Monday, March 26, 2007

“Fact vs. Fiction in the 21st Century”

By Dr. Casper Odinson CröwellVinland Folk Patriot

It seems that the more we evolve as humanity, the further we stray from the realities whence we originated. For instance, in the past fifty years alone, we, as a technologically advanced civilized society in the west (which sets the social climate for the greater majority of the earths civilized popu­lations), have produced an endless plethora of so-called legitimate historians whom in turn, promote an erroneous picture of many facets of the histories of man. Whether, or not they are in pursuit of some prestigious award and their assured place in the annals of history is of moot regard. For the damage they wrought with their "professional and expert" opinions becomes, more oft than not, the very catalyst for a society of peoples' tone and attitude thereafter, regarding any subject of study such experts pander in their lectures and writings. And yet, most of them know fully that the very curriculum which they promote is in fact either partially, or fully fictitious. So then, why would a so called lover of the histories of man deliberately advocate falsities and even blatant lies? Agenda is the simple answer. Perhaps the professional teacher so loves to teach that he/she is willing to forfeit their very integrity by promoting an understandably false history as mandated by the institution by whom they are employed, and thereby procuring and securing a comfortable and permanent place upon said instit­ution's faculty as a reward for lowering their standards.

In other instances, the realities are much more grim and criminal. Take the instance of those whom are charged with the very duty of re-writing the histories of man in a dual attempt to 1) eradicate the genuine glories of a race's (Aryan / Indo-European) world conquests and advances spanning the ages past, and 2) by effectively implementing thus, they may control with a greater degree of ease, the very direction humanity is most likely to venture forth in the future.

In the 21st century, the western world's societies have assumed such an egregious politically correct tone, that for the majority of people in the main, they dare not speak out against that which is deemed politically correct even if they feel strongly against it. This malady occurs for the most part because no one desires to be ostracized, or reap the ill rewards of swimming against the current of political correctness.

And just who establishes and adjusts the climate of what is and what is not politically correct? The media does, just as it dictates, to a greater degree, the fads and fashions, et al, in concert with western civilized culture today.

Needless to say, and so I shant, it is painfully obvious to any adult in command of the average faculty of intellect, just who owns and operates the media in its entirety. It is not a defamatory or pernicious allegation levied at the International Zionist Jew, which Henry Ford once warned us about, or which their own Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion blatantly and proudly announce for all to see. It is an inexorable fact! Just consider for a moment, if you will indulge me and afford me a bit of latitude, the very cleverness of a well perpetrated Zionist plan, two pronged like a serpent's tongue, guilt, on the one side and custom and use on the other. What I am referring to is the vulgar lie that Judaism is somehow a race of people. It most certainly is not! Judaism is a religion, a theology and a philosophy, and naught more. The Muslim is not a race, nor the Christian. Never the less, via the vehicle of custom and use, most people's awareness is lacking. They have no idea that they have even been de-sensitized and brainwashed through custom and use, into believing that there is truly a Jewish race. The second prong is guilt. Via the vehicle of guilt over the supposed Holocaust, many Caucasoid people have suffered an immense sense of guilt. In fact, until recently, most Germans would not refer to them-selves as Germans, but rather as Europeans. What a genuine shame this is to consider that these very people are descended from the very same folk that once sent the mighty Roman Empire packing! And yet, they have been beguiled by a long term Zionist plan of destruction. Many of these despon­dent Aryans, consumed by guilt for a crime that never was, themselves converted to Judaism, washing their hands of this imagined blood and thereby renouncing their own true blood and assuring their descendants their place among God's chosen people. Why, most of these so called Jews never even attend Synagogue and services. So then, how are they a Jew at all? They are not! An Aryan is an Aryan. An Oriental is an Oriental. And an African is an African. Thus constitutes the three primary races of Homo Sapiens. Hominid Caucasoid, Hominid Africas and Hominid Orientalis. All other races are Mongoloid hybrids of these three races. This is not bigotry, it is science. It is not racism, it is DNA and Anthropology. Politically correct, or not! Facts do not cease to exist merely because we do not care for the way realities which they present are received by the masses, or the majority of a well duped society. That said, the fact is that most Jews are not Jews at all. They are either Aryans (Caucasoid), or Khazars, whose Emperors converted to Judaism circa the eighth century. The Khazar were trans-Caucasiatic peoples of mongoloid distinction whom populated the Southern Russian geography. Either way, both peoples converted throughout history either with some form of gain in mind, or just being victims of a well designed Zionist plan being even better executed right up to the 21st century!

The point of this study is not an attack against any religious stripe of theology, but rather an exposure of long known realities which have somehow become lost upon the non-inquiring, albeit otherwise intelligent minds of western civilized people. If free thinkers we would be, then facts we must unearth, examine and promote, whether they are politically correct, or not. This requires us to assume the nature of a Salmon. We must learn to swim up stream and against the current!

In any research we endeavor to undertake, we must employ the facts as they exist and without misplaced guilt and remorse. We must consider who authored the works in question, what is their personal or political agenda and what is their likely motive for composing such bodies of work? What credentials do they possess on behalf of the agenda which they are seeking to promote? Who is contradicting what they have posited, and why? All of these queries must be taken into account and afforded full consideration wherefore they are usually just whitewashed over by the media and its myriad of agents. When we can learn to educate ourselves and arm ourselves with the facts upon which such realities are predicated, then our arguments become persuasive and hard to dismiss in the forum of reasonable intelligence. When we learn to remain in command of our emotions while coming under direct fire of rapid and emotional lines of questioning, we instead, discredit the true racists and bigots whom would have the entire world believe that we are naught more than some Aryan Bogymen!

Friedrich Nietzsche once penned; "Independence is a privilege reserved for the strong". Well, I submit that there is nothing strong about a people who fail to arm themselves with the facts in any campaign of intellect, for they are destined not for the mantle of greatness once dawned by their mighty ancestors, but rather, they are headed for thralldom and ultimately, extin­ction for their lack of vigor in their campaigns toward survival, and their loathsome embracing of lethargy and complacency!

Seize the day my brothers and sisters, seize the day...

It begins with separating fact from fiction in the 21st century.

“One is punished most for one's virtues.” -- Friedrich Nietzsche


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

To the Justices of the United States Supreme Court

March 25, 2007 CE

1 First Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20543

The Constitution of the United States of America (4, March 1789):

FIRST AMENDMENT: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. (1791)

Though I very sincerely doubt that any of you will peruse this missive, I am compelled to compose it never the less, at the instigation of my own conscience.

You have been charged with the paramount duty to interpret the laws of the land as they concern the rights and protections so afforded each and every citizen of these United States, and thereafter, rule upon matters in concert with the supreme laws of this nation whereby said rulings will effect each and every man, woman and child who bears the title of U.S. Citizen. In fact, upon further consideration, it must be asserted that the sacred duty of sitting on the most exalted bench of our legal system may not be so easily discounted as a mere duty, as it were. Nay, it is a supreme privilege and honor, second only to, yet just as equal, the Presidency of the United States of America! And yet, you fail daily, millions of citizens whom have been deemed "Undesirables" by virtue of being incarcerated in the Black Hole of the American Corrections Industry.

Just as valid is the reality that you fail millions of hard working, tax paying citizens, (many whom are Honorably Discharged Veterans), wherefore "Equality" is A pals. But I'll get back to that. It is neither my intention, nor the mission of this communiqué to either insult your bench, or individ­ual characters. You do enough toward such ends on your own.

The reality is that while the framers of our Constitution had committed to parchment, in the script of new English, exactly what they had intended, it has since then been re-interpreted time and again by your very own predecessors, whom in my opinion, would have been deemed as traitors by the very architects of the famed Charta which is world renown and affords us the protections of civility which we allegedly enjoy as citizens! Fact is, our fore fathers most likely would have hung many of your predec­essors from the highest branches of the Liberty Tree, for treason, for trifl­ing with the very noble laws which they secured and then passed onto us in pursuit of life, liberty and the American dream.

Let us examine the 1st Amendment alone: 1) Congress shall make NO law resp­ecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Perhaps no law has been committed to any legal tome, per sé, albeit, the society in which reside is rampant with signs all about us which we affirm the reality which loudly infers that Fundamental Christianity is indeed the unofficial state sponsored religion of the U.S…
1)"Shall not prohibit the free exercise thereof". What?!! Apparently none of you have ever toured any of this nation's Gulags! Where religious rights are non existent, save for those inmates whom adhere to one of the three Abrahamic faiths. Never mind the fact that the Religious Land Use And Insti­tutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) of 2000 mandates that in order for any agency to receive Federal funds, they must afford religious accommodations to those whom seek them, and with the least restrictive means at that. That is the Supreme law as decided and upheld by your own bench. And yet, the overwhelm­ing majority of state and federal correctional administrations maliciously disregard both the spirit and the letter of the law, while they continue to file for and receive federal funds. This is tantamount to embezzlement free from penalty. A crime I would go to prison for, for a number of years!

2) "…or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press." Once more, this is another right which has been infringed upon and in the instance of most incarcerated citizens, completely eradicated under the fraudulent guise of 'Legitimate Penological Interest in the name of safety and security of the institutions and those incarcerated within them". This is a blanket tactic which requires no merit what so ever in order for authorities to deprive citizens of their Constitutional rights, where no danger exists at all. As for free speech in a public place, well, that requires a permit, lest one desires to accrue stiff financial penalties and risk their liberty with jail, or prison.

3) "…the right of the people peaceably to assemble". We've all seen the evening news casts which show the entire world our new interpretation of the right to peaceably assemble... Every time King George W. Bush, speaks somewhere, any crowd of peaceful protestors are kept blocks (plural!) away from the location of the would be King of America.

4) "…and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Excuse me your Honors, but could just one of the nine of you, without a smile upon your faces, explain where this right exists, once one has fully considered the sobering realities?

Let's conduct an honest examination of the realities as they exist, shall we? The average citizen is illiterate wherefore Jurisprudence is A pais, ergo necessitating the services of an attorney at law to assist them in this so called access to the courts in order to exercise the right to redress. An attorney, as many know, will cost on an average anywhere from say, $30,000 to upwards of $200,000, depending upon the nature and time requirements of the circumstances surrounding the matter of litigation. Now, with the over­whelming portion of the citizenship within the private sector of our society incurring some form of debt beyond their annual means in concert with medical bills, prescription costs, student loans, mortgages and second mortgages, the rising cost of living (inflation on a continuum}, tax increases, credit card interest rates and penalties which should by any good standard of law, approach shuylock/loanshark status, etc., etc., etc.. Tell me, please, just where is one in such a precarious state of hopelessness supposed to procure the $30,000 to $200,000 required to secure an attorney so that they may access the courts and exercise their Constitutional right to redress of their grievances?

As for those incarcerated citizens, “Forget about it!" The "Prisoner's Liti­gation" abilities have been stymied by the 'Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1996 (PLRA)', which has rendered it highly improbable and nearly impossible to access the courts without the money to afford an attorney. And for the jail house lawyers that manage to get into the courts, it assumes an age old; "David vs. Goliath", status Ab Initio inasmuch as a lone prisoner is but that; One man/woman alone and facing an entire legal system whom has condemned them to fail and charges the District Attorney, or Attorney Gen­eral's office with the duty to see that the prisoner fails. It becomes the one against an entire staff of attorneys, paralegals, investigators and researchers, with and endless war chest full of funds and liaisons with long time established experts. In light of any honest deference afforded to the above posited realities, one must conclude that no such redress exists for the incarcerated citizen!

Now prior to my conclusion of this, rhetorical letter of inquiry to you, I'd like to inquire after a rather curious line at the ladder portion of the 14th Amendment, which states; "nor deny to ANY person within its juris­diction the EQUAL protection of the laws."

Your Honors, perhaps you could enlighten me, just where does this equality exist when it comes to European-Americans (Native Europeans}, what with The United Negro College Fund, the celebration of African-American Heritage month, the NAACP Image Awards, the Latin Grammy Awards, the Alma awards, La Raza, every ethnic heritage and culture club except European, on public school campus' and University Campus', Federal funding to support and encourage all of these activities for every color of people in the rainbow. Come to think of it, there is no color white in a rainbow! Tell me why even within the Federal Bureau of Prisons and all State Prison systems, there are ethnic guard unions for all but white guards. They are illegal! The same goes for union factory workers across the nation. Why is it that when white folk seek to peaceably assemble, or secure the same exact privileges as all other folks of color, we are racists and bigots? But they are all advocates and community heroes! Where does the U.S. Constitution protect the Aryan within the borders of America? Most of you are of European racial stock. Perhaps you would be well served by paying closer attention to many of the University employed Latin Professors whom preach that you return to Europe, whether you have ever been there before, or not. Because one way, or another, they will own all of your jobs on that bench one day when the Mexican flag flies above the Capitol in Washington, D.C.. Their words, not mine!

I am no bigot, in fact, I support all peoples right to edify their respective folks in an effort of creating stronger ethnic communities that will flourish. Just not at the expense of my folk! That is not bigotry; it is biological instinct in addition to nature's decree. I am all for diversity, your Honors. But genuine diversity requires independent and individual and unique races of people and their respective heritage and cultures attached thereto. The push for a mono-culture equals the sad destruction of true diversity. In fact, universalism demands the annihilation of any and all diversity.

Well, I've said enough for now, so I'll stay my further points of view at this juncture. Do not dismiss my tone as disrespectful, for it is not intended to be thus. In fact, I have nothing but respect for myself and my folk, in addition to my respect for any other folks who respect their own. I too would like to be able o respect the highest court in the land. Alas, I cannot respect myself if I conscience and respect you at the same time when you are facilitating the demise of my race with your deity like rulings which merely mock the script you avowed to protect (the Constitution) and the very authors of a once noble ideal!

May the Gods reward you accordingly to your endeavors, for weal, or woe.

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell
The Honorable Allsherjargothi

Saturday, March 24, 2007



We, the men and women of the Aryan Tribes, being of sound minds and souls, thus constitute the ranks of volunteers collectively known as VINLAND FOLK PATRIOTS (VFP's).

Our mission goal is to awake our race to the detrimental and ultimately catastrophic reality of racial extinction which we face if we fail as a people to alter the way in which we view this paramount issue as it pertains to us! Our intention is to promote awareness and pan-Aryan Tribalism and solidarity among our dwindling people.

Aryan men and women who refuse to abandon racial pride, responsibility and accountability for our own welfare and survival are labeled as racists and bigots by the genuine bigots whose own agenda is the decimation of the white race, and our adversaries are numerous indeed.

In Vinland (North America: U.S.A. & Canada), the U.S. Government promotes the destruction of our race via the vehicle of "Passive Genocide". Passive Genocide is a covert program as opposed to an overt one, albeit it is highly visible all the same once one knows what to look for.

For example, every ethnic group in Vinland has a heritage week, or month, parades, T.V. and radio programs, etc., except for the Aryan/White Race!

FACT: The U.S. Federal Government has numerous programs which federally fund ethnic programs of heritage pride on all fronts except for whites! When whites refuse to celebrate other races' heritages and accomplishments, we are called bigots and racists. When whites apply for white pride and heritage oriented programs on parity with all others, we are called racists and bigots! Whites are taught to be ashamed of who they are and whence they have come while all other races are encouraged to exhibit their racial pride openly and are even offered Federal funds as a reward to do so. They are assigned Federal employees to assist them in setting up shop. The only Federal employees I've seen assigned to any racially proud Aryans in the 20th and 21st centuries were those whom assassinated Robert J. Mathews, Gordon Kahl, Vicki and Sammy Weaver, Kathy Ainsworth, George Lincoln Rockwell, etc., etc., etc.!

FACT: Less than 8% of the entire world's population is now white. This knowledge alone should be alarming news to any white man, or woman.

On October 16, 2006 current era (CE), the NBC Evening News reported that on 10/17/06 CE at approximately 7:00 AM, the U.S. population in Vinland would reach 300,000,000 and that the child born would NOT be white! The Anchor man (Brian Williams, I believe it was), went on to say that in 1967 when we as a nation had reached 200,000,000, the racial make up in Vinland (U.S.) was 76% white, but today just 50% of the population is white. What once was a population of Irish, German and Italian immigrant's descendants has been supplanted by African, Asian and the fastest growing portion of the new America, Hispanics (his words, not mine).

One may readily and easily ascertain this reality which is often dismissed by the Rainbow Coalition types as white paranoia. It clearly is not! Though - it is truly frightening. I am 44 years old, which means that in my own lifetime thus far; the white race has suffered a devastating reduction of over 25% in Vinland, and over 13% world wide!

Take a moment to fully digest this alarming information. And I do implore you; do not take my word for it. Research this readily available information for yourselves. This is neither ranting, nor rhetoric... It is reality.

How we got to this point is certainly important, though not nearly as important as how we now cease any further reduction of our race, stabilize our existence and begin to once more promote growth among our race. Resistance and solidarity are the essentials in concert with breeding much more vigorously.

500 years prior to the fraudulent hero Christopher Columbus, Leif Eiriksson not only deliberately landed upon North American shores; he named the land "Vinland". I assert that Columbus was a fraud for several reasons: He was essentially forced to flee Spain, or go to jail. Due to his illicit affair with the Queen of Spain, he received three ships, men and provisions from the King whom had warned him not to return without proof that the world was not flat and that this 'New World' he spoke of indeed existed. Columbus was a destitute vagrant whom merely enjoyed the Queen's favor. When he did in fact sight the Americas it was Hispaniola (today's Haiti & Dominican Republic) (December 5, 1492 CE).

He left some of his men there to establish a colony in the name of the King and Queen of Spain. He then returned to Spain for more provisions and to announce to all that he had indeed discovered the new world! However, when Columbus had sought to return to the local where he had left his men, the fraudulent navigator could not locate the land which he had initially anchored off of and instead, he found Puerto Rico in October of 1493. Columbus has never set foot upon North America!

On the other hand, Leif Eiriksson had deliberately set out for the North American continent after his discussion with Thorfinn Karlseffni, who had sighted the continent some years earlier himself when he and his Skeppslag (ON Ship's Crew) had veered off course on their way to the Greenland Settlements of Eirik the Red. Leif and his crews had made landfall in North America circa 999 CE, over 500 years prior to Columbus' bumbling find to the south of North America. Ergo while Eiriksson's discovery was in fact legitimate, Columbus' was not.

There is copious evidence today of Aryan Europeans having been in North America hundreds of years prior to Eiriksson. Perhaps, even thousands of years!

We call ourselves "Vinland Folk Patriots", because "Vinland" is in fact a Nordic name/word whereas "America" is not. America is named for and after the Italian navigator, Amerigo Vespucci (1454 - 1512 CE) and is therefore a name/word of Latin origin.

Vinland is the name our Nordic-Aryan Ancestors gave to this land and it too is the name by which we call it with great affection and respect for those hearty and stalwart Ancestors. We are Patriots of our Aryan Folk and this land, our Odal/Othal land, which our Ancestors found and centuries later established and built upon. We have no allegiance to the U.S. Government as they have only their own financial interest in mind. We do have an allegiance to our Aryan Folk world wide (O.R.I.O.N. = Our Race Is Our Nation), the philosophy of "The 14 Words" (We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children), and to the Folk /Odal Land of Vinland, hence the Vinland Folk Patriot (VFP) and Vinland Folk Resistance (VFR) monikers.

We resist and defy the Government sponsored program of 'Passive Genocide' of the White Race, and we seek to incite a revolution in thought to first awaken the lethargic and complacent minds of our people and then educate those minds towards the welfare, existence and survival of our race and thereafter, the advancement of our folk.

We do not promote hatred, or gratuitous violence against anyone and we do respect others rights to pursue the same agenda for their own respective folk such as we are seeking on behalf of our own folk. For we understand all too well that an enemy may not be determined by one's race, creed, or color, but rather by one's agenda.

Therefore, we stand guard against our enemies and we do so as a duty in the defense of our Aryan Folk without remorse, regret, or apology. Wherever violence is employed against our folk, we shall meet that violence with even greater violence in an effort to discourage any other prospective offenders. Our philosophy is simple and blunt; "If you trespass against us, we shall seek to destroy the potential for any further threat to the welfare of our Folk!"

In the months ahead we will expand our content and provide comprehensive articles supported with facts and statistics so that one may educate one's self and better defend the welfare of one's family and folk.

We invite genuine and honorable Aryan men and women to join our ranks as VFP's and join the Vinland Folk Resistance. The Survival of our folk is not an option! Pan-Aryan solidarity is the only solution. Leave personal religious and political views out of the mix for the time being and fight without remorse for the prize... "White Racial Survival!"

Respect others who respect us.

Represent our reality and our message in an intelligent fashion.

And in no way or fashion should we apologize for our pride in who we are, or our will to survive.

In racial and fraternal solidarity,

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, VFP
14/88 O.R.I.O.N.