Saturday, October 6, 2007


Let us look at each other in the face. We are Hyperboreans!
Friedrich Nietzsche

The human body in its current state is hardly a fit vehicle for the forces of the vast and mighty mysteries of eternity. Man is ever becoming but very few are those who ever become in life’s all too fleeting physical experience. Our purpose on earth must be more than to merely exist as animals. Every human being born into the living world must at some point recognize that they have obligations to fulfill above their own personal existence. Both Man and the races of the world are equipped to transform the material world of gross matter to higher living standards and culture just as they are equipped to transcend it. There is plenty room on the planet for all the races to raise themselves and their own indigenous culture to the highest possible levels. Animals and insects even within the limits of their capacity and dimension follow the divine plan and nature’s law in perfect accordance while man with all his advantages cannot. Animals and insects do not mix their species, do not pollute the planet, torture one another or kill each other for personal gain or travel half way around the world to destroy someone else’s nation. Nor would they ever fill their bodies with mind altering substances or partake in such sick perversions that mankind is prone to. Today’s world is spiraling into chaos because man has turned his back on his Gods and divine inheritance, turned his back on nature and the will to be as a species which instills the essential building blocks that are the earmark of a healthy culture and society. Race is the foundation of all culture. A culture is the expression of an ideal and great ideals can change the world and known to have created golden ages in the course of history. Capitalist materialism and consumerism can never produce a culture or advance its people in fact it will ultimately ravage, pollute and destroy all human kind and the planet as well, the results of which we are witnessing now before our very eyes.

Culture is the key building block of a great race and civilization.

If there is nothing of the divine in man what is he after all, but a more intelligent animal? He hath no fault nor vice which some beast hath not; and therefore in his vices he is but a beast of a higher order ---Albert Pike

It is nothing short of amazing that mankind has existed this far. Throughout the many ages and eons nature has thrown every natural obstacle into the path of the human species short of colliding head on with a comet of which nothing could possibly survive. We know now that mankind coexisted with the dinosaurs and yet those huge incredibly strong creatures died off from a catastrophe they could not withstand while man still survived. Mans most formidable enemy has always been himself which can largely be attributed to his ignorance mixed with just enough intelligence which makes him dangerous and prone to kill, torture and destroy that which he does not and perhaps will not ever understand unless he can improve upon himself as a species.

We live in a highly technological and conveniently automated age which fools one into believing they have advanced but when it comes to viewing the progress of man himself there is every indication that we are devolving instead of evolving. The greatest human beings to have walked the earth are found to have existed far more abundantly in ancient times than in the present.

The further one goes back into history the quality level goes up, not down. Most of the leaders of ancient times were the real article and there were many. Some were so much in advance of the average man they were thought to possess divine blood. Today’s leaders are a complete joke and the joke is on us as we ride humanities sinking ship into oblivion with no qualified captain at the helm. Democracy does not leave room for real leaders to come forth. A democracy will only ever bring forth a misleadership of weak hollow men who have no integrity, vision or genius. A democracy turns out politicians which are about as effective to world progress as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. A politician is a strange mixture of both a prostitute and high powered salesman who will say or do anything to please the masses in his effort to reach the top of the political heap and gain public favor.
If higher intelligences were to visit planet earth and said, "Take me to your leader!", and we showed them George W. Bush, the virtual living clone of Alfred E. Newman, it is a sure bet the aliens would laugh themselves into uncontrollable hysterics. No doubt the aliens would be quick to conclude that if America is supposed to be the mightiest nation on the planet and this bozo is their leader then the people themselves must be even more stupid and thus very dangerous, they had best get the hell out of here and fast!

The great god archetypes of the past were solar deities. The right eye of the Egyptian god Ra and also Horus represented the sun. Amon Ra also is known to have had a counterpart, Mon, who represented the designation for the hidden sun, known throughout initiated worlds as the Black Sun. Unbeknownst to Christians, when they end a prayer with "Amen" that is in fact a blessing to both gods Ra and Mon from which it originated. Mon is the secret name for the hidden god. Mon is the ruler of the unseen process of life, both positive and negative. Ra represents our sun and life as we know it and Mon the hidden sun and that of which man remains ignorant. The word Amon Ra really says it all which is no doubt why it still remains the most popular way to end a prayer.

Here on Earth (Midgard), the sun remains the fore most symbol of life because without it there is no life. The eye of the Teutonic god Wotan also represented the sun, his left eye the moon. We view god through our god archetypes but as our archetypes demonstrate, they too are fallible and therefore not the God Absolute but only high divinities in the eye of man. They serve as our immediate and respected guides because though far advanced to man they are akin to us in appearance and nature and share many of our own emotions and we can understand them. The all high god of the extended universe is always an enigma inconceivable to man. As Man must always have an image to focus upon to define the godhead and since no man knows the face of god, the Sun as giver of all life would become the most favored symbol for many thousands of years. The sun is male, the earth female. The sun impregnates and fertilizes the female earth with its life giving rays and Mother Earth nurtures and bears out her fruit, not all so different from the generation process between a man and a woman.

The sun dominates our world, but behind the sun is an even greater sun known as the Black Sun. The Black Sun is thought to be the very center of the extended universe, the zero point of all that is. As the moon and earth revolve around the sun, so does our entire solar system orbit the Black Sun. The sun behind the sun is referred to as the Black Sun. Black represents the void of creation from which all things are derived. Black has always been used in religious practice and considered an ideal color for ceremonial garb as it represents the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

In the Mithriac cult of the Light of a Lone Star,
which announces the Black Sun, which lies
behind the Golden Sun; and the Green Ray which
is behind the Black Sun.
- Miguel Serrano -

The Black Sun is the star Sirius which was long thought to be the brightest and most powerful of stars. Sirius is actually two stars, the gigantic Sirius A, and the much smaller Sirius B. We know now that there exists an even larger star Alcyone, which has eighty-three times the brilliance of Sirius and one thousand times greater than the brilliance of our own sun. As the moon reflects the sun so does the sun reflect Sirius. Since far distant times Sirius was believed to be the very cradle of all life throughout the extended universe. Sirius was known as the dog star. Dog of course is god spelled backwards which may be more than just mere coincidence as we continue to unravel the mystery of The Black Sun.

The great leap will be taken in the Iceland’s, at the "point of exit" towards the star of origin.
The dog leads the way (The Dog of the Goths; the dog of god). Northwards as well as Southwards.....................Miguel Serrano

The ancient Aryan high priests of Egypt had a very keen interest in the Dog Star Sirius The dog headed god "Anubis" is believed to be reprehensive of the star Sirius. In the book titled "The Sirius Mystery", by Robert Temple, the author points out a very significant connection between the Dog Star Sirius and the sphinx. First it must be pointed out that the sphinx is the oldest existing sculpture on the planet and far predates the very oldest of Egyptian pyramids Egypt itself is older than history books would have you believe and coexisted with Atlantis. Egyptian papyrus and hieroglyphs have been discovered that illustrate land and sea battles between Egyptians and Atlanteans. In fact Atlanteans were in the process of a major battle with Egypt at the time the Atlantic Ocean was struck by an asteroid which sank the entire civilization. Temple suggests that the Egyptian civilization cannot be less than 25,000 years old. The civilization of Troy would have been in its glory during the destruction of Atlantis.
The first day of the Egyptian year marks the rising of Sirius. The goddess Isis was known as the goddess of the star Sothis (Sirius) and Isis was often depicted riding a dog, underlining her association with the Dog Star Sirius. The star Sirius was traditionally called the "HOME OF THE SOUL OF ISIS". The familiar guide of Isis was the dog headed god Anubis. Sumerian texts make it very clear that there was an affinity between Thoth (Hermes) and the Dog Star Sirius as well.

What Robert Temple has to say about the sphinx counters all popular theories that the body of the sphinx is that of a lion but quite the contrary as he makes clear with simple logic: "It is often said that the Egyptian sphinx is a large statue of a lion and head of a man. I can see no reason for this. People said with as much confidence a hundred years ago that the sphinx was a large man's head sticking out of the sand. Now that it has been cleared and we can see that the head is attached to the body of an animal, everyone assumes that the body is a lion’s body. There is no mane. There are no prominent muscles in the chest above the front legs as are often shown in statues of lions. The tail does not have the tuft at the end which lions have, and which statues of lions also have. But most telling of all, the rear haunches do not rise up above the level of the back, bulging and prominent. The back of the sphinx's body is straight. But if you look at an Egyptian hieroglyph of the letter 'r' you see a lions crouching body in profile and realize that lions were portrayed in Egypt with huge rear haunches rising well above the line of the back. We all say the sphinx is a lion because we have been told it is a lion. We see with the eyes of the unknown and anonymous people who 'say' it is a lion. We have all accepted secondhand information without checking its validity. If the sphinx's body is not a lion's body, what kind of body is it? It looks more like a dog’s body! Representatives of the god Anubis, who was portrayed as a canine."

Robert Temples studies further lead him to believe that the original head of the sphinx was not a human head as it is now but originally that of a dog. We can all observe how the existing head of the sphinx is disproportionately small. There have been many suggestions by those who have made a thorough study of the sphinx that the head at some point in time had been re-carved, perhaps as Temple suggests by a megalomaniac Pharaoh in his own likeness. It may well have been re-carved as Temple also points out as that of Anubis. It makes perfect sense that the original sphinx was the sculpture of the Anubis dog looming large over the Egyptian civilization as a guardian sentinel. And it makes as much sense that it served as a symbol of the Black Sun representing the very cradle of life in the universe. We may come to find in the not too distant future that the Aryan Atlanteans and their cousins the Egyptians did in fact migrate to this planet in far distant times from the Dog Star regions of space. It is also interesting to note that all the pyramids in Egypt including the sphinx are fixed to the alignment of the Black Sun.

In National Socialist Germany there was a secret society known as the "Order of the Black Sun" who were attempting to retrieve the Holy Grail, known to be in actuality the emerald tablets of Hermes (Thoth) which therein contain all of Aryan knowledge and origins of mankind. With access to the Grail they believed they could work at balancing the forces of Good and Evil and create a trans-dimensional consciousness. The Order of the Black Sun was actually a secret society within the Thule Society created in 1918. Thule is the name of the capitol city of Hyperborea and long thought to be the first cradle of Aryan civilization. Even the great god Apollo was known to have hailed from Hyperborea before migrating south to found his Temple at Delphi. Pythagoras was taught the sacred geometry from Apollo as legend has it. In Pythagorean teachings, the Earth itself geometrically unfolds from a void in the center; this void has been recognized by many ancient groups, including the Sumerians, as The Black Sun.

Another secret society of the Black Sun was known as the Vril Society who are of a strong belief that the Aryan Race was the actual biological descendants from the Black Sun. For most they conclude that there is an infinite beam of light that radiates from the Black Sun invisible to the human eye which many mystics assure is real, and is also referred to as the Godheads Inner Light. This life force known as "Vril Energy" was said to be derived from the Black Sun, a big ball of "Prima Materia" which supposedly exists in the center of the Earth, giving light to the Vril-ya and putting out radiation in the form of Vril. The Force of Vril was found under many names by the ancients such as: Chi, Ojas, Vril, Astral Light, Odin or Odic forces and Orgone.

The secret societies conclude that the Vril force could create super human powers, the formidable mutation in the elect of the human race, The "Superman". Anyone who has seen the NS German promotional film, "Triumph of the Will" and listened and watched Germanys Fuhrer deliver his speeches can only wonder if Adolf Hitler himself posessed the Vril Energy of which he was very well aware of. Hitler once made a comment to one of his aids and it was clear that he was not talking about his own army when he said, "I have seen the Superman and he scares me."

Albert Pike the Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Masonry once stated: "There is in nature one most potent force, by means where a single man, who could possess himself of it and should know how to direct it, could revolutionize and change the face of the world".
The branch of the National Socialist German army known as the "SS" was given that name traditionally referring to a special guard attachment known as the "Schutzstaffel". In actual fact, the "SS" secretly stood for "Schwarze Sonne", which in German means "Black Sun". The
Black Sun symbol of the "SS" consisted of three swastikas in a wheel formation within a double circle forming twelve jagged sun rays and was the design inlaid in the floor at Wewelsburg Castle, headquarters of the "SS". The design had been derived from an ancient Aryan emblem that represented the Round Table of Authurian legend.

Hyperborea as a word literally means "beyond the poles". Although thought to have been at

one time a Physical civilization here on earth with Thule as its capitol city, most secret societies view it as not of this dimension as the name itself implies. Thule is thought to be a gateway or portal to another world outside of our own earthly dimension.

In Pythagorean teachings the earth unfolds from a void in the center. This void has been recognized by many ancient groups, including the Sumerians, as The Black Sun. Thule in this sense is synonymous with the Black Sun. It has been handed down that the time of Hyperborea was a time when the gods walked among men. The man of Hyperborea is described in the "Book of Henoch" (chapters CVI-CVII), "His flesh was as white as snow and red as the rose petal; and the hair on his head and scalp were white as wool; and his eyes were beautiful." In Thule, lived "the scientists, high priests and the twelve members of the Supreme Rite."

The name Arthur of the King Arthur legend is derived from Arcturus or Arktos. Arktos literally means 'bear' and because Ursa Major (the constellation of the Bear which includes the Big Dipper) is in the northern sky, it also signifies that direction. 'Bear' derives from 'Bor' (father of Wotan) which is where the words Hyperborea or borealis derive. The word Arcturus itself means "bear guard". It represents the "watch over the poles", which pertains to vigilance over the morphogenetic grid. From the book "The Legend of Altazar".

The sun that we see in the sky above us is but that reflection from the waters of time. It is our beacon to aspire to. But beyond our sun, moon, or this world itself is the sun glowing ever brighter, waiting for our return. Until that moment, follow the golden path through the ripples, it shall lead us home.