multicultural, melting pot society which will, without the benefit of a sovereign and Folk based Homeland of their own, ultimately assimilate into a mixed race culture/nation. This in turn creates a nation of consumers as people lose interest in where they hail from and instead, invest in who they can now become. A Zionist financed American Civil War and a couple of more fratricidal wars, set the stage to deplete European racial stock dramatically which in turn will be replaced by non- European races. A nation peopled with dumb cattle, or "Goyum" as the Jews regard us Gentiles, to do the Zionist's bidding in destruction and war around the world for their capitol gain campaigns, elicited by greed and the desire to become the true Master Race and ruler of all the earth's people, per their religious belief that they are God's chosen people and according to his promise to them, they shall rule over the rest of us Goyum! It is all there for you to see with your own eyes in the many volumes which comprise the Talmud. If it is, so truly difficult to believe in works such as this - then just research the Talmud's volumes at your local library, or on line. Once you peruse their vile content and their plans for us Gentiles, you will no longer be able to deny and dismiss the volumes which have been scribed by great minds over the millennia, whom have endeavored to warn us against this biblically and Zionist ordained war against we Gentiles!

The puzzles pieces become clearer and the plan to rob the Palestinians of their land and create a Zionist homeland, called Israel, begin to manifest themselves right off of the pages of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. These writings have been declared by the Zionists themselves as a fraud. But the consensus of Academia has postulated that while it is possible that the writings may be fraudulent, it is not probable. Their contents do indeed suggest that they are authentic. And as such, they warrant Western Man's vigilance.

Let us take a moment to consider a few realities as they exist. Shall we?

1) Millions of U.S. Tax dollars are paid to Israel annually by the U.S. government. (65 million dollars in 2007 CE alone). In other words, if you pay taxes, you are not paying for your own government's programs. You are paying for Israel's existence! Furthermore, you are paying for Israel's continued war against Palestine with your tax dollars, whether you want to or not. Every Palestinian man, woman and child that has been killed by Israel since 1948 (the year Israel was formed as a nation), has been killed with bombs, missiles and bullets bought and paid for by "YOU", the American tax paying citizen! Their blood is on your hands. If, for no other reason, than paying your taxes without holding your elected officials accountable for their actions on your behalf and in your name.
Sure, I can hear some of you now; "The Palestinians, Hammas, PLO, etc. are terrorists who hate America?" Well of course they do. Would we not hate Mexico if they paid 65 million dollars (or more) annually to Canada who waged war against us with that money? Every death that we would incur at their hands would ultimately be at the hands of Mexico, bought and paid for.
Come on! I implore you to consider this honestly for a moment; Devoid of your emotions. Let's say some other people came to America and renamed it, installed their government and declared "US" as illegals here now. It is the same thing. Palestine had belonged to the Arabs for millennia and then in 1948, the dispossessed Jews of Europe, with the muscle of America, took their land from them and renamed Palestine to Israel.
Now I am neither for Israel or Palestine, one way or the other. I am for Vinland (White America) and Vinland's prosperity and welfare. But our corrupt government needs to spend that 65 million dollars here at home. Not in Israel while making enemies of the world's Arab and Islamic states while we fight Israel's wars globally.

2) A Jew whom has fled justice in America for murder cannot and will not be returned from Israel to America. Because under Rabbinic Law Jews believe that only Jews can prosecute or imprison another Jew.

3) White slavery and trafficking is legal in Israel as long as the women are not Jews.

4) Jews must marry Jews in Israel. It is forbidden for a Jew to marry a non-Jew/Gentile/Goy.

These are just a few quick reference facts. But let's return to our own domestic troubles for the moment.

If immigrants desire the American way of life so badly, then why is it that they disregard it once here in lieu of importing their own former way of life and third world culture? This is always achieved one house, street block, neighborhood, community and city at a time!

Witness Miami, Florida. Once a thriving resort city by the sea, it has been reduced in large part, to a third world city right here in Vinland/America! Where, let's say, Mr. Martin's Soda Shop once stood, is now some Bodéga. Where Johnson's Hardware Store used to be, is now some Bodega. Where Smith's Market used to be, is now some Bodéga!

Prime Real Estate has been reduced to hovels and shanties. Meat is no longer purchased from Joe's Butcher Shop, or the local grocery store's meat department. It's killed and butchered in.Jorgés backyard and sold out of the trunk of Juan’s car. Welcome to imported Third World U.S.A. Brought to you courtesy of your Liberal and Neo-con politicians. Relax for a moment. Have a seat. There's room on your old discarded sofa right there in that front yard. Sure, those three illegals occupying it while holding those frosty cold bottles of beer in their hands, they'll make room for you, amigo. I can hear the Universalists and Multiculturalists all crying foul and bigot!

Well you know what, I'm crying foul!

In 1969, my family purchased a brand new home and moved into the new housing development in Southern California. We were the second family to move in to the neighborhood. It was upper class on the Orange County and Los Angeles County border. So new that it was in the middle of nothing. Where orange groves, and dairy land used to be. From the roof top, you could see all the way to L.A. in one direction and the beach in the other direction. The neighborhood was all white save for two non-white, albeit upper class families.

In 1990, I had gone back to my old neighborhood in search of old friends. But they had all left; been pushed out of the 'Now' all non-white neighborhood, which had once represented their idea of the American Dream. Consider the study of the city of Detroit, Michigan. This city was once the thriving automobile capitol of the world. It drew captains of industry, engineers of automobile genius and supported and sustained force community of hard working and law abiding citizens. Today Detroit is 88% black and the auto manufacturing industry is nearly gone. Exported for cheaper labor to foreign countries. The U.S. steel industry has suffered the same fate sadly. Entire neighborhoods in Detroit resemble bombed and burned out cities in war torn countries!

I once saw in a New York slum, a poor family who ate fiber supplements because they believed it would make a more solid fecal stool which they would dry out and burn in a makeshift wood burning stove/heater. They could not afford heating oil, coal, or fire wood. Right here, in Amerika! While we worry about foreign nations and their people instead of our own. Here's the twist; these were white folks living in squalor. A man and woman, and their two children. I believe both adults had at one time been school teachers.

Some people believe that if we were all just 'one race', one people united - This true brotherhood of man would bring peace and prosperity to every corner of the globe. This is of course, wishful and childlike thinking, in addition to being an impossible reality.

Let's assume for just a moment that all people did just mix all of our blood together. The obvious is that within five generations, we'd all look basically the same. "Great!" shouts the Universalists. But, what is not readily considered, though it should and must be, are the new strains of complex cancers, blood born viruses and diseases which would crop up almost overnight. Humanity would suffer pandemics as of yet unknown or imagined to the history of man!
What about cross breeding all animals until we arrive at having only one species of mutt dog the entire world over? How about one kind of mutt cat, fish, horse, bird, etc., etc. Just imagine the chaos of animal husbandry regarding both pets and livestock designated for consumption and production of dairy products. And then again, of course, there are a whole new plethora of diseases. All sorts and manner of drama would elapse. So of course, the Universalists would not want to see such a thing come to pass. But they wish to see this occur among mankind?!!!

Truly frightening to consider.

And since art is a mirror of any race's heritage and culture, what must our art and landscape assume the quality of? Nothing but plain shades of grays and brown!

The world's indigenous traditions which have passed from one generation to the next, for millennia, for every race of people, respectively, would cease to be. No more unique cultures and heritages, just one new culture of computers, video games, fast food and consumer wares. Nor would this new mucky muck of race accommodate world peace... We have fratricidal wars all over the world where people of the same race kill, torture and maim one another for any number of reasons. It occurs in this nation. In Barrios and ghettos only, some would levy. And they'd be wrong. It happens wherever there is greed, desire, envy, lust, hopelessness, etc.

Further more, when a people's technology becomes its very faith, no more need for weapons of mass destruction are required to destroy a nation. An electronic pulse devise just kills everything that people depends upon for life! Or don't you suppose we should consider such simple realities which have such wide reaching and damning results associated with them? What could possibly be the appeal, or allure to any reasonable person, about running headlong toward a one race, technocratic new world order?!!

History too shall then be re-written to reflect the lies that shall be the new truths. So then, what exactly is Utopia? It is the absence of reality albeit, the very real and severe threat to all of mankind. Made so by the ill-rationale of daydreaming supporters of such a fanciful notion. And even more dangerously so, financed by Jewish Imperialism and Supremacy otherwise known the world over as Zionism!

So many celebrated, great thinkers throughout history such as Cicero, Martin Luther, Muhammad, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, U.S. Grant, William T. Sherman, Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Richard Wagner, H.G. Wells, Charles Lindburgh, Napoleon, Voltaire, Nietzsche, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon and so many others tried to warn the world against the evils of Zionism which are spelled out in the eighteen volumes of the Talmud, in many instances.

Even Orthodox Jewish Rabbis and celebrated Jewish thinkers scream out against the evils of Zionism! Don't you think that it is worth looking into for yourself? Employing reason and logic, not heated emotions and passion. For the Zionists have a master plan to be the master race while all the rest of us 'Goyum' (Gentiles) eagerly and willingly help them achieve their objective. The devices are greed and guilt. The illusion is that Utopia beckons to us. And the final result is the death of the White race and every other race.

Think about it. Are you so selfish that you care not what happens to your own descendants once you leave this world? If so, you might be a Zionist.



Since the dawn of human existence the Aryan tribes have had numerous matriarchal and patriarchal gods. Though the names have changed the essence remains virtually the same. In the writings of Tacitus he states: "the chief god of the Germans (Wotan) is the same as Mercury among the Romans".

To the ancient Greeks Wotan was considered one and the same as Hermes. It is also becoming more widely believed by many today from mounting historical findings that both Wotan and the Egyptian Hermes were one and the same entity. Somewhere in the Fourth or third century B.C.E. the Aryan patriarchal god Wotan began to emerge to the forefront as the central deity of the Northern Europeans particularly the Teutons. Wotan replaced the former Allfather Tyr and the further distant Poseidon who's realm reached back into Atlantean times. To the Scandinavians he was known as Odin, to the English, Woden and the Germans, Wotan. The days of the week were named after the Wotanic gods of the Asir and still remain so to this day. Sunday (Sun) Monday (Moon) Tuesday (Tyr) Wednesday (Wotan) Thursday (Thor) Friday (Frigga) and Saturday (Saturn).

In the beginning of the first chapter of the book "Teutonic Mythology", by Victor Rydberg Ph.D., copyright 1906, he states: "Already at the beginning of the Christian era the name Germans was applied by the Romans and Guals to the many clans of people whose main habitation was the extensive territory east of the Rhine, and north of the forest-clad Hercynian Mountains. That these clans constituted one race was evident to the Romans, for they all had a striking similarity in type of body; moreover, a closer acquaintance revealed that their numerous dialects were all variations of the same parent language, and finally, they resembled each other in customs, traditions, and religion."

The name 'German' and 'Teutonic' are Aryan tribal names. The name Teutonic derives from the ancient worship of that clan of Aryans who aspired to the war god known as "Tyr" or Teu. Teutonic warriors well into the Viking age were known to inscribe the Tiwaz rune (symbolic of Tyr) into their battle sword in his honor and that it would bring them victory and protection. The Teutons are believed to have been the founders and builders of Troy. Rydberg also mentions in his Teutonic Mythology book that "Wotan had been a Trojan chief, and when he appears in Teutonic Mythology as the chief of the gods, it seemed most probable that he was identical with the Trojan King Priam, and that Priam was identical with Hermes-Mercury." Further, the author of the Younger Edda speaks of the Trojan decent of Odin and his people, should marry Thor to the most famous of Trojan woman." Still, this marriage is not invented by the author. The statement has an older foundation, and taking all circumstances into consideration, may be traced to Germany, where the goddess "Sif" (Thors wife), in the days of widespread Aryan Wotanism, was as well known as Thor.

In today's times Wotan is not just the god of the Teutons exclusively but representative of the entire Aryan race. Wotan is a God of the blood and as adaptable to modern society as it was to ancient times. In the proto Aryan civilizations our race was simply one people genetically defind as Aryans which is the true and accurate biological name of our race as a species. Through the long course of history the Aryan people split off into many various tribes religions and nations which only served to further divide us as a distinct unified race. Those today who identify themselves as Wotansvolk do so in the knowledge that it is not the name of an organization, club or guild, but in essence describes those of Aryan extraction who continue to adhere to the indigenous practice of Wotanism and recognize that the first and highest law of Nature is the preservation of one's own kind.

After two thousand years of universalist, alien religion imposed upon the Aryan tribes by force of church and state, the White race worldwide now faces the very real prospect of total extinction as a species in the very near future. Miscegenation is genocide. Racial integration is genocide. Forced integration is deliberate and malicious genocide. Birth control pills, abortion and homosexuality all work against our advancement as a race and do more collectively to deplete our population than any war and thus greatly lessen our chances for survival. The ability to adhere to the upward evolutionary path of natural instinct and biological determination; the will to victory and the ability to advance and secure it, separates Wotansvolk from other relatively similar ethnic belief systems.

Wotansvolk practice what is known as "The Nine Noble Virtues": Courage, Honor, Fidelity, Truth, Discipline, Industriousness, Perseverance, Self-Reliance, and Hospitality. The Aryan from earliest times has always intrinsically followed a basic code of ethics. It was in the ninth century that "The Havamal" (The words of the High One) as we know it today, was compiled as one of the poems in the Codex Regius of the Elder Edda. The Havamal best expresses the deepest essence and character of Aryankind as practiced by our ancestors. By the close of the 20th century a compiled adaptation of those ethics was made available for easy access and use for modern times and needs which are known as:

"The 14 Codes of the Aryan Ethic"
• (1) Honor no gods but those of your own Folk----(As alien gods destroy you.)

• (2) Nature's laws evidence the divine plan----(As the natural world is the work of the All-High Creator.)

• (3) Act nobly and courageously, always carefully considering the consequences----(As the effects of your deeds live on after you pass from Midgard.)

• (4) Live within the reality of this life; fear not your fate----(As fear is for fools and cowards; a valorous man boldly faces what the Norns decree.)

• (5) Love, protect, reproduce and advance your Folk----(As natural instinct prohibits miscegenation and self-destruction.)

• (6) Be honest, be disciplined, be productive and loyal to friends----(As the Aryan spirit strives for excellence in all things.)

• (7) Treasure your history, heritage and racial identity----(As your ancestors have entrusted, it falls with you, it will rise with you.)

• (8) Honor the memory of your kith and kin, especially those who have given their lives or freedom for the folk----(As your race lives on through your blood and
your will.)

• (9) Respect the wisdom of your elders----(As every moment of your lives links the infinite past with the infinite future.)

• (10) Honor your mate, provide for your children and carry no quarrel with family to sleep time----(As family is your purpose and fulfillment.)

• (11) May your word to a kinsman be a bond of steel----(As your troth is your dignity and strength.)

• (12) Be cunning as the fox with enemies and Skraelings----(As their goal is your extinction.)

• (13) Secure, defend and cherish your homeland----(As Nature's Territorial Imperative demands.)

• (14) Live in harmony with Nature and the Folk and compromise
not with evil----(As racial survival is your perpetual struggle.)

Authority maintains its power and influence only by imposing false doctrines upon the people since knowledge is not one of its attributes. Wotansvolk remains an open door to infinite knowledge and it is indisputably evident through the teachings of the Havamal and the practice of Wotanism that it is not rooted in any kind of fear, neither fear of deity nor fear of death. To the Vikings who followed Wotan's path, honor and acclaim was like rain upon a parched meadow. It was a strong belief at that time that through a life of unflinching courage and achievement and a glorious death that a man will be remembered for many generations. Wotansvolk also believe in the infinite intelligence of the All High Creator of the Universe above and beyond our divine ethnic gods and goddesses.

As generations of our heroic forefathers laid the foundation for Aryan culture, and existence, Wotansvolk recognize and strengthen that chain of heredity with our god given uniqueness, determination and natural abilities. Wotanism rises out of the mystical soul of Aryankind to bind us together as one Folk, one Destiny, and certain Victory! Volk is Teutonic for "Folk", the culture-producing, culture-bearing part of the race, who place a high value upon ancestry, heritage, knowledge, spiritual development and awareness. From this vantage point Wotanism is able to attain a higher state of mind above and beyond the man made religion aspect by establishing an essential Folk Consciousness, both as an individual and collectively. To the enlightened Aryan the whole universe breathes the very spirit of Wotan and the gods of Asgard. As Allfather of Aryankind, Wotan reaches deep into our collective conscience and unites us as a people in a uniquely ethnic, symbolic and emotional way, something that alien religions are not capable of achieving. Through Wotanism we find the innermost character of the Folk Soul and a balanced self-assertion in the universal order of life. Wotanism opens doors to the true inner temple of manifestation in the essence of our being, our race and the world in which we live.

"SONS OF ALBION" P.O. Box 422 Butte, MT. 59703

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"HAMINGJA" by Ron McVan

"HAMINGJA" by Ron McVan

"The inner voice is a voice of a fuller life, of a wider, more
comprehensive consciousness. That is why, in mythology,
the birth of a hero or symbolic rebirth coincides with
sunrise, for the growth of personality is synonomous with
an increase of self-consciousness. For the same reason
most heroes are characterized by solar attributes, and the
moment of birth of their greater personality is known as
.........................C.G. Jung

Behind the veil of our earthbound reality, behind our mythologies, religions and individual personality there exists at the very core of our being, "the God Self" or what the ancient Aryans referred to in the Eddas as our "Hamingja". This divine influence of the higher human psyche is innate within the soul of man. At times it serves us very much like an interposing protector. Had we not the ability to possess this inherent ounce of divinity within our being, both individually and collectively, mankind’s future would be helpless and his own short life meaningless and pointless. We build or destroy our own lives, and we allow or disallow our own lot in life. Our Hamingja and our ethnic Gods are there to help and guide us, but it is we alone who must do the work and push onward.

Nature confronts our passage in life, reflecting back to us the eternal wisdom for those with eyes to see. The most ancient of Gods were born into our physical dimension through man's insatiable need to understand the forces of Nature and himself, but essentially, our ethnic gods are as much dependant upon us as we are on them. The gods are man writ large. As Dr. Carl Jung stated: "Man is a cosmos in miniature and not divided from the great cosmos by any fixed limits."

In Aryan Wotanism the soul is known to be a timeless, eternal spiritually evolving entity. It is our body which binds us to the physical world as the body is much like a garment worn by the soul. The tales of Homer relate that the Olympian Gods were able to transform into animals or humans at will, a process known as "shape-shifting". This is, also, a familiar characteristic within the Teutonic, Wotanist pantheon, as well as the Celtic. Metaphysically speaking, our Aryan archetypal ethnic gods function as astral forms within the conscious and subconscious mind, projecting as composite entities, comprised partly of human energy and divine energy. Such deities can be formed and animated within our individual and collective psyche or manifested into our physical world as well. The supreme patriarchal God of Aryan man is Wotan, however, the divine Hamingja that exists within man is known to be matriarchal and akin to the Norns (the three sisters of Fate).

In Teutonic mythology it is has been written that he who is abandoned by his Hamingja is a lost man. Further, if one should become a hideous and evil man, one's Hamingja might very well turn her benevolence into wrath and cause such an individual his well-deserved ruin.

In Saemund's Edda, Wotan issues forth a prophecy that King Geirrod, who had so long enjoyed the Gods' favor, would soon perish by his very sword. "Angry at you are the dises! cries Wotan to the royal rithing Geirrod, and immediately thereupon the latter stumbles and falls, pierced by his own sword". Here, as is clearly emphases in this passage, the inescapable Hamingja causes the incorrigible king to stumble and fall to meet his justly deserved fate.

Our bodies need the soul in order to continue living, but the soul exists even without the physical body. Every part of man is imbued with the radiation of the multi-dimensional, spiritual world, every gesture informed with occult potency. Man in essence is a living talisman of the non-corporal planes of being.

Our Hamingja calls up further spheres of existence. Each of these embodies the same process of self-realization, from the inarticulate but potent ground, through the purifying fire of universal mind which radiates from the Absolute God-Head.

For the most part man is an irresponsible entity, directed by the forces from without, which is our physical body and the plane of existence around us. Those fortunate ones, who can peer through thick coats of matter and act from within, experience that great gift of enlightenment and self-awareness. We witness an ongoing variety of exceptional heroes throughout history, whose phenomenal achievements exalt them to a semi-divine status, some within their own lifetime. Most researchers will agree that such types are born into the world with remarkable perseverance and sense of purpose, as if their destiny in life had already been present before birth. The acceptance of destiny, or "orlog", as our Wotanist ancestors traditionally referred to it, can oftentimes make great heroes appear to be impervious to the fear of death in the very threatening jaws of inevitable doom.

To understand one's orlog is to know that from birth to death every man's life course is weaving around himself, thread by thread, as a spider does his cobweb. We are guided through our Hamingja by the higher powers or the lesser powers, which the ancient Celts and Italians referred to as "Watchers" (a term that dates even further back to the Stellar Mysteries of the Aryan Mesopotamian civilization). Watchers have been acknowledged as ancestral, astral spirits, which serve as guardians of the entrances and exits to and from the worlds that connect to the physical plane. Also, they have long been known as the "Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom" and "Guarians of the Art", as non-corporal entities they oversee world directions and activities. It has been a popular hypothesis that many of the influential heroic figures in history are constantly surrounded and guided by these astral entities. The age old axiom of the Aryan Egyptian high priest Hermes Trismegistus, "Know thy self" has everything to do with man connecting with his Hamingja, his God-self, the true essence of his being.

"Those who are dead are never gone. They are there in the
thickening shadow. The dead are not under the earth; they
are in the tree that rustles, they are in the wood that groans,
they are in the water that sleeps, they are in the hut, they are
in the crowd, the dead are not dead. They who are dead are
never gone, they are in the breast of the woman, they are in
the child who is wailing and in the firebrand that flames. The
dead are not under the earth: they are in the fire that is dying,
they are in the grasses that weep, they are in the whimpering
rocks, they are in the forest, they are in the house, the dead
are not dead!" ........................Birago Diop

When the full weave of man's orlog is apperceived our every action then signals a profound purpose and we become entwined in a network of our own doing. When a man awakens inwardly in this manner he breaks the chains of unconscious being and proceeds completely under the empire of this self-made destiny. The true giants of achievement in history are naturally cognizant of their inner essence and predestined path at a very early age. The great epic heroes through time as well as our ethnic folk-god archetypes, serve as the necessary prototypes and examples for the full development of man's mind and spirit.

Within the Aryan pagan cosmology of Wotanism our life is clearly demonstrated upon the Tree of Life glyph, Yggdrasil, in which the entire structure is held in balance by a sequence of polarizations. Through that ever-winding path of life, man walks a thin line between opposing counter forces which is virtually an endless matrix of checks and balances in all things great and small. The complete man is one who sheds false personality and maintains a balanced polarization within himself, his family, his race, within nature, and the indigenous mythologies, symbolism and folk-god archetypes that guide our way. Those who become swayed by the bondage of envy, jealousy, greed, gluttony, vain ego and such negative vices, negate the Hamingja force within and will always fail the test of life's physical dimension experience.

As an embodied soul, man has to find his place in the world among his people and the world without and fulfill his necessary active functions, but his primary individual quest is to rise through the five levels of being and manifest his inner Hamingja. Generation of this arousal is part of the cathartic training of the gnostic techniques of enlightenment. Through Wotanism one may experience the infinitude of the life mysteries and the divine completion of man as mirrored through our folk archetypes. Infinite possibilities are gained through this creative power of constructive thinking and obedience to the indwelling Hamingja, which is our source of inspiration, power, health, prosperity and that noble and unconquerable spirit of the Aryan people as a species.

"The ignorant man is driven hither and thither by the laws of
nature, a helpless piece of driftwood on the stream of life. But
the learned man, subject to the same laws, exercises his
selective power, balances one against the other, and obtains
his chosen object; he works by fixed laws, but he throws his life-
force with the law-forces that help his purpose, and neutralizes
those who antagonize him by the activity of other energies."
..........................Annie Besant

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By Ron McVan

"Meditation is done in silence. By it we renounce our narrow
individuality and expatiate into that which is infinite. Only in
the sacredness of inward silence does the soul truely meet
the secret hiding God. The strength of resolve which
afterwards shapes life, and mixes itself with action, is fruit of
those sacred, solitary moments. There is a divine depth in
silence. We meet God alone." .................F.W. Robertson

In the schools of the religious way a strong emphasis on obedience is often demanded before anything else, that is, full and unquestionable submission, although without understanding. In the spiritual path of Wotanism, understanding is the first requirement before anything else. Results of effort are always proportional to understanding. Even practitioners who possess a wide knowledge
of Wotanism may often find themselves lacking the direction of spiritual communion with their ethnic folk Gods and the 'Higher Self' (hamingja) which they are seeking. The practice of meditation has long served as a direct means of projecting our inner soul outward towards the higher divinity realms.

The spiritual world is the sphere of "causation", the material world is the sphere of "effects", while the intellectual realm or soul-world, is the sphere of "meditation". Our deepest thoughts play a large part of who we are, what we become, and where we are going. For just these reasons alone the practice of meditation should be a vital part of our everyday life. Beyond these essentials, meditation also keeps us plugged in with the higher powers without which life serves little purpose other than fleeting sensations.

Concentration must not be confused with meditation. The former implies an exercise of the will; the mind centers its powers on an object or idea until it yields its essence. Meditation on the other hand does not require any forceable harnessing of the will. Wotanist Meditation is something that emerges from a cessation of conscious thought. The God Absolute or "Logos" exists without as also within us as do our ethnic Gods. Since we are not cut off from the order of the universe, but embody it on every level, one way to experience the harmony of all that is divine is to turn within through meditation, and attentively listen to the silent voice from the center.

To gain the clearest insight into the practice of Wotanism, requires the developing of one's own natural ethnic based instincts and much study of the spiritual ritual, customs and traditions of our pagan ancestors. Every successful civilization is guided by a living mythological vision that imparts unity to the varied forms of cultural expression. Wotanism is a religion of the blood; do not let others lead you astray in thinking that it is bigoted to honor and respect the voice and soul of your race ancestors and ethnic Gods. Make a practice to meditate at least once a day. Meditating may seem somewhat uncomfortable and awkward at first in that we have become so distracted by the lower conscious brash materialistc society in which we live our daily lives. Precisely, Wotanist meditation is a means to provide open channels in the mind that are not often obtainable by other methods. Man offers himself to our gods of the folk. He stands before them like a canvas before the painter or marble before the sculptor.

It is through meditation that our most unlimited powers are obtained, marvels and miracles are worked, the highest spiritual knowledge is acquired and union with the great gods of our folk and the "All High Creator God" are eventually gained. The practice of meditation is the surest way to establish a sound, mental framework and effective working relationship with the higher realms. The practice of meditation should not become a rote process of repetition where nothing new and substantial is gained. We should not sit there counting our rosery beads in a mindless trance reciting a worn-out memorized prayer. Meditation is a process of ascension of the mind and spirit. It should bring us to an understanding of certain relations of a still unknown nature between psychological and organic process. Meditation demonstrates and proves the profound and objective importance of spiritual activities which can unlock new and stimulating worlds of thought. One must keep the mind open and undistracted while practicing Wotanist meditation; it becomes easier as one becomes familiar with the process. Perfect silence is the best atmosphere. If you cannot find a quite space then try using ear plugs. If that is not handy even wet tissue paper pushed into the ear works just as well. The Runes are another excellent resource to assist us in our meditations.

The Aryan Folk are a productive, creative and spiritual people. The same blood of our ancient ancestors courses through our veins and hearts today as it has for millennia past. Our indigenous gods and heroic forebears are what we ourselves strive to become, and ultimately exceed, in the upward development of our being. The more we focus and meditate, the more their spirit becomes a part of our own spirit. As our ideas formulate and become real and tangible, our will and our destiny will do likewise. The path of Wotanism is fundamentally based upon strength of character, courage and ethical fortitude, combining the highest regard of our own people and the planet upon which we live. Man is the only creature who has the power to consciously understand the universal harmonies of nature---yet, ironically, he is the only one capable of destroying the entire planet. It is hoped that those who study the Wotanist meditations will take the time to develop a thorough understanding of this ancient and timeless practice.

It is vitally essential that we realize the value of Wotanism as Aryans and that this value remains a bonding element which fires the will to self-preservation and the indomitable force and creative spirit of our Folk and our Gods. The return to Wotanism is the return to one's own ethnic soul and the re-establishment of our roots as a people. Our ethnic Gods serve us as guides and mentors in our life journey through Midgard. A Wotanist meditation might be expressed in this fashion here as an example:

I listen to the voice of Wotan as he speaks within me. It is this voice of eternity that ever guides me to the Absolute. This voice of truth and strength leads me unerringly along the paths of my life. Deep within me in the perfect core of my being stands the Yggdrasil World Tree, an immobile universe where all things and all law lie revealed. I reach within to this place of quietness and harken there to the voice of my ancestors dwelling within me and I dwelling from them. I close my eyes and sense this living, breathing universe. Here I am one with all of my people, past, present and future, with nature and the extended universe without. I move in accordance with the divine law. From here all the limitless powers of creation are with me and I am a part of it. I see about me the thoughts of all mankind and the correct answers to all questions. That which is good among these I accept; that which is not I ignore, for my concern is only with truth and the divine plan ordained through my Gods and the all high creator which is the perfect good and the expanding of all inner and outer consciousness. I know that I am fulfilling the fondest wish of the Absolute. It is my Gods who prompt and guide me to understand the highest powers. As I believe in my heart, so shall it be done unto me; as this is the law of life and of living. Each day is another step on my journey to a oneness with my Gods and noble ancestors. I am at peace within myself here in Midgard. I do not seek---I know. I do not strive---I am guided.....the divine Wotan spirit working above, around and through me.............

Relative to meditation is a ritual process known as the
incantation. The words "incantation" and "enchant" are both derived from the Latin "cantare" (sing) and "charm" is from Latin "carmen" (song). The element of singing or charming is magically important because it means that the words are put together deliberately. In the same way as an orator or poet depends on the power of well placed words to convey impressive ideas and to sway his audience, so the Godi or Sejdmadr (Wotanist male or female priest) have their incantations. Likewise the suppliant with his prayers, although fulfilling different needs, makes deliberate use of compelling language, both engaging in specific rhythmic sound and profound meaning. The body itself is a mass of vibration----a musical instrument.

The essential principle of the incantation is the use of sonorous, rhythmical, rhetorical words which are not spoken flatly, but chanted. This is done with steady rising intensity as the ritual proceeds. The whole process contributes to a rising state of intence excitement and self-intoxication in which the Godi or Sejdmadr feels confident that the words uttered are charged with invincible power and are penetrating the higher realms.

When incantations have fixed formulae, or are accompanied by prescribed postures and gestures, or are associated with real or symbolic sacrifice, an element of magical power raising, if not always present may at least be attainable. Incantations do not change our gods, they change us. They deepen insight, increase intuitive perception, expand consciousness and transform personality.

In modern times the phrase "great chain of being" is often referred to as away of viewing the long ongoing connection with our ancestors. Through the invocations we unlock direct channels to fuse our own thoughts and being with that of the non-corporal ancestral spirits that still greatly influence our spirits in todays world.

No man can comprehend more than the courage and imagination of his own mind and heart can grasp. To understand this world view of inter-connectedness in the depths of one's race and soul is a somewhat different matter for modern man. It often requires a philosophic tendancy and eclectic research into the inter-connected ancestral and mythological ties that form the very ethnicity unity and heritage of a people. The Aryan gods, goddesses, the demi-gods, the heroes, Titans and nature spirits of good and evil are all part of the great pageant of eternity. These are the elements which unite our collective consciousness as a folk and ultimately lead us back to The Godhead, the source of all creation. From the point of light within the Mind of God let light stream forth into the minds of those who seek the light. Let Light descend on Midgard and seal the door where ignorance and darkness dwells!

It is essential to realize that every cycle in life turns in interconnecting circles. The wheel of life, the circuit of energy, encompasses us in its universal arms and, dwarfed as we may be by its greatness, yet all potential lies within our reach because of its envelopment. Each hour, day, week, month, year, century and millennium represents a living cycle in the ever-turning wheel of time and space throughout the universe. From the great wheel, all things turn and return, but it takes the conscious right deeds of our people working together with the interconnectedness to our gods, all in harmony with nature, to ensure the continuance of right order in the world. Again we see the need for the harmonious workings of our ethnic gods and nature alike. All of the gods are as dependant upon us for their continuing existence as we are upon them for our being, strength and direction. All forms of Nature and man spring from the harmonic matrix that resides in the mind of The Great Logos that we know as God.

"How long will you tread the circling tracks of mind
Around your little self and petty things?
A seer, a strong creator is within,
This transient earthly being, if he wills,
Can fit his act to a transcendent scheme."


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" HEALTH ", by Ron McVan

" HEALTH " By Ron McVan

He is the best physician that knows the worthlessness
of most medicines. ..............Benjamin Franklin

From the viewpoint of the metaphysician, had it not been for the Mysteries of Asclepius there could have been no Hippocrates. He took his vows before the altar of Asclepius and became a priest---physician. His clinical methods established a precedent which changed the whole course of medical thought, but the materialist physician should remember that the Father of Medicine was to the end of his days a priest, and the wise and careful observations that have brought him the eternal gratitude of mankind were began in the House of the Healing God.
Our bodies are part of the material universe and subject to laws or ways of this universe. The first of these laws that we know is the law of causation. Every change in the universe has its cause, and that in turn had another cause; this chain is never broken, no matter how far we go, and the same causes universally produce the same effects. Our bodies are no exception. Each body grows, blossoms, withers and dies, not unlike the plant life around us. We are incapable of changing this pattern, but we are capable of maintaining the health and quality of our organic constitution, and it is the mind upon which the body must depend for sustenance, maintenance and survival.
Thought directs energy, energy follows thought. Obstructions to energy flow cause discomfort if mild, or pain and disease if strong. Energy is concentrated where thought is focused. The mind is the instrument whereby our race has lifted itself out of beasthood. It is the instrument whereby we hold ourselves above forces which seek to drag us down, and whereby we shall lift ourselves higher, if higher we choose to go. The mind can be our salvation or our total destruction, whether it be our physical body or the body of the world in which we live. Knowledge is our precious birthright, and whoso neglects learning in his youth loses the past and is empty in meeting the future.
There are many who choose to leave the responsibility of their personal health in the hands of others and of course, there are times when this is unavoidable and specialists are required. Yet, it should be incumbent upon each and every one of us to understand the functions of the bones, muscles and organs of the body, and to explore the many causes and cures of our illness.

"The first man who learned anything useful was taught
by Nature; let Nature teach us as she taught him."

Physicians are a long way from having all the answers to their chosen trade. Ever since the beginning of the world men have sought the healing art to destroy disease, and they have not yet found it. The true physician is a product of Nature, not a product of speculation and imagination. The knowledge of Nature is the foundation of the Science of Medicine, and it is taught by the four great departments of science: Philosophy, Astronomy,
Alchemy and Physical Sciences.
Every disease known to man is primarily a condition of unbalanced chemical constituents, both elements and compounds which compose the tissues and fluids of the whole organism. When a physician finds a body diseased, he must look for the causes which produced the disease and not merely treat the symptoms.
If ignorance were purity, why are the sins of ignorance against natural laws visited with the same severity as sins of any other kind? People are constantly sinning against their bodies, when a little of the light of knowledge would enable them to see wherein lays their offence. But the world has so ordained it, that those who seek light must find it in hidden places. Over-indulgence of anything to our body is detrimental, for it can be endured only at the expence of vitality. You are a whole individual. To achieve health you must have wholeness, harmony, rythmn, concert, between your tripartite being. This is the only way that you can get health, not through drugs, not through inorganic medicines; at best, these are temporary relief. A person must stay in balance. If not in proper alignment physically, mentally and nutritionally, there is an interference with the natural vitality, and so illness results. The imbalanced body chemistry of each individual will always gravitate in one of two directions, either acid or alkaline. Each of these two ph (potential hydrogen) classifications determines the atomic orbit present in each cell and can be a significant tool in diagnosis and treatment.
The wisdom and philosophy of Pythagoras (500-600 B.C,E.) and his contribution to the branches of Natural Science has seldom been equalled. From his school of thought came some of the most brilliant thinkers of ancient Greece, paving the way to another remarkable genius, Hippocrates (365 B.C.E.) Justly styled the "Father of Medicine", Hippocrates understood that the only true science of medicine is the intelligent use of Nature's only real medicinal remedies---herbs.
Not long after, in Egypt (300 B.C.E.), the ruling Ptolemies founded a medicinal school in the City of Alexandria. The most famous professors of that school were Erasistratus and Herophilus, who also trusted in the great healing qualities of herbs. Asclepiadac, who studied natural healing exclusively, was highly praised and worshiped by the Romans as the "God of Medicine". The Greek writer Homer, in his epic "The Iliad", made reference to the skillful surgeons Machaon and Podalirius, the sons of Asclepiadac, and their helpful assistance during the Trojan War. There would continue a rich legacy of natural healing physicians with notables such as: Claudius Galen (130 C.E.) Paracelsus (1493-1541) and many among the Teutonic Tribes and the Celts and Druids whose names are lost from the pages of history.
It is without question that none of the present day schools of medicine, with all their fancy technology, have been anywhere near as successful in curing disease than these ancient schools of herbal, natural medicine. Science must be built upon the firm rock of truth, or it is not science, but merely guesswork. What we have today in the so-called modern medical institutions is a conglomerate collection of hodge-podge opinions, pseudo-scientific findings and questionable medieval, mental meanderings all pushing petroleum based pharmaceutical drugs which produce numerous dangerous side effects. It is no wonder that its practitioners are groping in the dark for curatives, jumping from one highly advocated serum, vaccine or inorganic drug to another, when each in its turn consistantly fails to cure.
Civilized man takes better care of his car than he does his body. He knows perfectly well that if he allowed his car to stand idle, or if he neglected it, the battery would run down and the mechanical parts would rust. Man also must maintenance himself with constant exercise, sun, fresh air, water and cleanliness which invigorates the body and gives it vitality. Our disposition is also an important factor. Health is necessary for happiness, but not more so than happiness is necessary for health. The mind and body perform best when one's disposition is balanced, carefree and receptive. Health is the vital principle of bliss. The disease of the mind are a serious menace. Anger, hate, worry and fear cause stress and anxiety, which not only deplete one's energy, but also cause damage to the organs of the body. There are great advantages to a focused life. When our activity is set towards a precise end, our mental and organic functions become completely harmonized. The unification of desires, the applications of the mind to a single purpose, produce a sort of inner peace. The body is our most important machine of all. It is far wiser to spend a few minutes a day keeping it in good shape with exercise and proper nutrition, than to spend thousands of dollars in astronomical physician's fees later on.
The purpose of civilization is not the progress of science and machines, but the progress of man. All of us, who are housed in the flesh, are history in the making. It is our choice alone if we chose to live a healthy and wholesome life as individuals, as families and as a race. The aging man should neither stop working nor retire. Inaction further impoverishes the content of time. Leisure is even more dangerous for the old than for the young. Time is long and life is short, but the destiny of our people rests in the hands of those of us living today. With a healthy body and mind all things are possible. We are all born to be doing. However, our responsibility is not just to do anything, but to understand something. Get down to business with yourself. Tackle the problems in your life and clear them away. Time will not wait for you. Stop fooling around----get to the point! Life is fragile and quick!

"Health, best of the Blessed ones to men, May I dwell with you
for the rest of my days, And may you be kind and stay with me.
For, if there is any joy in wealth or in children, Or in royal rule,
which makes men like Gods, Or in desire's which we hunt
from Freyja's secret snares, Or if men have any other delight,
From the Gods of respite from their labours, With you, Blessed
Health, All things are strong and shine with the Converse of the
Muses, And without you, no man is happy."
..........................adapted from Ariphron (400B.C.E.)

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Midgard is the cradle that rocks above the abyss---our existence
is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.

The great Solar-myth underlies all the ancient mythologies. It commemorates the death and resurrection of the sun. It signifies the destruction of the light by the clouds, the darkness and the eventual return of the great luminary of the world. That which was most instrumental in conforming mankind to adopt the solar based religions took place in a time long before our written history. It was a thing so terrible, so incomprehensible, pitiless and destructive, that even today its dreadful aftermath still lingers deep in the genetic memory of all mankind.

In the Northern European pagan religion of Wotanism, this dreadful End of Days cataclysm is symbolized by three ominous spectres known as: Fenris Wolf, the giant world Midgard Serpent Jormungand and Garm the Dog. The Southern Europeans knew them as: Python and Typhaon and Cacus, which is the same as Vritra in the Indo-European sanskrit. The Christian bible referred to them as Satan, Behemoth and Leviathan. Yet, there is simply one name to describe the most terrible and unstoppable monster serpent of all, "The Great Comet."

All the winged beasts, breathing fire are a symbolic recollection of the comet; with its fearful head and long tail it captures the semblance of a great serpent traversing the heavens. Modern science confirms that comets often travel in groups of two or three, as reflected in world mythologies. In the second millennium B.C.E. the planet Venus made a surprise appearance as a threatening comet with a rather close approach to Earth and was a cause of much alarm and planetary repercussions, causing volcanoes to explode, giant sea waves, and other forms of destruction; The asteroid that sunk the entire continent of Atlantis and caused so much devistation from its impact was only about six miles wide. The backlash of water upon striking the ocean splashed up half way to the moon! Consider a comet the size of Venus a near twin in volume and mass of Earth colliding directly into our planet. Venus comes closer to Earth than any other planet, approaching to within about 24,800,000 miles. One thing is for sure, there is no destruction so utterly complete to planet Earth and equally destructive to all life forms than that black moment when a great comet actually strikes the Earth. This is the End of Days for planet Earth and all of Mankind that our most distant ancestors knew at some future dark hour would inevitably come about. Our planet bears the telltale scars of meteor and asteroid collisions. Though far smaller in size than a comet, the devistation of even just an asteroid is such that one would be fortunate to first die of fright before the actual impact occurred.

Mankind has been an intelligent audience to outer space, watching the long unfolding developments of the cosmic drama. However, let us try to imagine the tremendous impact of a great comet striking the earth's surface at ever increasing impetuosity, carrying with it a heat that is so strong that it can melt granite rock and evaporate waters of whole oceans in its approach. The tail of debris which follows such a massive comet is incredible in its length. A distant passing great comet, witnessed in 1843, possessed a tail 150 million miles long; such a length would reach from the sun to the earth and have over 50 million miles of tail to spare. Debris from a comet's tail, should it pass through our atmosphere, creates what is known as the "Drift Age", showering the earth with a heavy layer of rocks, boulders and dust. Many of the ancient legends tell of how this cosmic dust would completely blot out the sun and stars, causing darkness and gloom for long periods of time. The passing of both night and day under such circumstances, it has been told, would become almost indistinguishable.

The ancient legends also describe the aftermath of the Great Comet's contact with Earth, thusly: "Instead of the fair face of the world as they have known it, bright with sunlight, green with the magnificent foilage of the forest, or the gentle verdure of the plain, they go forth upon a wasted, and unknown land, covered with oceans of mud and stones; the very face of the country changed---lakes, rivers, hills, all swept away and lost. They wander, breathing a foul and sickening atmosphere, under the shadow of an awful darkness, a darkness which knows no morning, no stars, no moon, a darkness palpable and visible, lighted only by electrical discharges from the abyss of clouds, with such roars of thunder, which we in this day of harmonious Nature, can form no conception of. It is, indeed, 'chaos' and ancient night. All the forces of nature are there, but disorderly, destructive, battling against each other and multiplied a thousand-fold in power; the winds are cyclones, magnetism is gigantic, electricity is appalling. The world is more desolate than the caves from which they have escaped. The forests are gone; the fruit-trees are swept away; the beasts of the chase have perished; the domestic animals, gentle ministers to man, have disappeared; the cultivated fields are buried deep in drifts of mud and gravel; the people stagger in the darkness against each other, they fall into the chasms of the earth; within them are the two great oppressors of humanity, hunger and terror; hunger that knows not where to turn; fear that shrinks before the whirling blasts, the rolling thunder, the shocks of blinding lightning; that knows not what moment the heavens may again open and rain fire and stones and dust upon them. God has withdrawn his face; his children are deserted; all the kindly adjustments of generous Nature are gone. God has left man in the midst of a material world without law; he is a wreck, a fragment, a lost particle, in the midst of an illimitable and endless warfare of giants.

Some lie down to die, hopeless, cursing their helpless Gods; some die by their own hands; some gather around the fires of volcanoes for warmth and light-stars that attract them from afar; some feast on such decaying remnants of the great animals (dinosaurs) as they may find projecting above the debris, running to them, as we shall see, with outcries and fighting over fragments."

The Earth's existing geological strata, along with the artifacts of man and other life form remnants and fossils, read like an open book through the eons of time, dispelling so many unsubstantial theories that we still contend with today. Aryan man was never an unintelligent, hairy, simian brute who lived in caves like a common animal. There has never been one single piece of substantial evidence nor missing link to support such a claim. Yet there is an abundance of sound evidence to prove otherwise and very good reason to believe that our capacity for intelligence was much higher in the far distant times. Civilizations have been discovered dating back to before the Dinosaur Age. For instance, in the state of Louisianna on Petite Anse Island, remarkable discoveries have been unearthed, showing in many cases the bones of the Mastodon found buried well above layers of earth strata which contain pottery, woven baskets and jewelry. Highly intelligent civilizations and whole continents have been ever changing since man first walked upon the Earth. Digging through geological history, we find that what did in fact drive man into caves in certain periods of time was the need to escape the deluge of the great comets and asteroids. The larger animals, such as dinosaurs which could not escape initial impact, the pummeling of rocks, prolonged frigid cold, scorching heat, wind storms, poisonous gas and flooding, were to vanish forever.

The traditions of the following cultures reveal to us that the Earth's surface was once drastically altered by a great comet:

• (a) The ancient Britons, as narrated in the mythology of the Druids.
• (b) The ancient Greeks, as told by Hesiod
• (c) The Teutonic Elder Edda and Younger Edda
• (d) The ancient Romans, as narrated by Ovid
• (e) The ancient Toltecs of Central America, as told in their sacred books
• (f) The ancient Aztecs of Mexico
• (g) The ancient Persians, as recorded in the Zend Avesta
• (h) The sacred records in Tibet
• (i) The ancient Indo-European Hindus, as told in their holy books

These along with dozens of aboriginal legends around the world all relate the same descriptive catastrophe. Christians will find a detailed account of the event explained in the book of Job. The above religions all agree upon the following distinct points:

• (1) The Golden Age; the Paradise
• (2) The universal, moral degeneracy of mankind, the age of crime and violence
• (3) God's vengence
• (4) The Serpent (flaming comet); the fire from heaven
• (5) The cave-life and the darkness
• (6) The cold; the struggle to survive
• (7) The "fall of man" from virtue to vice; from plenty to poverty; from civilization to barbarism; from the tertiary to the drift; from paradise to the gravel
• (8) Reconstruction and regeneration

From what has been thus revealed through geological findings and the diverse religions of the world.... can all of this be an accident? Can all of this mean nothing? In Aryan Wotanism Ragnarok marks the day of the Great Comet's return. Heimdall sounds the warning on his Gjallarhorn, as Wotan and the Gods of Asgard, along with his elite warriors (the Einherjar) arm themselves and speed forth to the battle of all battles. Wotan rides first with his golden helmet, resplendant 'Byrnie' and his spear Gungnir, he advances against the Fenris Wolf (the first comet). Thor stands by his side, but can give him no assistance, for he has his hands full in his struggle with the Midgard Serpent, (the second comet). Frey encounters the fiery fiend Surt, who is associated with the comet and heavy blows are exchanged ere Frey falls. The cause of his death is that he had previously relinquished his sword to Skirner, even The Dog Garm (the third comet), that was bound before the Gnipa Cave gets loose. He is the greatest plague. He contends with Tyr, and they kill each other. Thor gets great renown by slaying the Midgard Serpent, but retreats only nine places when he falls to the earth dead, poisoned by the venom that the serpent blows upon him. He has breathed the carbonated-hydrogen gas of the comet. Surt then casts darkness and raging fire upon the universe, blotting out sun and stars and the earth becomes engulfed by the sea---chaos reigns. This is a time known as the "Twilight of the Gods", "Gotterdammerung", until Vali, the new sun, is born of the frost and kills the darkness. It is light again. Baldur, son of Wotan, now the new Aryan Allfather, returns after Ragnarok. Once again the Gods, the Earth and its people are born anew and the whole world rejoices with regenerated life.

Today pagans still celebrate the last death and rebirth of the sun with the May Day fertility ceremony, the May Pole and the May Queen. In the full tradition of the ceremony, a man clad in green leaves represents summer, another clad in straw represents winter (fittingly symbolic of the emptiness and misery of the Great Comet Drift Age). In the Teutonic legends it is stated that three severe winters followed the great cataclysm, followed by three more, which are known in Wotanism as the "Fimbul Winter". A Fimbul Winter would also occur with the aftermath of Atomic bomb warfare.

"Grim Fimbal raged, and o'er the world
Tempestuous winds and snow storms whirled;
The roaring ocean icebergs ground,
And flung its frozen foam around,
E'en to the top of mountain height;
No warning air....No radiance fair
Of gentle summer's soft'ning light,
Tempered this dreadful glacial night."

Classical scholars laughed at Heinrich Schliemann when
he set out with Homer's writings of Greek legend in one hand and a spade in the other. But he succeeded in digging up the legendary civilization of Troy, and thereby demonstrated that it is ignorant as well as rash to underestimate the historical value of our Aryan folk memory. Today NASA satellites can see remnants of long-forgotten civilizations, lying in ruin on the ocean floor of both the Atlantic and Pacific. We must always remind ourselves that all myths and legends start somewhere in the real life of man's long ongoing history. That which does not derive from actual fact in our ethnic mythologies serves as a language that speaks to us symbolically. For instance; From the Volupsa saga we learn that when Yggdrasil (tree of life) trembles at the approach of Ragnarok, the ship of the dead, Nagelfar, lies so that the liberated sinister deity Loki can go aboard it. That it has long lain moored in its harbour is evident from the fact that, according to Vulupsa, it then "becomes loose." Unknown hands are its builders. The material out of which it is constructed is the nail-parings of dead men. This description is all
to say, that evil, no matter how great the catastrophy, can never be destroyed. All things throughout the extended universe operate by law of polarity. 'Good' would not, could not, exist without its negative opposite. "Unknown hands are its builders" is to say that no one will ever know just where evil began. The seeds of our destiny are nourished by the rich legacy of our past. What we do in the now of the present will determine our own future, and all life upon the planet.

"Religion is fossil mythology; mythology is fossil history;
and this disguised history takes us into ages so remote
that they border upon, and partly indeed coincide with,
the ages of geology."
.............................H.S. Bellamy

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DREAMS, by Ron McVan

DREAMS, by Ron McVan

C.G.Jung was of the belief that dreams are a form of some impartial photography of unconscious life, the compensation of our rational vision of things, the voice of the 'other' in us. But this voice uses a language which is strange or lost to us; it is a language which is important to decipher, not because it deliberately hides something, but because it is archaic, symbolic, and visual---and since the unconscious life is not static, dreams, also, express a search motive of sorts, into the future.
As we begin to understand that mythology is the foundation of life that is the timeless pattern--the religious formula--to which life shapes itself through characteristics that are a reproduction of the conscious mind, it is likewise evident that a similar, direct externalization of the psyche is, also, found in dreams. The degree of the directness of the images presented in dreams and in mythology is, to say the least, very much the same. In this respect, dreams and mythology are nearer to one another than, for instance, dreams to poetry. Yet, it is mythology which is, to quote Shakespeare, "Such stuff as dreams are made of."
Commonly, dreams are regarded as ventures into a mysterious otherworld. Carl Jung believed that dreams were a kind of impartial photography of unconscious life....the compensation of our national visions of things, the voice of the 'other' in us.
Great minds of ancient days, such as Homer, Aristotle, and Plato, all concurred on the general idea prevailing of the times that there are divine manifestations to the soul in sleep whereby men might learn the future.
Temporary visitors to our dreams are often animals. The appearance of an animal in a dream should not be overlooked, as they can often signify a specific meaning of significance. Animals as symbol have been of high esoteric importance since the earliest of times. Below are listed fourteen primary animals which are often frequent visitors in our dreams.
• BEAR: In Teutonic traditions, the bear is dedicated to Thor, because of its strength. A sect of Viking warriors known as the 'Berserkers' derived their name from the wearing of the bear shirts in battle, which was a symbolic ststement of strength and fearlessness. A bear is significant of overwhelming competition in pursuits of every kind. To kill a bear portends extrication from former entanglements. A young woman who dreams of a bear will have a threatening rival or some misfortune. A bear may signify a power which will soon present itself in your life. Bears are known to hibernate for long periods of time which might indicate that you need a personal retreat for a while.
• BOAR: A symbol of courage, ferociousness and victory, and for this reason, a favorite power animal of the hero and warrior class. Familiar in the domain of the gods Frey and Freyja, in olden days were sacrificed at Yuletide in honor of Frey. Esoterically speaking, the boar works well in matters of success and protection in trying circumstances and personal honor.
• BULL: Attributed to the moon, the bull is symbolic of strength, fertility and rage. Symbolic to the high God Poseidon. To see one pursuing you, means buisness trouble---envious and jealous competitors will harass you. To see a bull goring a person means misfortune from unwisely using another's possessions will overtake you. To dream of a white bull signifies that you will lift yourself up to a higher plane of life than those who persist in making material things their god. It usually denotes gain.
• CAT: The cat was once a popular object of worship in Egypt, Rome and Persia---familiar companion to Freyja. The Egyptians sometimes depicted their High God Ra in the form of a cat striking a serpent to symbolize the power of good over evil. The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet was also depicted as a cat. To dream of a cat and snake on friendly terms signifies the beginning of an angry struggle. To dream of a clean, white cat denotes entanglements which, while seemingly harmless, will prove a source of sorrow and loss of wealth. To dream that the cat scratches you, an enemy will succeed in wrenching from you the profits of a deal that you have spent many days making. If a merchant dreams of a cat it is a bad omen for his business. With its tenacity, agility and strong associates to the divine, it is not surprizing that people thought the cat had nine lives. Nine is the number of universal truth.
• DRAGON: Symbol of wisdom, longivity and potent magic---possessors of full ancestral memory. As an emblem of authority, dragons appeared frequently throughout ancient Aryan society. Among the Teutons the word 'dragon' meant 'chief ', and all the power associated with that position, notably 'Pendragon'. Dragons may appear in a dream as a potent messenger from a time before time. To fly on dragons wings in a dream marks the birth of new spiritual insight and ability in your life. A dragon, also, denotes that you allow yourself to be governed by your passions and that you are likely to place yourself in the power of your enemies through the outbursts of sardonic tendencies. Such a dream should warn you to cultivate self-control.
• EAGLE: To see one soaring above you means lofty ambitions which you will struggle fiercely to realize, nevertheless, you will gain your desires. To see one perched on distant heights denotes that you will possess fame, wealth or a high position in life. To ride an eagle's back foretells that you will make a long journey in your search for knowledge and/or wealth, which will be attainable to you. Eagles, considered the elite of birds, have symbolized since most ancient of days both authority and power. To dream that you will kill an eagle portends that no obstacles are before you and that you will reach the heights of your ambition. To see a dead eagle killed by someone other than yourself signifies high rank and fortune will be wrested from you.
• FOX: Known for cleaverness, stealth and cunning---to dream of a fox denotes that you are engaged in doubtful speculations and risky love affairs. If you see a fox slyly coming into your yard beware of envious friendships; your reputation is being stealthfully assailed. To kill a fox is a prediction that you will win in every engagement.
• HAWK: To dream of a hawk is a sign that you will be cheated in some way by intriguing persons. To shoot one foretells that you will surmount obsticles after many struggles. A hawk can denote that enemies are near you and they are ready to take advantage of your slightest mistakes. To see a dead hawk, signifies that your enemies will be vanquished.
• HORSE: To dream of a white horse indicates that things are favorable for prosperity and pleasurable commingling with congenial friends and fair women. If a white horse is soiled or lean, your confidence will be betrayed by a jealous friend or woman. If the horse is black, you will be successful in your fortune, but you will practice deception, and will be guilty of assignations. To a woman this dream would be interpreted that her husband is unfaithful. To ride or see a horse denotes ease and comfort. To ride a runaway horse foretells the trouble of friends. A dead horse, signifies disappointments of various kinds. To ride a horse down hill, your affairs will undoubtedly disappoint you.
• LION: Known for strength, courage and fearlessness, a lion is, also, an emblem of the golden sun, full of might and potency. To dream of a lion signifies that a great force is driving you. If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement. If it overpowers you then you will be open to the successful attacks of enemies. For a young woman to dream of young lions foretells of new and fascinating lovers. To hear the roar of a lion signifies unexpected advancement and preferment with woman. To see a lion's skin denotes a rise to fortune and happiness. To see caged lions is symbolic that your success depends upon your ability to cope with opposition.
• OWL: The symbolic emblem of ancient Athens and affiliated with the goddess Athena---it is symbolic of wisdom and the occult. To hear the hoot of an owl in a dream is an omen of bad tidings. To see a dead owl, denotes a narrow escape from desperate illness or death. To see an owl, fortells that you will be secretly maligned and be in danger from enemies.
• RAVEN: A familiar symbol of Wotan, whose two pet ravens represent thought and memory---they are respected as birds of mystery and wisdom. To the Teutons they were, also known as birds of ill omen, fabled to forebode death. To dream of a raven denotes reversal in fortune and inharmonious surroundings. For a young woman it is implied that her lover will betray her. For personal magic, allow the raven to be a spirit guide in your dreams, a protector and a strong link to the natural world.
• SNAKE: Despite fear of this cunning creature, the snake was sacred to many groups, including the Druids, Egyptians and the Priestesses at Delphi---it is a symbol of the fertile earth and healing. The shedding of snake skin betokens renewal and rebirth. To dream of snakes is a foreboding of evil in its various forms and stages. To see them wiggling and falling over others fortells struggles with fortune and remorse. To kill them, you will feel that you have used every oppurtunity of advancing your own interests or respecting that of others. If they bite you, you will succumb to evil influences, and enemies will injure your business. To dream that a snake coils itself around you and darts its tongue out at you is a sign that you will be placed in a position where you will be powerless in the hands of enemies, and you will be attacked with sickness. To handle them, you will use strategy to aid in overthrowing opposition. To see them bite others foretells that some friend will be injured and criticized by you.
• WOLF: Known for cunning, stealth and prowess, Wotan is often seen flanked by his sacred wolves, Geri and Freki. To dream of a wolf shows that you have a thieving person in your employ who will, also, betray secrets. To kill one denotes that you will defeat sly enemies who seek to overshadow you with disgrace. To hear the howl of a wolf predicts the discovery to you of a secret alliance to defeat you in honest competition.

Dreams are an important part of our lives and almost a third of our lives are passed in slumber. It is to our greater advantage to make serious efforts to understand and interpret the messages of our dreams and their symbolism. Remember that everything that exists upon Midgard (earth) has its ethereal counterpart. Man is a creature of reflection; he becomes that upon which he reflects. Unfortunately, most people cling to the pleasures and woes of the material world to the exclusion of the subjective realm of spirituality. The wisest and most effective prophets and sages are those who dipped deeply into the fountain of universal knowledge, using dreams with more frequency than any other mode of divination.
Each age is a dream that is dying, or one that is coming to birth and the wealth of mankind is the wisdom that they leave.

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When Propriety Fails, by Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell

When Propriety Fails
by Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG
Allsherjargothi, HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC.

As will always be the instance, there are agents of both the Federal Bureau of Prisons and any number of State’s Department of Corrections Agencies which seek on a continuum to distort and destroy the legitimate religious programs associated with the Ásatrú and Odinist/Wotanist Faiths. Sadly so, so too are there those self professed “Experts” of the faiths which they loudly proclaim to adhere to in service to both Gods and Folk, whom are willing to prostitute themselves and their coveted services by the various Departments whom seek to eradicate any Heathen / Pagan faiths from their religious programs all together, or at the very least, amend such religious practices and fashion them into whatever it is that they deem to be an acceptable version of said faiths.
In concert with this unpleasant, albeit constant threat from what is often pandered as "Within our own camp", though I can assure you, the reader, no such man, or woman from "Our Camp" as it were, would violate our beloved honor in such an egregious manner; we are currently faced with the ill antics of yet another so-called-expert. Certainly when such self proclaimed experts are touted as just that by those agencies seeking to employ their services and testimony, we are forced to examine their testimony and suggestions which they postulate in their 'Expert and Professional' opinions.
Recently, Valgard Murray, the Allsherjargothi of the Ásatrú Alliance had provided just such testimony on behalf of the State of Ohio. His testimony was both financially compensated as was it filled with both inaccuracies and deliberate falsifications.
Therefore, it is the mission of the communiqué to correct these inaccuracies and inform the readers of the missive, be they the incarcerated, the collective corrections agencies and their agents, or the courts whom are charged with the paramount duty and responsibility of descrying the truths and realit¬ies as they pertain to the incarcerated members and practitioners of the Ásatrú and Odinist/Wotanist Faiths.
Initially I wish to illustrate that while Valgard Murray is in fact the Allsherjargothi of the Ásatrú Alliance of Independent Kindreds, headquartered in Payson, Arizona, he is not vested with the authority, or credentials to represent any other Ásatrú, or Odinist Ministry, Church, Hof/Temple, or organizations beyond that of the Ásatrú Alliance. He may not speak as to what constitutes right and proper practice on a spiritual scale, for say, the ODINIC RITE, or the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC., or any other legally inc¬orporated ministry/church of our faith! Plainly put, Mr. Murray has only the 'Expertise' to speak for and represent those whom have placed their own spiritual welfare in his care and custody as their supreme priest of the ministry of the Ásatrú Alliance. It is truly that simple. Nor does the Ásatrú Alliance constitute the crux of the Ásatrú religious community here in Vinland (USA & Canada). In fact, in the past ten years alone, the membership numbers of the Ásatrú Alliance have dwindled in comparison to what they were a decade ago. Afraid that the reality is not that Mr. Murray, or his Ásatrú Alliance are representative of the 'Main' of the Ásatrú community at large, but rather the fringe as it were. They are nearly a cult! They do indeed publish the oldest continual Nordic Faith spiritual publication that I am aware of. Especially in the English language. However, I am certain that publishing a spiritual magazine on a continuum does not render one to be the best representative of a faith. As Ásatrú and Odinism are in fact, two separate, albeit similar, faiths; a fact that even Mr. Murray concedes to on page 54, lines 14 -18 of transcripts, and I first wrote about in our own publication 'GUNGNIR', the official spiritual bulletin of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC. - he is in no position to proffer any expert advice regarding the practice of Odinism in prison. Yet, that is exactly what prison administrators will do! They will employ his testimony and expert advice, which is debatable, regarding Ásatrú, and blanket employ it wherein incarcerated Odinists/Wotanists and the practice of our faith, are in regards.
Mr. Murray further illustrates the differences between Ásatrú and Odinism on page 61, lines 12 -24 and page 62, lines 1 -- 5, of said transcripts.
By Mr. Murray's own estimate, there are ten thousand incarcerated Ásatrúar in Vinland. I, myself would put the number at closer to twenty thousand and to that which the majority are Odinist! I'd further estimate that there is less than half of that number in the free society of our nation and approximately a couple of hundred member’s total, comprising the whole of the Ásatrú Alliance. We at the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. have well over that amount alone, over 300 incarcerated certified members and ministering to thousands world wide via the internet! I'd nearly be tempted to venture that, that would make us more qualified to speak on whom is representing more of our religious folk. But I shall stay such claims, as that is not my agenda herein. I will however assert this, and rather boldly... that is that the incarcerated Northern Heathens (Odinists and Ásatrúar) certainly outweigh the free ones by far and large, and hence forth constitute our faith in the main as opposed to the free world adherents of our faiths. It too must then be asserted that the overwhelming consensus of the incarcerated adherents is representative of the perspectives regarding our faith, not that of the free world adherents, no matter how unsavory it may seen to them! It too then must stand, in any light of honest examin¬ation, that any clergy hired by any entity with the express mission and design to alter said faith so that it no longer resembles that of the general consensus' perspectives, are now pandering a version of a state sponsored religion as opposed to the faith such genuine adherents have devoted themselves to. Furthermore, thus constitutes a violation of prisoner’s constit¬utional rights. Particularly the First Amendment!
Next, I shall address what seems to all to be the elephant in the room which no one ever wants to talk about; though we must include it if we are to engage in any honest and open dialogue regarding Ásatrú and Odinism. Race. It is a reality regarding these faiths and it will not be denied simply because it is not politically correct.
The reality is that the overwhelming consensus of Ásatrúar and Odinists are in fact racially oriented in the same vein as Japanese Shinto, West African Yoruba, or even Native Americans. This fact is inescapable! RACISM!!! It has become the bogeyman buzzword surrounding the issue at hand and its accompanying agenda. But the reality is this, plain and clear; If race exclusion practices are achieved via a `non-violent' vehicle, then it is no more eligible to qualify as criteria for a Serious Threat Group (STG), or individuals thereof, than say the Jewish adherents on the yard, whose 18 volume Talmud expressly prohibits race/religion mixing. And under stiff penalty to the violators I might point out!
If someone, anyone, poses a legitimate penologicol threat, then they therefore constitute just that: A Legitimate Threat! Race is not a determining factor wherefore the qualifications of a genuine threat are determined. The circum¬stances surrounding the assessed threat are.
So long as one is respectful toward others and does not pose any honest physical threat to any other person, then one is no such threat. No matter his/her racial perspectives and beliefs. On the other hand, if one is advocating vulgar euphemisms and epitaphs, or worse, actual physical bodily violence. Well then, by all means thus would constitute a valid threat. No matter what their personal views on race may be!
When we broach the subject of can Odinists and Ásatrúar live with other races, or homosexuals, only the individual Odinist, or Ásatrúar is qualified to render such a determination in concert with the integrity of their own moral and conscientious code of conduct! Allfather Odin tells us in the Havamal Stanza 8; "Very difficult is it when a man lays claim to what's in another's heart." NO one but a man or woman themselves may make such a determination. Certainly Mr. Murray is not qualified to render such a determination on behalf of another any more than I could.
More pointedly, forced mix ceiling constitutes the potential for an 8th Amend¬ment violation at the hands of prison warders when the potential for violence is loudly obvious wherefore lack of compatibility is considered and disreg¬arded of warder's own volition! Such potential for violence is not merely possible in consideration of such factors. It is overwhelmingly probable! Thus constitutes a blatant 8th Amendment violation against cruel and unusual punishment wherefore prisoners whom are wards of the State/Government have a reasonable and constitutional expectation not to be deliberately placed in harm's way, or threat to life, or limb by their Warders whom have a respons¬ibility to provide reasonable protection for those they hold in custody. Wherefore this is weighed and considered, why would any warder seek to force such an issue except to deliberately incite the threat and probability for violence? This is neither an accusation nor allegation levied against any administration. It is merely pointing out the realities as they exist. The overseeing authority within the corrections industry in Vinland (USA) is by and large predominately Christian in morality. Therefore I posit that the Holy Bible loudly acclaims the Homosexuality is an abomination of man! So much so, that the Catholic Church remains inexorable in their position regarding thus. And most of the other mainstream Christian denominations find themselves in a perpetual state of hostile disagreement regarding the subject. In the Old Testament, Leviticus 19:19 states; "Ye shall not sow thy field with mixed seed." This alludes to a Biblical prohibition of race mixing! In the New Testament, in the book of Mathew, Jesus says; "I came not to abolish the law. I came to fulfill it!" Now, I am a Heathen, so these words bear no weight with me, theologically speaking as it were. The very weight of the concept for which they represent, however, I must whole heartedly concur with!
The 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution affords every American the right to the free exercise of their respective religions. This right is pointed out in1st Amendment arguments almost exclusively. On par with that is the 'Least restrictive means' clause of the RLUIPA of 2000. What must be pointed out here is the more obvious, albeit overlooked right to "Freedom of Association" and "Right to Peaceably Assemble" with those of like minded goals, for religious worship as has been affirmed time and again by the U.S. Supreme Court. Forced mix ceiling created a liberty interest wherefore the hardship of impingement upon one's religious rights occurs when one is deliberately housed with another whose own religion is not compatible with the first party's. This fact is made so by the concurrent fact that prisoners spend the majority of their time in their cells and therefore will practice the majority of the spiritual beliefs in said living quarters, shared with another.
The threat of punishment ever looms over those whom refuse to comply with the practice of forced mixed ceiling, no matter the validity of their religious and moral belief assertions.
Imagine if you will for a moment, the notion of a Christian being forced to share a cell with a Satanist. The probability for imminent violence is tantamount to a second battle twixt Michael the Archangel and Lucifer!
Ala Penitentiary.
The potential scenarios are as endless as the personalities are sorted within any prison environment.
Next there is the coercion of Mr. Murray's testimony as to whether, or not an Individual is sincere in his religious belief! By the words of Allfather Odin, this constitutes blasphemy! Once again, I direct your attention to Stanza eight of the Havamal. In light of Allfather's words, I find it rather queer that Mr. Murray would even entertain the notion that he, or any other among us, is qualified to speak of what resides within another's heart.
The fact is, that neither Valgard, myself, nor any other legally ordained clergyman/woman, is qualified to verify whom espouses a sincerity wherefore religious belief is concerned, and whom does not!
Next, there is the audacious assertion that no one would set aside time on a God's given day, to honor/worship him/her. This statement in court is just incredible. As I write this, this very moment (Odinsnacht) Wednesday night, I am observing my vow of perpetual silence on Odin's night from sunset to sunrise Thorstag as is warranted of all SONS OF ODIN, 1519 members. It is a moot issue as to what time of the day this occurs. That it occurs at all is a contradiction on Mr. Murray's behalf. He has known of the SONS OF ODIN, 1519 for well over ten years as has he received at least two of our profiles in that period, which clearly point out that during the Nine days and nights of Odin's Ordeal (August 17th -25th) we practice total silence for the entirety of those nine days and nights in addition to other rites as well. He also claimed his Rite of Sunna is something he does only twice per year and that he personally knows of no one whom would do it daily. That is rather odd once again as the Rite of Sunna most certainly infers and encourages the daily practice thereof beginning with the statement; "When you arise in the morning", and concludes with, "and you can go on your way solar powered".
Furthermore, when Mr. Murray stated that he personally did not know anyone that performed daily or weekly rituals on a God's given day, he was not being truthful at all. He had maintained a very close and personal relationship with Stephan McNallen of the Ásatrú Folk Assembly. Mr. McNallen has written in his manual (which used to be available from World. Tree), "Living Ásatrú", that every Wednesday (Woden's Day) he pours the better half of a bottle of beer into a bowl as an offering to Odin. This he does as a portion of his daily meditation and honoring of his God on his God's day!
The truth is that you shouldn't have to rely upon someone who is concerned with a job on the government's payroll more than he is about the vows he has oathed to serve the Gods and Folk without fail. I could illuminate the myriad of untruths Mr. Murray has posited. But I just don't see that constructively advancing our faith or any kind of meaningful understanding of our faith wherefore any Correctional Agencies are concerned. I decided to better invest the energy that went into this missive, in an endeavor to correct the falsehoods which Mr. Murray collected his money to advocate on behalf of the Corrections Agencies which employ him and make use of his services.
Mr. Murray speaks for and represents none save for those folk whom constitute the collective membership of the Ásatrú Alliance, and have placed their spiritual welfare in his care as their Allsherjargothi.
Just as I represent those whom comprise the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc. as they have placed their spiritual welfare in my custody. The HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc. constitutes over three hundred incarcerated Folk in Vinland (USA) and well over a thousand free world Folk world wide, including here in Vinland. I am a Doctor of Comparative Religion and Divinity, not a mathematician. But I do believe my ministry of over 1,300 combined contra his couple of hundred does indeed render me qualified to assert what I believe have been a fair presentation of the facts herein, regarding Ásatrú and Odinism/Wotanism.
In closing I wish to add just one parting comment regarding Mr. Murray's bitter sentiments toward both the ODINIC RITE and their DCG, Mr. Heimgest Holly... Both Heimgest and the OR have towed the line and stood the test of time wherefore standing by their original mission is concerned, where most others have capitulated to the rigors and attrition of political correctness! Both my self and the Administration and assembled Gothar (Clergy/Priesthood) of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc., salute Heimgest and the OR for their steadfastness as do we stand with them in Fraternal Solidarity!
Heil Allfather Odin and the Holy Æsir and Vanir in his venerable name. May your Hammers strike Trú! I remain in Frith and Fraternal Solidarity with thee Noble Folk of Vór Trú!!!