Friday, June 8, 2007

David Lane Eulogy, by Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell

Dateline June 1, 2007 CE

Only this afternoon my wife Linda had informed me that our kinsman Ron McVan had contacted her to inform her that David Lane had passed away earlier this week on Memorial Day.
How David passed is not nearly as important as how he lived or the severe consequences he had incurred in concert with his noble convictions and principles. More so, with Dave’s passing both the Aryan folk and Odinist/Wotanist faith have lost a champion. The battalions of Zionists and their misinformed sympathizers are most assuredly overjoyed at our faith and folk community’s great loss. Albeit, one hundred perhaps two hundred years from now, history will be rewritten to reflect the reality of the role genuine Patriotism played in the late 20th century Vinland (USA) where European folk, heritage and cultures were to come under siege and remain so today.
And where such history shall be chronicled, the name of David Lane will appear upon the Patriot’s Roll of Honor.
David Lane was born in Woden, Iowa, Vinland on Wednesday – (Odins day), November 2, 1938 CE and he was a life long folk patriot; Whom on many occasions disregarded his own comfort and personal safety in service to that which he most loved and remained stalwartly committed to; “His Folk”. Dave now leaves us to join Allfather Odin and the myriad of heroes whom await him in Valhalla.
The piper’s song is mournful, as it wends its way across our Odal lands, and I fear that many “Armchair Patriots” will seek to capitalize off his honorable name and memory. The deluge of poetry, essays and songs will now begin, and were they are proffered by the legitimate Folk Patriots, such fame of sound praise is always appropriate. But where the Aryan man or woman lacks even the desire to abhor the many maladies which plague our Race, all the while singing the praise of Dave, an even a greater disservice our foes could not afford his valiant memory.
For Dave, just as all true Folk Patriots, despised the Aryan man or woman in name only; those who refuse to acknowledge the damage that drugs, vice, prison politics and fratricidal behaviors destroys our people with. It was David Lane that gave us the 14 words, “We must secure the existence of our people and the future for white children”.
As surely as we honor the memory of this kinsmen, who now joins the ranks of our honored ancestors, others will come to fill our ranks where the fallen once stood. The only question that remains is this, “Will those who come along honor or deface the memory of David Lane with their actions?”

Cattle die; Kinsman die
and so each one must die;
One thing I know shall never die,
the deeds of a good man.
– Hávamál - 77

David Lane was 68. We shall miss him sorely. But we shall never forget him, or his selfless and tireless efforts. Fara meth Odin, Dave!
On behalf of all Sons of Odin, 1519, Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. faculty and the Vinland Folk Resistance

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG
Allsherjargothi, Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. and Sons of Odin, 1519
Vinland Folk Patriot for the 14 Words

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

David Lane Eulogy, by John W. Gerhardt

"Cattle die; kinsmen die; you must likewise die; but the voice of honor never dies for him who has earned a good name." - Havamal
"Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers. Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me, they bid me take my place amongst them, in the Halls of Valhalla, where the Brave, they live forever!"
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." -- David Lane

David Lane 11/2/38 - 5/28/07

Legends Live Forever

Remembering David Lane

We must ever remember David Lane, his 14 Words, and what he stood for. His life is an example of courage, honor and commitment we would all do well to emulate.
So many proclaim the 14 Words. "14" has even become a greeting and a salute. Reflect where and when David Lane first spoke the 14 Words. These inspirational words were first uttered by David Lane during his final address to the court at the conclusion of the infamous 1988 Ft Smith "Sedition" Trial. David Lane first proclaimed the 14 Words, destined to become a guiding principle and noble cause for many, while he was a political prisoner already sentenced to 190 years and threatened with even more time in addition to a cruel sentence spanning several life times. David Lane was to remain a political prisoner , a POW, one of our more renown, ever defiant to a growing tyranny determined to subjugate if not destroy our Eurofolk people, until he crossed Bifrost to leave Midgard and to be welcomed by the venerable of Valhalla.
During those long years of imprisonment, there were periods during which David Lane, and the other Order POW's, were forgotten or neglected by all but a few. As with almost all of our political prisoners, outside support waxed and waned in ever revolving cycles. As with almost all of our political prisoners, there always seemed to be those shallow individuals who feign to be pro-Eurofolk while backbiting and defaming him. If you seriously, genuinely, wish to remember and to honor David Lane, in a way he would appreciate because it will be in a way which will really matter, remember and support our political prisoners. If you really want to honor the memory of David Lane, never again allow anyone who claims to be pro-Eurofolk to go unchecked if they slander or undermine support for any of our political prisoners. Be silent no more about the attempted come back in the pro-Eurofolk cause of any of the traitors who testified against David Lane and the other political prisoners who were his co-defendants at Ft Smith, and tolerate no one who supports or acquiesces to any of these traitors worming their way back into any pro-Eurofolk circles.

In several state prison systems prisoners are punished, some times severely, for having or using the 14 Words or even just the number "14." Prison mail rooms have withheld mail which included the 14 Words. Only someone warped by the mental mildew and spiritual poison of "political correctness" could find anything hateful or a "security threat" to "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." Honor the legacy of the author of the 14 Words by helping to provide outside support for those of our kinsmen and kinswomen behind the wire and wall who are penalized by self appointed thought police for embracing the undying principles of the 14 Words. Honor the memory, the legacy, of David Lane by doing your part to assure that no more will any of our own trapped in America's gulags be made to feel abandoned and forsaken.

David Lane has now passed into the realm of legend, yet his legacy will live on within each of us who live by the principle of his enduring 14 Words.
Heilsa, David Lane!

John W Gerhardt
Liberty Rights Advocates (LibRA)