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Yule Message from the Allsherjargothi

Yule Message from the Allsherjargothi

Yulemoon 2257 RE

Heilsan Folk!

As we prepare to celebrate the New Year (Mother Night) on the eve of the 20th and the Yule (Winter Solstice) on the 21st/22nd, depending where you reside, I’d like to wish all our Kinfolk of the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. and our Kith (friends) whatever their faith may be, a joyous and safe Yule/Holiday season with family and friends (Kin and Kith).

And to remind all not to take for granted the greatest gift of all – Our blood/Folk and families!

As Odinists/Wotanists, we are the Folk who are aware of our noble and royal lineage as true sons and daughters of Allfather Odin and the Gods.

Being descended from the very Gods themselves and pointedly, Allfather Odin, we comprehend the enormous sacredness of the blood which flows through our own veins!

In these spiritually deficient and morally vacant times in which we live (the Wolf Age), our noble Folk are often touted as racists and bigots merely because we fully comprehend the duty of protecting our noble and royal lineage; That we should mix that sacred gift from our beloved Gods, only with others whom possess it as well.

This is not bigotry - it is honor and respect to/for that which we owe our very existence to.

That we shun homosexuality as contra procreative does not make us haters. It makes us aware and respectful of the Laws of Nature and our Gods. The desires to see our line, with its origin in Odin, continues and flourish for millennia yet to come. Anyone whom would deliberately seek to compromise this sacred and divinely ordained duty of ours by means of physical, spiritual, a character assault against us and our Folk, must be deemed our mortal foes by their own actions. And as such, are the spawn of Loki and must be addressed as such!

As we begin yet another new year upon Midgard, let us resolve to stand fast and proud in the face of adversity. Let us hold fast to our Gods given and ordained rights, without guilt, shame, fear or remorse! Let our fortitude and rectitude serve to fortify our iron wills. And let us, each one; seek only to better ourselves, not for selfish and personal gain, but to better serve our Gods and Folk; Both individually and collectively. That history’s records not reflect that “we” were the weak link in the chain of our noble Folk. But rather, the unyielding and uncompromising resolve yet determined to see the destiny of our Gods and Folk, fulfilled.

Let this be so by our collective will and in the name of our holy Allfather Odin and the Gods and Ancestors which live yet in our blood. Heil Allfather Odin! May he bless you all will with a good Yule and a prosperous new year. On behalf of the Court of Gothar, I remain in Frith, Service and Fraternal Solidarity with thee…

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG
Allsherjargothi, Holy Nation of Odin, Inc.
and Sons of Odin, 1519
VFR/VFP Local #1488

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" GNOSIS " By Ron McVan

GNOSIS, by Ron McVan

"As a matter of fact, it really seems likely that we have lost our way----which the Druids, with their sensitivity to stone and tree would never do. They received the message which we, with our more complex cerebral telecommunications, have lost in a wilderness of greater knowledge. But such must be the price to pay, unless in our self---consciousness we can learn the truth of what is happening to us!" ................................E.Graham Howe

The word gnosis is derived from the Greek word gnosia, which means knowledge or to know. Gnosis appears as the source and very cornerstone of all the religions, their purpose being that of bringing about the liberation of man through absolute truth and divine knowledge.
Gnosticism was the religion of those who were convinced of the presence of a divine ingredient within themselves, the "divine self". The understanding and use of this essential gnosis was considered a sacred knowledge which brought salvation. The Gnostics believe that true gnosis has a direct bearing on the welfare of the individual man and woman, and on the development of a more perfect order.
The Teutonic God Wotan is well known for his insatiable quest for knowledge and much gnosticism is to be found in the Wotanist spiritual path as well as in Celtic Druidry. The early Alexandrian gnosticism forms its own unique movement of original thought. Nourished by Greek philosophy and the sacred science of Egypt, the very roots of Gnosticism reach back to Atlantis, to Hyperborea and its capital,Thule, the highest center of knowledge that was ever known to the world of man. The people of Hyperborea, extend even further back in history than the Atlanteans. Both civilizations are believed to have been founded in their origin by the descendants of other worldly intelligences which would explain why such a highly advanced knowledge was already developed in such far distant times.
In the Book of Henoch, chapters CVI and CVII, Hyperborean man is described thusly: "His flesh was as white as snow and red as a rose petal; and the hair on his head and scalp were white as wool; and his eyes were beautiful." It has long been said that man-gods walked the earth in those enlightened times, before the great comet cataclysms and deluge. Ancient heiroglyphics mark this account along with the use of flying machines. The father of Greek didactic poetry, Hesiod, wrote that at the time of the Golden Age; the "Gods clothed in air moved among men."
Life has always been an unending fight between diverse elements. The spiritual quest man finds him struggling in the fight between polar opposites, light and dark, good and evil. Man's suffering is explained essentially by the fact of his not knowing his beginning (in the metaphysical sense of the term) and his becoming.
Illumination for the Gnostics comes from the knowledge of a book of super-human origin. This tradition of the "Great Book" is also that of the Grail. The Grail contains the answers of man's beginnings and his becoming, which is why it is the most sought after, precious item of the gnostics. It is not the chalis object as the religious, romantic fantasies would have you believe, which purportedly held the blood of Christ, but is in fact of two parts, both an emerald stone and book of sorts, in the form of a tablet. The true Grail, also known as the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, is not a fantasy; and many have risked or lost their lives in the quest to obtain it or defend it. This arcane Pagan treasure came into Europe by way of Persia following the disappearance of the mysterious realm of Thule, whose people were the ancestors of the Indo-European tribes. According to occult sources, Appolonius of Tyana gained possession of the Grail, which he found hidden in a cave. This might explain why he had travelled extensively and accumulated such remarkable wisdom. The Grail, in later times would then surface in diverse areas, such as Rome, Britain, Toledo Spain, the Pyrannese in southern France and the Bavarian Alps in Germany.

"From any point, A line reaches back, And attaches to
a far distant center. There is no unconnected life in this
world, Nor a point in time, Unknown by any other point.
Nor a tear shed in a vacuum."

A gnostic sect known as the Cathars served as protectors of the Grail. The Cathars derived their name from the Greek 'cathari', meaning 'pure ones', and established communities in northern Italy and southern France. Cathars taught a dualistic belief in the opposing powers of light and darkness. As Gnostics, they also believed in the recurrence of souls, and identified the material world as the 'plane of illusion'. They rejected the Christian cross as an evil symbol. The Cathars had an inner circle within their priesthood with seven degrees of initiation, representing the stages of spiritual perfection. Ceremonies were performed out-of-doors, in caves and woods; much like the Druids, the Initiates wore white tunics tied with cord.
The Knights Templars shared similarities with the Cathars in that they were a secret society which coveted the gnostic mysteries and sought the overthrow of the 'exalted whore', long known as the Roman Catholic Church. Free Masonry, as well, shared many similarities with the Cathars until the Masonic Constitution of 1717, where it departed from the true way. It was further corrupted by the infusion of the one world, universalist Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt in the year 1776.
There is much Gnostic mythology that surrounds the real life historical figure of King Arthur and his counsellor and magician Merlyn. However, the records of that time make no mention of Arthur and the Holy Grail, the Round Table or the Magic Sword of Caliburn, (Ex-Calibre). The private life of Merlyn will never be known because it was never recorded. The great mystic teaching never changes, only the time period and the initiates, or players. There is only one experience that can lead to truth, and there is only one description apropriate to those who have accomplished this divine adventure. In the case of Merlyn, the adept brought the Circle of the Living Stones to Salisbury, not the monolithic rocks of Stonehenge, but the Gorsedd, the throne of the revelation of the ancient ones of the earth. The Gorsedd of the Druids became the Round Table of King Arthur. The famous Ex-Calibre legend is a reinterpretation of the Notung Legend found in Wotanism. The Notung is the Sword of the Volsungs, which Wotan thrust into an oak tree, and which only Sigmund could draw from the tree. What the sword trial represents is the release of the will from its bondage to the material elements.
The Gnostics understood that the whole purpose of man's evolution is to bring the mind and the body into perfect coordination. If the exigencies of the life render this impossible at any given time, then the mind, as the superior part, should receive the greatest emphasis. It is possible for the mind to excel the body because of its natural and inherent excellence, but it never is possible for the body to excel the mind. Mind is to the brain as the brain is to the body; it is the source and the superior part of itself. The 'all' is mind; the universe is mental. Everything which eventuates on earth has first been born of the world of the mind.
Individual mind partakes of universal mind, of which it is a special area in the same way that the physical body partakes of physical nature of whose elements it is likewise composed. The entire brain as we know it is not essential to thought or mental existence. What is essential is the presence of our magnetic field. It is understood to the Gnostic healers throughout our history that if this magnetic link that unites the astral with the physical body has not been definitely severed, it is still possible for life to be restored.
Gnosis can be divided into two opposing paths of attainment for the Gnostic Adept, depending upon his own, personal, spiritual outlook. There is the "Optimist form of Gnosticism" which accepts the universe as divine; God reveals himself in everything, and through his intellect man can become like God in order to comprehend him. By a religious approach to the universe and by inscribing a representation of the universe within his own mens,(degree of spiritual ascension) man can ascend and unite with God. "Pessimist Gnosticism", on the other hand, rejects the world as evil, and the material aspects of man and the universe are regarded as being a form of divine punishment. Man can escape the confines of the body and piety and asceticism; by elevating himself above matter, the evil nature which is perceived through the mens, he can rise above through the spheres to God.
Gnosticism is a spirituality which is timeless. Like Wotanism, it has the tendancy to fully express itself to the spiritual seekers during periods of great crisis. Both Gnosticism and Wotanism will survive so long as man searches for the truth and inner-development encountered in the vital experience of our personal, psychic transformation. Each gnostic adept shares a common quest, which is to attain a fullness of being and avoid the confines of religious dogma and blind faith. One should persistently oppose ignorance and the downward path of meaningless life. Having gained so much of the material world around us, we have always been in danger of losing more and more of the essential value and meaning of our indigenous customs and tribal unity as well as our life essence.
Those who seek the light of truth will carry that light within them even more increasingly as they become awakened to their their life's quest. This light, the Divine Ray, the God self, (Hamingja) that has passed unbroken through endless legions of souls from far distant times, continues to generate the vital spark of divinity in our life, in our will, and in the hopes and dreams that mold the future of the physical world and must never be abandoned, as we chart the perilous course of our fleeting fragile lives here in Midgard (earth).

"The difficulties arising in the process of evolution in the
human understanding of life are rooted in the very essence
of understanding, which is the aware thinker. Although he can
feel, and thus intuitively understand existence, he cannot
conceptualize his intuition, except through reason."
.............................Bika Reed

The sweet, Rose scented tears, Of Aphrodite, Permiate the
distilling mist, Beneath a burnished evening star, There, By
an ancient pillar, Near the vortex, At Delphi, I hear, In the stillness
of mythic shadow, A colloquy of angelic voices, Conversing, Through a cloak, Of nebulous dreams, A magic twilight garden,
Of the immortals!

In the delirium, Of my enlightenment, I have quenched a thousand
icons, In the flame! The savage flame! Within, My ever surging
archaic blood, I carry, The haunting memories, Of all lifes passion, Of all man's fury, And I, Am consumed, Transfixed! By its futility, By
its Madness!

Submerged, In forbidden perilous conundrums, In the crucible, Of
seven dimensions, I gaze, From the highest crystal pinnacle, Into
the threshold of mirrored doors, Of infinite timeless space. And through that fiery portal, I see, The yawning chaos, I see the perfection, Of perfect imperfection, I become formless radiant entity, Niether man nor beast, And in a grimace, I am light........
I am Immaculate!!
....................................Ron McVan

"SONS OF ALBION" P.O. Box 422 Butte, MT. 59703



"In its race towards richness and power, America has abandoned the axis of freedom in order to follow that of productivity.... All the energies, including those relating to the ideals and to religion, lead toward the same productive purpose; we are in the presence of a productive society, almost a theocracy of productivity, which is increasingly aiming at producing things rather than people, or people only as more efficient workers.... In the U.S., some kind of mysticism surrounds the supreme rights of the community. The human being, having become a means rather than an end in itself, accepts the role of 'cog-in-the-machine' without thinking for a second that in the process he may be somewhat belittled.... hence, a collectivism which is willed by the elites and acritically accepted by the masses, surreptitiously undermines man's autonomy and strictly channels his actions, thus confirming his very abdication without him realizing it.... No protests and no reaction of the great American masses ever ensued against the collective tyranny. They accept it freely, as a natural thing, and almost as if it were expedient." ............................. A. Sigfried (Paris1927)

A people must never stop striving for freedom, justice and quality in life. The intelligence of an individual is of little use if the societies in which we live out our lives is not working in the same direction. We simply fight an up hill battle of little or no consequence and the world continues on its downward spiral towards the inevitable turmoil, ignorance and ultimate doom scenerio it has created by its acceptence of unintelligent and unconscious living. Just like people, civilizations also undergo their own particular cycle, consisting of a beginning, a development and an end. Man is the only living creature that posesses the ability to choose the direction and quality of life here on earth be it a paradise or a hell it is we the living who bear that responsibility. We can destroy one another, destroy nature and the planet or or let nature exterminate us for the cancer we have become. It all depends on the focus of our will and our intelligence and how we use it. Right now our suffering is the result of insatiable greed and lust for power and control at the top and ignorance and unconsciousness at the bottom. It was the U.S. politician William E. Borah (1865-1940) who stated, "The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and woman submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments."
Think about these questions very closely.
• Do you like the present world in which you live?
• Do you think that it is going in the right direction?
• Should we work towards building a great, cultured and intelligent civilization, or continue on with disposable, directionless, insatiable consumer societies that rape the earth with impunity while stripping all humankind of its soul, honor and dignity?
• Does this world offer hope for the future of your children?
• Do you care? If not, then from what logical perspective do you view the purpose of your existence on this earth?
• If you desire a better world, what have you done thus far, or plan to do, to make a constructive contribution to that ideal?
• Do you believe that there are any alternative rational solutions that can save this world from its destructive course?
Consider this fact, if you chose to go through life as a spectator, then you get what you deserve, which is the directionless, self destructive, chaotic world in which you now live. You may consider yourself a wholesome, upright person with good intentions, but good intentions which are not realized are as useless as no intentions at all. The societies of today's world will continue to self- destruct, including the planet itself, as long as its inhabitants chose to do nothing more than to exist and be a spectator through life. If you want your mendacious manipulators to continue to make decisions for you and form your world, they will continue to do just that, and fleece your hopeless carcass to the grave. Anyone who freely accepts his shakles and bends to the yoke can have neither honor nor dignity.
Many have found shelter in becoming cynics and cajole themselves and others in believing that it is too late to set things right, that any plan at this point is futile and the future can only be bleak from now on. Though some may take pride behind these pessimistic pontifications, a cynic remains a prisoner of his own devise, and amounts to nothing more than a self-centered mental weakling who is no use to anyone, least of all himself. Cynics were ready to throw in the towel on life during the Roman empire, during the thousand years of draconian hell that the Christian church and power hungry Kings and Queens created in the Middle Ages, during the Industrial Revolution, during WWI and WWII and on it goes, man letting circumstance and power hungry manipulaters control his every thought and move. Fear and negativity are a disease that paralyse and enslave man.
It is never ever too late to set things right! Intelligent thinking coupled with unbridled will power is the spark that ignites action. Action starts with making a decision. Until a decision is made nothing happens. The magic of great things begin when the first idealistic foundation stone is set, and that stone must be a stone of virtue. Even the most bigoted church historian must admit that magnificent edifices of pagan learning were raised upon the solid rock of personal virtue.
The enlightened golden ages in history are always born through strong ethnic traditions and culture bound by a collective ideal towards beauty, intelligence, truth, justice, virtue and spirituality. It is this combination of ideals which produces that essential and vital seed of growth for a lasting epoch of enlightenment. What is the most virtuous of all things? That which is the most beautiful and the most necessary. What is the most necessary of all things? That which is the most beautiful and the most virtuous.
With 10,000 years of historical hindsight from which to learn from our success and mistakes, what greater advantage for a new beginning could we ask for? To a large degree the common man has become so constituted by his guile-master that he actually regards the herd animal needs as an ideal. There are some who care not where the world is going, some wait for tenure or for retirement or safer times, but all wait for the inevitable doom which is the result of doing nothing. Those who wait become merely the pall-bearers of dying civilizations. Dead races do not come back. We know that the idea of a higher society will always be hated by the wretched as much as the worst despotism. The mediocrity-morality, like an ever-creeping pestilence, will forever nip at the heels of a higher evolving mankind. It is a leathal cancer that sucks the life juices from the body of the vibrant and strong. Like a parasite, they would not exist without a host upon which to feed. Now more than ever are the misfits granted more rights and benifits than the healthy, productive and intelligent people here in the western world. This they call democracy! Both Socrates and Plato agreed that pure democracy was a failure: that only the state's wisest men should lead it.
When it is time for a political system to change for the better, it must do so and keep in stride with the times and its peoples' needs. Today the inner qualities of a people may be a thousand fold unsatisfctory, yet there always remains enough determining capacity for transformation. A man with a goal is always superior to a man who lives aimlessly and so it is with nations. No society can exist unless power is entrusted to somebody. As we find with all societies, there can be no happiness without order, no order without authority and no authority without unity. A government in and of itself is not a bad thing, and every nation must have one to function at all, but a government should never be so alienated from its people that it becomes an oppressor. Nor should the citizens venerate unrealistic demands on the necessary functions of the appointed leadership, unless of course such power is abused. The best system is that which has the least arbitration between the people and their leadership. A government should be determined by the internal relationship of the people whom it is meant to serve. There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses.
The great motivator in all civilizations is the promise of freedom. Without it, there is no future and thus no incentive. True freedom has never been realized in a polyglot society, such a system always creates favoritism and conflict of interest among its opposing inhabitants, be it political, religious or racial.
The really free individuals are those who act according to the unspoiled instinctive impulses of their natural being. This means that the individual acts freely only when his actions instinctively harmonize with the natural ethnic tendencies of the community of which he forms a part and to which he is bound by the indestructible ties of blood, in other words, the common ancestry. Every great civilization, without exception, in its origin starts with a single race and culture. It has never been Creations design to mix the races of man into one unidentifiable species. This is an unnatural and unctious plan of genocide ushered in by the industrial age, more precisely, the avaricious international power elite moguls who rule your world.
Their aim is to break down the pride of all race nations of the world into into a polyglot stew of dumbed down faceless cultureless working drones that they alone can easily control. By this design the subjectivity of their desperate worker-bees is assured.
No one can have a right to think meanly of his race, unless he also thinks meanly of himself. Once a race is destroyed it can never be remade. The true destiny of each race is to work in liberty to make of itself what it was originally created to be. Our race identity must be preserved! This is the essential and necessary first step in the building of a vibrant, healthy nation. Unity of blood mind spirit and purpose!
"To be a rebel in view of contemporary society does not in
itself lower the value of a man. There are even cases in
which one might have to honor a rebel because he finds
something in our society against which war ought to be
waged-----he awakens us from our slumber."
..........................Friedrich Nietzsche
To ensure a firm groundwork for the vital needs of a wholesome society the existing proportion of the best minds must be maintained and given oppurtunity to reach their highest potential. To this aim a Meritocracy system offers the most viable alternative. A meritocracy, as a people's government, is a social, political and economic structure which functions on a pyramid principle based upon merit. In other words, each individual would be free to attain the highest level of his natural abilities and talents, unhindered by class, caste, age or political or religious persuasion. It is to the greatest positive advantage of both the individual and the society that one's highest physical and mental assets be quickly recognized, encouraged, developed and utilized to maximum potential. A meritocracy is not a new idea, it was a concept that extends back to ancient Greece. A meritocracy would offer infinite possibilities for those who desire the boundless with incentive and stability for all who make up its nationhood. Much has been done in the present liberal, democratic capitalist society to consciously destroy the family value structure. That a nation should always recognize the importance of a true representitive government and family values, that it should be a keystone around which a sound society thrives cannot be expressed enough.
We must seriously consider the direction of our own times and that of posterity. The resurrection of a nation can only begin through an awakened folk consciousness, coupled with a unified concern for the preservation and advancement of its people. The current world 'gangster governments' and international 'Power Elite' have not the slightest concern whether you live or die; anyone is expendable. The only concern that the existing globalist cabal has for you is that their personal power and priviledge are protected by your life and toil. But let us be realistic, if the existing system were to fall tomorrow, what form of government would you chose to replace it? Do you believe that it might be important to think that far ahead? Would you leave such a decision up to another band of avaricious thieves and exploiters? Perhaps you would prefer a reactionary stance, store arms and food and welcome Mad Max chaos for an undetermined amount of time in helpless misery, waiting for a benevolent savior to appear with a magic wand. Every human to some degree becomes the creator of his own destiny; every nation of people is as well. Far too many have lost their way on both counts.
"Any man who has the brains to think and the nerve to act
for the benifit of the people of the country is considered
a radical by those who are content with stagnation and will
to endure disaster." ..................William Randolf Hearst
Forming a new government will take a complete revolution of thought and values from that of today's distorted way of thinking. Whether we are in iron chains or velvet chains, man must break all chains and liberate himself from the gutless conformity to the prevailing cog in a wheel slave mentality of hopelessness which has numbed his inherent noble spirit. For those who are driven with concern for the future and the shaping of the destiny of this world in which we live the choice is obvious. Affirm our will in that which must be done against all odds, and to then do that which is necessary to attain the goal. Life is a battle, and to fight that battle heroically and fight it well is the great purpose of every man's existence who is worthy and fit to live at all.
If you wish to continue marking time until old age in the grey sufficating twilight of a dying world, content to just exist and live out the slave card that was dealt to you, then simply discard this writing and continue sleeping. If you need more incentive, look deep into the clear, hopeful, happy innocent eyes of a child, think about the world you are leaving them and remember that life's length is not measured by its hours and days, but by that which we have done therein for the enrichment of the things that matter most. A useless life is short if it lasts a century; but that of Alexander was as long as the life of an oak, though he died at thirty-two.

"SONS OF ALBION" P.O. Box 422 Butte, MT. 59703



In early life the human being is sustained by a powerful reserve energy. This is especially evident in children who never sit still and bubble-over with an apparently inexhaustable supply of vitality. Mental and emotional habits acquired in youth are not usually obvious in their consequences until after middle life. Gradually, as the supply of vital force diminishes, the body begins to exhibit the rewards of the various mental and emotional intemperances with which it has been afflicted.
The theory of Odic Force (A name derived from the Teutonic God Odin) was developed by Baron Karl von Reichenbach, who had written up observations and conclusions in the mid-nineteenth century. According to this theory, every human being has an unknown source of power that produces rays. These not only inhabit the body, but also radiate from it, so that a person is surrounded by a virtual field of this Odic Force, as Reichenbach called it. The body absorbs these unseen energy forces entirely or in part, depending on the strength of the source of the power or the person's own consumption.
Reichenbach and other researchers after him determined through observation and experiment that youthful and healthy bodies produced disproportionately more Odic Force than they needed for themselves, while older bodies over time had difficulty satisfying their own requirements of Odic Force. Further, the consumation of Odic Force is smaller in healthy persons than in weak ones, or in people suffering from disease. Consumption, also naturally depends on the greater physical and especially the mental activity of the person in question. Once someone reaches a certain age therefore, and if his work and activity demand a heavy consumption of Odic Force, his own source of power may no longer be sufficient and he begins to decline---we say that he is getting old---or has to find other ways of satisfying his requirement of Odic Force. If he is with young people, who cannot possibly use up their excess force, it then flows in the direction where it is needed. Most elderly people can often testify to the fact that, in spending much time with younger people they themselves benefit. This transfer of youthful energy and vigor greatly stimulates their own health and mental outlook.
Within the Odic Force, that we individually carry with us at all times and in all places, we live and move and generate our essence. Every thought that we think stamps an indelible impression on the impressionable substance of that plane. The Odic Force pulsates like an ocean of vitality and feeling to influence other minds for good or ill. Every living thing radiates and intakes this Odic force field, and to none is it exclusive or private.
Each act that we perform, each thought that enters our brain, each emotion as it leaves the heart registers itself on the Odic field remaining there throughout our physical life. Reichenbach states that the Odic Force radiates outward, but in very different degrees, from all objects and is also, generated by heat, light, electricity, friction and varius types of chemical change. Odic Force exhibits polarity, much akin to a magnet. The negative pole of a magnet appears blue and induces a feeling of coldness, whilst the positive pole appears red and causes a feeling of warmth. The right hand is odically negative and the left hand positive, the sun negative and the moon positive. As such, this further explains how the uncharged bodies can be charged by being brought into contact with a charged body. If man is a microcosm of the universe, then all factors in man are duplicated on a greater scale in the universe as well. Man is vibrantly alive and clings to life with an intense tenacity, therefore there is in the universe a life force of relevant similarity, a power of vibration or tendency that makes for continuance of life.
Man is a biological version of the Tree of Life commonly known in Aryan mythology as "Yggdrasil", a tree that represents the symbolic underlying structure of the universe and of God as he reveals himself. In the words of Professor Carl Jung, "Man is a cosmos in miniature and is not divided from the great cosmos by any fixed limits." The Yggdrasil tree also demonstrates itself as the living tree in man by way of the spinal cord in the human body which include the seven chakras and the nine worlds.
Even our psychic process are material. There is not a single process which does not require the expenditure of a certain substance corresponding to it. If this substance is present, this process goes on. When the substance is exhausted, the process comes to a stop. It must be noticed that the human organism usually produces in the course of one day all the substances necessary for the following day. And it very often happens that all these substances are spent or consumed upon some unnecessary and, as a rule, unpleasant doubt, fear, a feeling of injury, or irritation. Each of these emotions in reaching a certain degree of intensity may, in half an hour, or even a minute, consume all the substances prepared for the next day. The body is a dynamo of invisible energy fields, and if we learn to understand and direct them, we can in turn use these forces to our greatest life advantage.
To understand the subject of Odic Force we first need to understand something about our own personal Being. Our Being was more naturally and widely understood in pre-Christian times. With the Christian attempt to murder all the Aryan ethnic pagan Gods, they did so by locking all Being into one Being called "God", and all access to this Being was then only available through the church alone which would naturally grant full power to the church.
A good introduction into the understanding of Being can be found through the writings of the pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher, Anaximander, which---in loose translation compiled from many sources---reads: "Aperion (Being or The Unlimited) is the coming forth and arriving at the condition of Being non concealed....... and it is that into which they return when they perish......." In other words, Being is that which comes forth and is non-concealed and then leaves and passes again into the concealed state. Being comes to presence in our world as individual beings, and these individual beings go back into the fullness of Being (death), but this does not mean that we can understand Being itself. "Being is the constant coming and going into openness, the constant breaking into the world.....That which enables everything to appear; itself appears merely as that which constantly remains in concealment."Being could be defined as "that which gives possibilities."
There is a general tendency among human beings to believe that the main purpose of life is to be happy, and working from this premise, a great number of people succeed in making themselves entirely miserable. This world is not a playground, it is a schoolroom! The key tools that assist man to attain his real purpose in his short life experience is focus and awareness and to grasp his true destiny as early as possible. Without these tools he drifts helplessly through the morass of meaningless corporal existence; with it, there are unlimited possibilities to invest, not only to ones own personal advantage, but likewise to ones family, race and culture.
All man's constructions are materialized thought. The reality of a machine, a cathedral, a symphony is in that which is contributed by mind or intelligence. If the plan of a house were to be removed, there would remain a meaningless pile of materials. The same can be said of man. Within our human thought process lies the wisdom for the unfolding of ourselves,our race,and thus the pattern of the future for our world. The mind is the body. The body is the mind. Spirit is the world. The world is spirit. All is involved in the one great dance of life.
"Contemporary man is blind to the fact that, with all
his rationality and efficiency, he is possessed by
'powers' that are normally beyond his control. His
ghosts and gods have not disappeared at all; they
merely have new names."
.....................DR. Carl G. Jung
With every second, man and atom approach nearer to that solemn moment in the eternity, through which the invisible forces will become clear to our spiritual being. Aryan man, by virtue of his own personal will, is free to ignore the sage wisdom of his ancestors, the Hermetic Wotan consciousness, as it were, that remains available to him. Thus he can abandon his ethnic identity and ultimately vanish into oblivion, or to accept this essential guidance and inspiration and know that the forces of Nature, as represented through our folk gods and mythos, will work with us when we learn to comprehend the divine laws that Nature and the Great Creator decree, and obey those laws unhindered by man's befuddled and ever conflicting religions.

" ECHO "
I am an echo, Filling the Titan chasms, Of quantum immensities
beyond comprehension. I am an echo, Bridging the sublime ediface of perfection, Across fiery oceans of chaos.
I am an echo, Whispering through the time stilled silence. Of
long forgotten temples. I am an echo, Resonating the shrilled
rape agony, Of natures tortured habitat.
I am an echo, Weaving star galactic aeons, Of eternity, into
forever. I am an echo, Beating the heart rythmic pulse, Of all
lifes, cloaked illusions.
I am an echo, Mirroring the utter fraility, Of man's fleeting,
Moment. I am the tracing of infinity, Traversing through all
possible dimensions, Mystery of mysteries, Knower and
known, I am, An echo.......
............................Ron McVan

"SONS OF ALBION" P.O. Box 422 Butte, MT. 59703



Man learns slowly by trial and error that no gain in the material world can match even the smallest awareness of mystical consciousness. All growth proceeds slowly and inexorably. Any attempt to force physical growth beyond its ordained limits inevitably results in disaster. Similarly, any attempt to accelerate spiritual growth must fail. The word growth indicates movement, action, production and development. But what does growth mean pertaining to man? Does it mean having more money and expensive toys than your neighbors? A bigger house? A body like Hercules? A bigger nation and industry than other countries? More bombs perhaps? We think of growth as the essence of life. As infants we are born and grow to be adults, but when this physical growth is over, what then? Let's bring this question to its unequivical conclusion. As far as mankind is concerned, the only growth of any significance is the development of our own spiritual self, as individuals and as people, the subconscious mind and the collective mind. Man must clearly understand that this is a crucial element in the development or evolution of being.
The purpose of this writing is an attempt to awaken the long-suppressed ancestral spirit, will and determination of Aryan man and woman. You are the repository of infinite possibilities, How much you can absorb will depend on you. You alone are the measure of your own free will. How far you can travel and accomplish your goals and quest, only you can decide.
Consider these facts. For the very first time in history your race is facing the very real possibility of cultural obliteration and total extinction. Not only has the Aryan birthrate dwindled alarmingly, but the steadily increasing forced integration, immigration and miscegenation is generating an equal, if not speedier, course toward the total demise of all Aryankind. Do not insult your own intelligence by saying this is not so. Do not fool yourself by thinking this is not a crucial problem. And do not insult those courageous ancestors who died to preserve your future by saying you don't care! The long-enduring and seemingly invincible Aryan race, builders of the mightiest civilizations on earth, possessors of god-like creativity that built the Wonders of the World, find themselves dwindled, divided, apathetic and persecuted by their own blood kin. Like the mighty Titan Prometheus, condemned for bringing divine gifts of fire and knowledge to the world, our reward has become our fetters. Chained are we now to the rock of our misplaced compassion, with our enemies gnawing at our vital organs. But, it is not other races who forged our chains, it is we ourselves who fashion our own demise. We have let ourselves become outcasts in our nations and governments. As a race we are dying, but it is not because we have any less capacity for intelligence than our predecessors, less strong or less warrior-like. It is because our spirit is dying! We have abandoned our true ethnic gods, searching for spirituality and meaning to life in all the wrong places. If you prefer blindness, keep your eyes closed. If you prefer deafness, keep your ears closed, But if you are wise, you will open the windows of your ethnic spiritual soul, so that you become aware of the mighty and vast power that is the Will of Wotan, which can strengthen and encourage you and awaken your fullest potential in both the physical and spiritual realms.
Christian churches are full of Aryan folk who mouth alien religious doctrine which they scarcely understand, and in their hearts they do not believe, praising gods and heroes who are not their own. They repeat the outdated passages and the worn out prayers that have long lost their meaning and which deny all reason, logic and natural instinct. True religion is the living of life and the understanding of Nature's laws, man and the universe. True prayer is something that comes involuntarily from the heart. It is not what a man designates himself that matters. It is what he does, Specification is for insects! In that hypnotic, herd-like scramble for materialism and prestige, we rob ourselves of the most precious of gifts, the power of thought. There is an old saying that if a man believes in hell, he is already there. The word "hell" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "helan", to conceal. Therefore, the derivative noun "hell", meant simply a place of concealment or the grave. Aryankind has created its own hell by impeding the indigenous spirituality and biological determinance which is the keymost fortifying element for race survival. Without this there is no heritage; there is no culture, race or nation. But, worst of all, there is no blood bound unity and collective consciousness upon which a healthy people can draw its strength and purpose.
Like a sun's ray, concentrated by a burning glass, able to generate a high degree of heat, so are man's mental and physical energies, when properly focused, they give expression to potencies never dreamed of! Before we can ever endeavor to rebuild a vital folkish awareness, we must first tackle that which constitutes our own personal, individual strength. Within each of us a dynamo of unlimited power.
Clearly, and without dispute, behind our fleshy garment, man is a spirit and this spirit motivates each life as a collective spirit is able to motivate an entire race of people. There is only one mover in all creation, and that mover is "thought". There is only one Creator, and that creator is the Universal subconscious mind, or God. The sub-conscious mind is the most powerful creative instrument in the universe; it spans space and time, manifests from substance and reaches out to all knowledge. Nothing is impossible to the mind of man, for the conscious mind controls the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind is all powerful. The subconscious mind has as its resources all the knowledge and wisdom that there is, and all science and occultism is simply the use of the mind in which all live and move and contain our being. The foremost important function of the subconscious mind is to manifest into form or circumstance the seed of thought. If you have been looking for a magic formula to put your life on the right track here it is:

"Thought plus Conviction equals Manifestation"

The conscious mind is virtually insignificant when compared to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind remembers very little and in our short lifespan barely has learned the rudiments of thought, and is scarcely capable of dealing with its immediate surroundings. What we have is a situation of servant and master, and as startling as it may seem, the conscious mind is the master. The subconscious mind will only do exactly what the conscious mind tells it to do. However, it is not a simple matter of instructing the subconscious mind to do something for it to immediately respond. It does not function this directly, but must be programmed, that is, the conscious mind must convince the subconscious mind of its needs and desires. The relay of communication between the conscious and subconscious mind operates through a system of positive and negative prompters. There is an old saying in the martial arts that if you begin a combat with your opponent, wondering if you are going to win or lose, then you have already lost. If you harbor doubts between the conscious and subconscious mind, then you may expect a shaky and uncertain outcome. Communication between the two must be crystal clear and executed with conviction. Further, if you allow yourself to be a product of circumstance, then each encounter with failure that you make will convince you of the reality of failure. Moreover, and without always being aware of it, you will make despair, uncertainty and unhappiness your constant companions. Do not think for a minute that circumstance makes the man, man makes the circumstance! Fill the subconscious mind with positive prompters and continually reinforce them, no matter how unpleasant your existing circumstances may be. Success is not the result of hard work, it is the result of right thinking. The Gods do not punish you; you punish yourself.
What is the purpose of life here in Midgard? To exist? Certainly not! It is the quest for illumination obtained from higher mystical knowledge, the expansion of consciousness, a constant reaching upward, outward and inward, to oneness with both Nature and the Universe through our Gods and our folk, the ever perfecting manifestation of our being and species.
Form is but the result of consciousness, and consciousness is but a result of thought, and thought is simply a contact and borrowing from the universal intelligence that prevades all things. Thought makes form. Matter is formed from intelligence. And more important, intelligence is in matter!

Since intelligence must be conscious, it is an indisputeable fact that we are surrounded by a living universe, that there is consciousness in all things. Conception and thought are the alpha and omega of all existence, and we carry all these ingredients within our physical being. What greater privilege could one ask for? Our ancient ancestors recognized these potentialities and used them to construct wonders beyond comprehension. To possess such magnificent resources and choose to live a non-productive, uninspired life, ruled by circumstance, is something just short of abominable.

"The Gods sell to us all good things in exchange for effort."

Rapidly we are moving through a chaotic time space, a spinning maze of intense complexity that whirls on a fragile teetering point, exposing the delicacy of the scales of nature. The Aryan race has become like an aging champion, who after endless victories discovers a first day of vulnerability. It all seemed so easy when our opponents were standing before us, man to man, when our true Gods roared within us and we could grasp our invincibility. Now the enemy has become vague. We become doubtful, divided and spiritless. Instead of a natural, intrinsic confidence we harbor unnatural guilt, embarressment and apology for our former alpha-race stature. Yes, it has become a sad, if not shameful day for Aryan man. It is not our enemies who have made us weak. No! A good enemy will galvanize a people and ultimately make them stronger; it is we, our own people, who have made us weak. We have become our worst enemy and executioner. Make no mistake about it! There is only one solution to a critical dilemma, and that is an immediate return to that well-spring from which all great races are born, the ethnic center of our being, which is found in our mythos and exudes our spirituality, culture and unity. Our ethnic Gods exist in the very essence of our DNA. If you do not beieve this, then study the beginnings of every great ancient Aryan civilization.
Some will say that we must first save the earth on which we live. Let me ask you this, what does it matter if the earth lives or dies, if we first become extinct? Who cares if our religion and culture survive us if we first become extinct? Biological determinance, the survival of the species, is the first law of Nature and from that point, everything builds upon itself in right order, brick by brick. As if devoid of our senses, we fool ourselves by concluding that we can ignore the divine plan of Nature, hanging on to that time-depleated, thin thread of freedom which our ancestors fought and died to preserve.
If you are studying Wotanism for academic interests or entertainment, it would be better that you stop now and turn to logarithmic tables, higher calculus or play on the computer internet. It is only your immortal, reaching ancestral spirit that will find food here. Unless you can comprehend the extreme urgency of the moment, your true life-quest and purpose on this planet, then the answers will pass you by, leaving you once again in the directionless void of limitless empty space, darkness and ignorance.
What man concludes, God knows. What God knows, God creates. What God creates, man perceives. What man perceives, he believes to be outside himself, existing in the world around him. But the truth is, it exists within him, for it exists in the Universal Mind and all of this mind is within man when his consciousness has expanded to comprehend it.
How do we reconcile a world that is absolutely indifferent to our racial imperative and our every race ethic? The answer is quite simple: We cannot! Let us then perceive the purposes of our tasks and manner in which solutions can be performed, concluded and problems absolved. It is incumbent upon us by Nature's Law, "the survival of the species" and the will of our Gods to fulfill the destiny that only we alone can and must fulfill. The first step toward awakening and manifesting our being is to understand the workings of the conscious and subconscious mind, and to apply this higher undrestanding and power to the greater good of our folk. Remain open to your Gods; they are your light and are here to guide you. Born are you from them and they from you. As long as you believe and trust in them-----they will not fail you.


Call the heroes! Call to the shades of our fathers, Live again! We feast now to those noble warriors! Loudly call the shades of our fathers, Live again! We raise a horn to the gods of men. Loudly call the shades of our heroic fathers! Open wide the doors of Valhalla, Live again!

A new golden age for our kith and kin, Break the shakles of this decaying world, Sound the trumpets loud, Live again! As it was in ancient times, We raise a roaring toast to our heroes divine, Through their spirit, We live again! With the thunder of Thors mighty hammer, Down from Asgard the Valkries ride, Wolf and raven at our side, In Wotan's name and Aryan pride, We live again!

..............................Ron McVan

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The spirit of God, the Cosmic creature energy, in order to
objectify itself, needs a material medium through which to
manifest, in the same way that any force requires a medium
or a material substance through which it can work and manifest.

In the ancient Mystery Schools there was a certain measure of power attributed to the moon to magnetise the soul for earthly incarnation and to demagnetize it for it its astral abode. In a general way, these assertions, to which initiates attached a meaning that was once real and symbolic, signified that the soul must pass through an intermediary, stage of purification and free itself from the impurities of earth before continuing its journey. G.I Gurdjieff a well known and respected mystic of the early 20th century often made the claim that when a person dies their soul goes to the moon.
The non-corporeal (astral) body, though far finer and more perfect than the earthly one, is not immortal as is the monad which it contains. It changes and becomes purified according to its different environments. The spirit is perpetually molding and transforming it into its own image; it never leaves it, however, though it unrobes itself of it by degrees. It is constantly clothing itself with more ethreal substances. This was one of the teachings of Pythagoras, who could not accept the idea of abstract, spiritual entity, the formless monad. Spirit in itself, whether in the far-reaching universe or on earth, must have an organ; that organ is the living soul, whether beastial or sublime, obscure or radiant; it continues to retain, the human form, the image of God. In his life-form the individual is necessarily only a fraction and distortion of the total image of man.
Though invisible, most people today accept the reality of electricity, magnetism and gravity. Still there are those who have difficulty comprehending the spirit world around us. The invisible plane of human existence offers the greatest challenge and the greatest hope for mankind.
A doctor whose professed views on life were on a strictly material plane was noted to make the comment, "I have cut many a body open, and I have never found a soul." To which it may be answered, "Undoubtedly true, but while you were dissecting a brain, did you ever see a thought?"
Of the four elements through which the constellations of all beings are formed, Earth---represents the solid state, Water---the liquid state, Air---the gaseous state, and Fire---the imponderable state. The fifth, known as the Ethric element---represents a state of matter so fine and vivid that it is no longer atomic and possesses the property of universal penetration. It is the original cosmic fluid, the astral light or soul of the world. The great sage Pythagoras used an already ancient combination of divinity names back in his day to describe this element, which he referred to as the "Rhea Kybele". ( 'Rhea' was a high goddess and mother of Zeus. Kybele also a mother goddess 'Cybele' was known to have been a concubine of Zeus, much like the relationship between Wotan and Freyja. Also, not unlike Freyja, Cybele traveled about in a chariot drawn by cats) Esoterically, the word 'kybele' means: "the rolling light---the divine spouse of universal fire, or of the creative spirit which, becoming concentrated in the solar systems, attracts the immaterial essences of beings, seizes them and forces them into the whirl of lives."
Thus, in the astral light the past of the worlds trembles in vague images, and the future is there, also, with the living souls inevitably destined to descend into flesh. This is the meaning of the "Veil of Isis" and the "mantle of Cybele" into which all beings are woven. Further, this universal medium, this astral light, is a phenomenon of vision and ecstacy. It is at once the vehicle which transmits the movements of thought, and the living mirror in which the soul contemplates the images of that material and the spiritual world.
The Rhea Kybele reigns everywhere---it is the mighty soul of the world, the vibrating and plastic substance which the breath of the creative spirit uses at will. It is the very ether that serves to cement together all the worlds, the mediator between the invisible and the visible, between spirit and matter, between the within and the without of the universe. Serving as substance to the astral body of the soul, it is likewise a garment of light which the spirit is ever weaving for itself. The fluid becomes transformed, it rarefies or densifies according to the souls it clothes or worlds it envelopes. Not only does it embody spirit and spiritualized matter in its living bosom, it reflects in a perpetual mirage both things and the thoughts and the wills of mankind. In the ancient pagan Mystery Schools, from which the Christian bible borrowed heavily, it is revealed in John 1:10, "The light was in the world, and the world was made by it, but the world knew it not."

"As our body is a part of the universe,
our soul is a part of the soul of the universe."

Our human eye can only glimpse pure astral light in a condition of lofty ecstacy, but it is polarized in all bodies, combines with all terrestrial fluids and plays diverse roles in electricity and terrestrial and animal magnetism. Baron Karl von Reichenbach, who is well known for his theory on the Odic Force, referred to the Rhea Kybele as the "Odic fluid". ( a word derived from the Teutonic god Odin) In the year 1850 he released writings on the subject under the title, "Researches on Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization and Chemical Attraction".
For the great spirits of antiquity, the Gods were never anything more than a poetical expression of the subordinated forces of Nature, a speaking image of its inner organism; it is as symbols of cosmic and animic forces that these god-archetypes live indestructible in the consciousness of the various races of man. This diversity of our ethnic gods and nature forces, the intimates of thought, are dominated and penetrated by the supreme God, or pure spirit of the absolute Monad. If one is to question whether our ethnic gods are real, one might also question if we ourselves and the world we have created out of our collective thought is likewise real.
The words "animic" and "animism" are derived from the latin "anima" meaning, "breath" or "soul". The hypothesis of animism was greatly advanced by Pythagoras, and later by one of his more popular devotees, Plato. This hypothesis demonstrates that an immaterial force animates the entire universe---the natural phenomenon that things animate and inanimate are held to possess an innate soul.
In the year 1871, a professor of Anthropology at Oxford, Sir Edward Tylor, suggested in his book, "Primitive Culture", that animism was the 'minimum' definition of religion and the explanation of its origin. The earliest philosophers probably made their first step by the obvious inference that every man has two things belonging to him, namely, a life and a phantom. These two are evidently in close connection with the body, the life is enabling it to feel and think and act, the phantom serving as its image or second self; both, also, are perceived to be things seperable from the body, the life as being able to go away and leave it insensible or dead, the phantom as appearing to people at a distance from it. Tylor went on to argue that primitive man assumed that the 'life' and the 'phantom' were "manifestations of the same soul".
Tylor described the anima, or soul, thusly: "It is a thin, unsubstantial human image, in its nature a sort of vapor, film, or shadow; the cause of life and thought in the individual it animates; independently possessing the personal consciousness and volition of its corporeal owner, past or present; capable of leaving the body far behind, to flash swiftly from place to place; mostly impalpable and invisible, yet, also, manifesting physical power, and especially appearing to man walking or saleep as a phantasm separate from the body of which it bears the likeness; continuing to exit and appear to men after the death of that body; able to enter into, possess, and act in the bodies of other men, of animals and even of things"
The famous Sir James Frazer, author of the classic and influential book, "The Golden Bough", was a disciple of Tylor. Frazer believed that from the earliest times the innumerable multitude of spirits, both good and otherwise, were of necessity reduced to a comparatively small number of deities; animism then became replaced by polytheism. It was believed that from this stage of the worship of many gods (polytheism) that this would bring man to a finer comprehension of the one solitary deity (monotheism), The Absolute Godhead.
What worlds have existed and have been traversed through infinite time to bring us the divine light and the light of genius throughout our history we know not; but great lives of demi-god legend have been lived, the realms of the superman do exist. The conscience of nations is not mistaken; the prophets have not lied in calling these men "The Sons of Gods". Their mission is demanded by eternal truth; they are protected by invisible legions, and the living word speaks in them and through them in their actions!
Alexander the Great lived a brief thirty-three years and was commanding armies at the mere age of sixteen. A student of Aristotle, this legendary conqueror, initiated, as was also his father, Philip, into the Pagan Mtsteries of Samothrace, proved himself as worthy a legend in the flesh as was Achilles of Homer's Iliad. With a mere handful of Greeks, he crossed Asia as far as India and established a world class empire. Alexander's sword typified the last flash of the golden Greece of the high God Orpheus, son of Apollo illuminating both East and Western Worlds.

"He buries gold who hides the truth" ......................Pythagoras

Men of such caliber have borne different names in history. They are primordial alfa-men, adepts, great initiates, sublime geniuses, who transform and metamorphosize humanity. So rare are they that they may be counted upon our fingers. Providence scatters them here and there at periodic intervals of time, like stars flashing across the universe. And from the universal fire of the rolling astral light, that our distant ancestors called the Rhea Kybele, will come others---The Great Ones---to assist our people in desperate times of the ages. It may be difficult, but certainly not impossible, for carnal man to communicate with the higher, non-corporeal realms, but he must be fundamentally influenced by what we might refer to as the Grand Commotion of History---through the proper timing, place and circumstance, he enters the eye of the storm---then the eternal truth springs forth like a flash of light. When man listens to the divine call, a new life is created in him; now the rising Overman no longer feels himself alone, but in communion with his Gods and all truth, ready to proceed eternally from one verity to another. In this new life, through elevated thought and biological determinance, he will then become one with the divine universal will, with the crutial and important task of answering the call and urgent needs of his people!

"Man in the world of action loses his centering in the principle
of eternity if he is anxious for the outcome of his deeds, but
resting them and their fruits on the knees of the Living God he
is released by them, as by a sacrifice, from the bondages of
the sea of death. Do without attachment the work you have to
do...... "
............from "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" Joseph Campbell

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On 22 Janurary 1961 I had lunch with Hermann Hesse at his home in Montagnola, in the Italian section of Switzerland. Snowflakes fluttering by the window, but in the distance, the sky was bright and clear. As I turned away from the view, I caught the clear blue eyes of Hesse sitting at the far end of the table.
"What luck," I said, "to find myself lunching with you today."
"Nothing ever happens by chance" he answered, "Here, only the right guests meet. This is the Hermetic Circle."
.............................Miguel Serrano

During Viking times King Canute, a Danish ruler of England, was worshipped and flattered by his subjects. They thought he possessed supernatural powers which could keep them safe and happy. Being a wise monarch, Canute looked for a dramatic way to teach his subjects about Higher Power.
While visiting a seashore at Southhampton one day he ordered a chair to be brought to him. When the puzzled attendants obeyed, the King commanded, "Set the chair in the sand, in the part of the incoming tide." As they did so, Canute sat down in the chair and asked "Now, do you think the tide will obey me if I command it to stop? We shall see."
Canute commanded the tide to hault. It crept closer. He shouted the order once more. The tide advanced to splash around his ankles. The King continued his demands; the sea continued to splash against him with increasing force. Finally an impudent wave broke over the entire royal party, causing everyone to retreat, dripping wet.
"Now you see," King Canute merrily called out "that the highest of human persuasion is as nothing when compared with Natural Laws. Do not seek to control Universal Truth, but ally yourself with it."
A little consideration of what takes place around us every day would clearly demonstrate that a higher law than that of our personal will regulates events. It is only when we open ourselves to the unseen forces which beckon to guide us that we free ourselves from the false ego-self and penetrate the inner strength of real being in the physical and noncorporal realms.
Human thought races around the physical world jungle in which we live, in a frantic effort to find a way out. Our higher spirit self stands quietly on the hilltop overlooking the jungle, from which it clearly sees the way out. The human mind can begin the quest, but it cannot make the actual discovery of reality. Like the great Viking ships of old, our minds are fully capable of charting a course and raising the sail in order to begin the voyage, but having done that, it can only rest and let the winds of reality carry it to port. It is the wise man who learns how to listen. As Pythagoras would state to all his new students "Learn to be silent. Let your quite mind listen and absorb."
The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung was the first modern thinker to define the term "synchronicity" as a word to describe the perception of meaningful coincidence. Most often we do not see the pattern of synchronicity as it weaves throughout our lives. There are many various ways in which synchronicity makes itself known to us. We may be thinking of an individual whom we have not seen in a long time, only to surprisingly connect with them a short time later.
At a bookstore we may find ourselves unconsciously directed to a precise volume that is highly essential to our personal life at that moment. A stranger may, for some unknown reason, frequently cross in our life in a way that is beyond what we would expect by pure chance. Casual messengers surround us constantly but we must learn how to acknowledge these signs and interpret them.
This seemingly imperceptible and somewhat telepathic ability can be fine tuned within the minds of most people who have the presence of mind to seperate the inner-self from the exterior-self. Like a guardian spirit, the messages attempt to convey to us that our lives are about to shift in some new direction.
When Abraham Lincoln was young he lived in a small farming community in Illinois. At that time Lincoln felt that his destiny demanded more than the life of a local craftsman or farmer, like the residents around him. One day he encountered a peddler who had obviously fallen on hard times, and who asked Lincoln to buy an old barrel of goods, mostly worthless, for a cost of one dollar. Lincoln decided to give the peddler the money and he cleaned out the barrel. What Lincoln happened to find at the bottom of the barrel of miscellaneous items to his delight was a full set of lawbooks. This seemingly random unintended purchace caused him to focus his studies to eventually become a lawyer, and ultimately find and attain his well-known place in history. We do ourselves much service when we leave the doors open to initiation and to not discount the many casual signals that beckon to us.
It was Jung's belief that archetypes manifested themselves, at least occasionally, in physical events and in states of mind at the same time, also, under the law of synchronicity. Jung refers to the case of Swedenborg, who experienced a vision of fire in Stockholm at the same time as an actual fire was raging. Jung considered that that some change in Swedenborg's state of mind gave him temporary access to "absolute knowledge" to an area in which the limits of space and time are transcended.
We contact the higher powers only as we loosen our attachments to them. Most people's waking hours are cosumed with useless mundane efforts. It is a tendency to place many unnecessary needs and demands upon ourselves based upon our ego-directed drives. These areas of negative influence all interfere with the natural flow of the real gift. One must be aware of a negativity before it can be destroyed. Some of our negatives are unknown to us and it may require a synchronistic shock or crisis to reveal them.
All the triumphs and failures that can be experienced by man in this physical world are valuable lessons for our developing spirits, which are characterized and expressed by the folk-god archetypes and legends found within our indigenous mythological lore.
Synchronistic phenomena among the Aryan race occur not uncommonly when a constellation of active psyches converge to the foreground of an ethnic archetype such as Wotan, or other formidable patriarchal or matriarchal gods and goddesses. These powerful, influential and usually emotional energies are able to move the unconscious, and with it the archetype, into the foreground of the conscious. The microcosm of our interior psyche by way of the archetype reflects itself on the screen of the macrocosm of sense perception. Inner eternity and outer eternity meet in man, and thus we come to realize that our bodies serve as virtual portals between two very real and highly profound worlds.
Jung maintained that an ethnic god and archetype, such as Wotan, is not purely psychic---the stuff of dreams, but rather psycho physical---only partly psychic. By this theory the archetype is capable of manifesting in a dual fashion, appearing internally as a psychic image, and externally as a physical event, at times even as a physical object.
In Stephen A. Hoeller's book "The Gnostic Jung", he writes, "The archetype then, when manifesting in a synchronistic phenomenon, is truly awesome if not outright miraculous---an uncanny dweller on the threshold. At once psychical and physical, it might be likened to the two-faced Roman god Janus. The two faces of the archetype are joined in the common head of meaning, which is the chief characteristic of human individuation."
The deeper we probe into gnostic mysteries we find that the union of man and archetype, as well as life and spirit, are not just a casual relationship but an essential element to free us from false ego and the confines of a lower conscious physical world.
God-like image and essence are not made, they become. The ethnic god Wotan has co-existed with Aryan man since the dawn of time through a wide range of patriarchal images. The popularized Viking characterization is but one of the many masks of Wotan. Today, the presence of such manifesting divinities might surface through some form of modern dress as apparition entity of a mystic configuration. Our ethnic divinities are never static, congealed in divine perfection, but not unlike man, are also growing, learning intelligences of many degrees much higher yet similar to our own.
Synchronicity is a means by which our gods and ancestors can reach out to us and through us and in turn provides us with available pathways to higher being and consciousness. Man is the individualization of all functions, affinities and powers of the universe, and consciousness is the measure of individualization rendering actual that which is virtual in the cosmic memory.

"From any point, A line reaches back, And attaches to
a far distant center. There is no unconnected life in this
world, Nor a point in time, Unknown by any other point,
Nor a tear shed in a vacuum."

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There is nothing cultural or esthetic in the impulse to create large communities; since ancient times the motive was more often the result of fear and the desire for mutual protection from invaders. Although the sprawling cities of today rise as monuments to human ingenuity, they remain a serious menace to the health of Mankind and the welfare of the entire planet. The large community brings with it unhealthy congestion, pollution, poverty, destructive miscegenation, global poisoning and serve as a breeding place for major drug traffic and rampant crime. The vocations and avocations, amusements and recreation of the city dweller are artificial. Locked in a man-made world, we have lost contact with the god-made universe and the phenomenal interweave and perfection of natures perfection.
Aryan man has become the "homo-economicus" who
must ceaselessly consume manufactured products in order that the machines of industry to which he is a slave may continually grow. Evidence is conclusive that folk community living is the one solution for the economic fear and destructive lifestyle that is eroding the health and race-soul of the Aryan people in the over-populated and polyglot urbanized cities. In an order of living based on the doctrines of debt, nervous ailments and psychological imbalance remain an equal concern. Instability often develops as a common by-product of material aspirations, while man grinds away from youth to old age to maintain a consumer lifestyle beyond his means. What is the good of increasing the materialism, artificial pseudo luxuries, the industry, the size and the complications of our civilization, if our weakness of foresight prevents us from designing it to our needed fulfillment for health,survival and happiness?
The whole mechanics of accumulation is a human invention and has no significance outside of the human sphere. The principle phobias of modern man are closely related to the false beliefs to which he is addicted. Prominent among the popular phobias are: fear of poverty, fear of old age, fear of war, fear of sickness and fear of death. All of these fears are closely related to the financial state. It is not difficult to understand that the conscious or subconscious stress due to the many mounting tensions is detrimental to health, life and the wholistic lifestyle of our race. This all-consuming imbalance resulting from the urban conglomerate ultimately ends up culminating in the nerves, incurring physical and psychological maladies.
It is impossible for the mental life of a man to unfold naturally and normally toward a state of enlightenment and genetic health unless the physical environment is simplified in every possible way. Creative thought must come from relaxed, natural surroundings that do not interfere with sensitive impulses which flow from the mind through the ether and into the brain. Confusions, anxieties, noise interruptions, pollution, racial tensions and improper diet represent to today's urban Aryan families a highly unbalanced development process. Such conditions make marriage, child-rearing and spiritual growth practically impossible. The main pressures of the urban polyglot city life are often capable of producing a bad disposition in all of us, which is one of the heaviest burdens that the flesh can bear. Outside of the body these tensions can distort and deform otherwise wholesome attitudes, beliefs and convictions.
After more than a century of internationalist blather about technological advancements by the grand architects of the funeral pyre, it is always the common people who become grossly horn-swagled and exploited pointlessly in no-win wars for the economic gain of the financial, Power Elite. Materialism has failed in man, failed in society and failed in the universe. The human instinct, wiser and older than all sciences, knows that man and the planet can not function autonomously without serious consequences. The world is ruled by absolute and immutable laws; to know them is to be wise, to keep them is to be happy, to break them is to die. The grand design by our exploiters for a one world, universalist global plantation has been and always will be an unmitigated disaster for all races of the world. The secret of healing, individually or collectively, is to create health potential by removing those artificial and destructive obstacles which impede the natural flow of life. If we are to be well in mind and body and spirit, we must free ourselves from the delusion of universalist and consumer driven materialistic civilization, and renounce as unlivable this prevailing destructive mindless society that highly jeopardizes the delicate balance of existence for both mankind and the planet.
A healthy life and lifestyle is precious and vital to most human beings, for without it even the noblest of ambitions are difficult to realize. Mind can be the origin of both happiness and misery, health and sickness, even life and death. Health cannot be achieved by direct effort alone, it must be a consequence of right action---the result of an indigenous and harmonious community life among one's own people and ethnic culture. The essential imperative for a vibrant race might be expressed in one simple acronymn: " ORION ", (Our Race Is Our Nation). If we cannot fully comprehend the magnitude of this simple acronymn and awaken ourselves to it, then the extinction of our race and ultimately civilization on the entire planet is inevitable. It is a bitter truth that human life is no more to the universe than that of the unnoticed snail in the grass. From this sober perspective we should consider that, if we think more highly of ourselves as a species, as a folk, as upwardly evolving, intelligent living beings, who reason and create, we are at a far greater advantage. We must look at ourselves not as rootless raceless individuals but as a distinct race of people unified in will and purpose. To live only to survive is not only a pointless and uninspired life, it is also a selfish life. To strive for greatness is to embrace life at its highest level of purpose and gratification.
The evolution of a healthy race begins with a conscious understanding of our indigenous gods, accurate history and folk mythos, which is the binding glue and solid foundation of every race. Our personal living is based upon our conviction concerning spirituality and the nature of eternal being. These inwardly-discovered certainties bestow within us the strength of will necessary for right action, thus establishing in the mind a sense of direction and harmony with the physical and non-physical realms.
The second necessary element in a positive philosophy of life is the realization of the eternity of the self and the understanding of the great law of evolution of our species, through which our race must strive to reach its perfection and fulfillment. There must be a sense of folkish participation in the growth and unfoldment everywhere visible. The purpose of life is growth. A race is successful to the degree that it develops character in harmony with the natural laws of the world of which we are a part.
The third consideration involves the sharing of what we are and what we have with others of our kind. Cooperation, kinship and the constructive emotions which bring our folk into a closer concord are important key elements to a healthy meaningful environment.
The last consideration is that of leisure; haste and stress must be minimized from our technique of living. The civilized race is one which has discovered the dignity of leisure. And it is this discovery which made the ancient Aryan civilizations of Sumaria, Egypt, Greece, The Celts and Teutons great in philosophy, art, science and literature. There must be time rescued from mundane pursuits to be devoted to the culturing of the self. It is the freedom from hyper stress which enables us to embrace a healthy and balanced enthusiasm for great ideas, which are necessary in the development of a wholesome intelligent people.
The world struggle for the future is only now just beginning. As the sickness of this sinking society of mankind becomes too much to bear, the need for a neo-tribalism and a return to our folkish communities will become evermore apparent. To this, the Aryan path of Wotanism has become a superior counterforce to today's critical dilemma's and provides a dynamic storehouse of ancestral knowledge and ethnic identity. In short, it has all the tools necessary for our contiued upward evolution, unity, survival and advancement. Everything within Wotanism is conducted to instill in the Aryan spirit the most heroic courage by way of the remembrance and honor of our true ethnic gods and noble forebears, whose principles and sentiments encourage and motivate us to our most highest actions and achievements. We alone are the masters of our destiny and imagination has no limitation. It is in our power to surmount the existing hurdles and despondencies by seeing through them and understanding them and in to turn overcome them. To understand the essential purposes of life we must elevate ourselves far above the mundane earthly grind, reaching out to the boundless! Conquest over chaos! Light over darkness! A people unified! strong! vibrant! determined! and focused! Our Race Is Our Nation! O. R. I. O. N. !
The Essential Imperative! A giant first step towards a bold new beginning and a Golden Age for Aryan Man!
"Only he who bears his own soul living and burning
in his breast is an individual, is a master.
and he who abandons his own kind is a slave.
The key to freedom lies inside us!
Now we hearken again to the voice of our ancestors
and protect our essence from alien influences,
protect that which wants to grow out of our own souls.
Stronger than an army is the man who relies on the power
which resides within him!"
......................................Wulf Sorensen

" SONS OF ALBION " P.O. Box 422 Butte, MT. 59703


Life is an ongoing battle of internal and external force. External force we all experience on a daily basis and it makes up the realities of our physical world. If we do nothing, external force will continue on its endless, timeless cycle regardless, as Nature and Universal Laws dictate.

Internal force is the essence which motivates and manifests our being, forms our character, stimulates thought and shapes the world around us. It could be said that external force is the vehicle and internal force is the driver. Internal force is the thought and it is the thought which creates the will, makes the man, and directs the quest in each race of man.

It is only when man tries to rebel against Nature that he comes into conflict with the iron logic of Nature's Law and the principles to which he himself owes his existence as a distinct species. A race is a phenomenon of Nature, and should it become extinct, it can never be remade. In all things only the strong survive. It is the harsh and certain reality of life. When it comes to survival as a group or individual, only the strong survive, and Might Is Always Right!

The races of man can be observed in three general categories; the creators, the maintainers and the destroyers. Throughout recorded history the Euro-Aryan race has led the way as the foremost creative designers and builders of the greatest of civilizations, art and technology in both northern and southern hemispheres. It has been the inventive genius of the Euro-Aryan that has provided the world with the myriad of necessities, luxuries and comforts, which today are most often taken for granted. The word "Aryan" is derived from the ancient Indo-European language known as Sanskrit, a forerunner of the Greek, Latin and Germanic languages. The word "Aryan" means "noble" and is used to describe White people of European lineage.

There have always been many diverse nationalities throughout the history of the Aryan race. A nationality, however, has less to do with one's genetic origin, and more essentially to do with the particular customs, language, character and geographic location of a segment of a race. At some point in history Aryans split off into two major and genetically distinct tribes the Teutonic and Celtic, but these divisions are arbitrary, fratricidal, and a result of various historical circumstances and irrelivent to all Aryankind today. When one speaks of 'race' and 'folk', the two terms do not always share the same meaning. In one sense, the entire White race might be considered folk by blood. More precisely, the folk is primarily the culture-producing culture bearing, social unit of the race. A vibrant and unified folk will always direct its foremost concern toward the preservation of those racial, primal elements of the blood which give that group its identity and its essence. That we share the same blood as a race does not ensure that our inherent tribal viewpoints identity and perspectives will necessarily be the same. Be that as it may, if we hope to survive as a species it is incumbent upon us to unite all our existing Euro-ethnic nationalities as a pan-Aryan folk.

A great misconception about survival is that the higher forms will triumph. Nature has demonstrated many times that this is not true. Of the mighty dinosaurs that once roamed the earth, not one exists today. The saber-toothed tiger, with all its power and strength, passed into oblivion, but the lowly cockroach survived. The ancient White Egyptians, Sumerians, Persians, Trojans, Minoans, Greeks, Spartans Romans and Vikings among scores of lesser civilizations are now extinct as a unique people and culture.

Physical power alone is no gaurantee,nor is the intellectual prowess or species. The key ingredient which ensures the survival of a race is its unified will to self-preservation and the persistent and unshakable folk consciousness that stems from a mutual indigenous belief. A cohesive belief MUST be established before an iron will and a collective consciousness of a folk can begin to develop.

Any form of religion or belief system that does not spring naturally from the soul of the race, that is not born of the blood, will ultimately destroy the vital threads which link species with Nature and kinsman to kinsman. A race without an ethnic mythos and cohesive spiritual belief, drifts aimlessly throughout history. The mightiest Aryan civilizations of the world remained strong only so long as they were united and proud as a people and culture. The moment they ignored this logic of Nature, all that greatness and glory, the very ingredients that lifts man towards the divine, crumbled into dust and nothingness. Today we still see the lingering remains of these faded empires and we sigh in wonderment at the splendor and richness of those distant times.

The Aryans for thousands of years, far into pre-history, have always had their indigenous gods. These gods were an integral part of the people and gave purpose meaning, unity and collective consciousness to the civilization. The origin of WOTAN among the Aryan people is lost in pre-history, but its popularity throughout Northern Europe started to develop around 300 B.C.E., replacing the former high patriarchal gods such as Mimir, Tyr, Poseidon, Atlas, and the like. Wotan is the Teutonic name for the high god whom the Norse called Odin and the Anglo-Saxon called Woden. Wotanism, (often called Odinism or Asatru), spread a teaching of a Nature based religion and conducted a mode of living which set for itself a final goal of bringing into being a unique and noble race and drove back the universalist Roman intruders once and for all at the Rhine under the great Teutonic leader Hermann, (Arminius).

Wotanism has always placed a high value on human freedom and individuality. Wotanism was never a missionary religion; it was rather a religion that gradually evolved among our people over countless generations. Indo-European religiousity is not slavery. Wotanism contains none of the implorings of a downtrodden slave to his vengefull and all-powerful lord on bended knee's, but is rather the confiding fulfillment of a community comprising both gods and men living in harmony. Wotanism has always taught courage and fearlessness in battle. The gods of Asgard are always close at hand and serve as mentors that are capable of leading Aryan our men and women on to greatness. By an heroic action a Wotanist could take his life in his hands and be a master of his own soul. The great gifts of the gods exemplified to man were readiness to face the world as it was, the knowledge and self confidence that sustains men in tight places and the oppurtunity to win that glory which alone can survive death.

Wotanism continued to flourish for many centuries in Northern Europe and became evermore popular throughout the Viking Age from 800-1100 C.E. The Viking Age was a highly significant era, as it was the last major thrust of the Aryan peoples to be politically independant and remain sovereign from the influence of the alien Semetic religion of Judeo-Christianity.

As the Viking Age reached its twilight, Wotanism seemed to slip from the stage of world history. As the intolerant Judeo-Christian conversion asserted its domination across Europe and other parts of the world. Wotanism along with most all of the Pagan religions were forced underground by point of sword. Many of the ancient holy sancturaries and Eddas were destroyed and completely erased from our heritage. Fortunately, some of the history and arcane myths were saved by circumspect scholars and further preserved within our folklore. Carl Jung, illuminated by the writings of German author Bruno Goetz, stated: "Wotan disappeared when his oaks fell, and appeared again when the Christian god proved too weak to save Christiandom from fratricidal slaughter."

"Thinking is the function. Living is the functionary. The
stream retreats to its source. A great soul will be strong
to live, as well as strong to think."
............................Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wotanism came back in force among the Germanic peoples at the end of the 19th century and became manifest during the first and second World Wars. A new but ancient mythos was developing, a mythos of the blood, and it began reviving the light, order, spirit and folkishness again within the Aryan race. The honerable Swiss psychologist and renowned founder of analytical psychology Professor Carl Gustav Jung stated that, "The power of Wotan (the principal deity of our pre-Christian forefathers) was possessing or incarnating in the entire German folk." Professor Jung further stated in a letter to his friend, Miguel Serrano, in 1960 that "Wotan in reality never died, but has retained his original vitality and autonomy. Our consciousness only imagines that it has lost its gods; in reality, they are still there it only needs a certain general condition in order to bring them back in full force."

Wotanism will ever remain the true spiritual heritage of Aryankind. The Wotan spirit, whether conscious or unconscious, is a part of the physical and mental make-up of every White man, woman and child, and it is as old in essence as the Aryan race itself. The Oxford Icelandic dictionary defines Odin (Wotan) thusly: "Odin's name bears allusion to mind or thought, and breathing; it is the quickening, creating powers; it denotes the all-prevading spiritual Godhead." Gods such as Wotan, Tyr, Thor, Baldur and the goddess Freyja, Nerthus and others, all represent and personify various aspects of Nature and a path to a higher evolution. As our spiritual archetypes, they also represent the primal laws, natural forces and the many diverse characteristics of man. The value breathed into a god or hero is what is eternal in good and evil.

"Now man is ashamed of himself; he skulks and sneaks
through the world, to be tolerated, to be pitied, and
scarcely in a thousand years does any man dare to be
wise and good, and so draw after him the tears and
blessings of his kind.".............Ralph Waldo Emerson

A mind which only comprehends at face value, thinks of the gods as biological entities existing in their own right, or else regards them as playful or superstitious inventions. This however, is not to say that these gods of our folk do not possess a formidable character, presence, form, reality or power that our ancestors had rightfully attributed to them. Wotan produces effects in the collective thought and life of the White race and thereby reveals his own nature. Because the behavior of a race takes on a specific character from its understanding of its gods, images and symbols, we can speak of an archetype Wotan as an autonomous psychic factor which drives and guides the will of our people as does the Divine Logos or great God Of Creation that reigns over all humankind.

Even if our race kinsman become a part of another alien culture, they are still called deep down inside by their own gods of the blood. The alien Judeo-Christian religion could only survive in the Western world as long as it retained the indigenous Aryan-pagan customs, ceremony, celebrations, ethnicity and ethics. A people are lost as a people if, in surveying their history and in testing their will-to-the-future, they cannot experience racial unity. One's true ethnic spirituality cannot be wholly isolated, for it works not only on the body of a race, but on it's spirit and will, which is the expression of the soul of the race. Wotan, as the eternal mirrored image of the primal spiritual powers of Aryan man, lives within us today as he did over 5000 years ago. The concept of Wotan would not exist if our soul and blood did not exist. The gods are not only a living part of us, they are embedded into our DNA and are transmitted from generation to generation. W.O.T.A.N., as an acronym can be acurately expressed as the WILL OF THE ARYAN NATION.

The practicing Wotanist today can develop individually or in a group, which is commonly referred to as a 'kindred'. The size of a kindred can range from two members to a whole community. Each kindred event or ceremony is conducted by a Godi or Gothi, who serves as the dedicated priest of Wotan. A female priestess (Gydja) has the same functions as a Gothi. Kindreds quite often have the traditional cycle of seasonal celebrations. Once a year, kindreds of a general region will conduct an 'Althing', a traditional custom of our Northern Euro ancestors in which an assembly of kindreds gather together to celebrate and also square up all legal matters and differences that may have occured over the previous year.

Wotanists believe that a spiritual and folkish revolution must take place to hault the destructive ideologies, apathy, moral and spiritual decay that has become the cancer of our modern Western materialist consumer world. Wotanism is not meant to be a retreat from our current life into our ancestral past, its concepts are timeless and apply as much today as they did to our forefathers throughout history. An oak tree is only as strong as its roots!

This Wotanist writing was created with the sincere hope that the Aryan race worldwide may come to understand the significance of our nationhood and the true spirit and importance of our ethnic ancestral being, beliefs and heritage. We are living in a time of extreme and crutial challenge. Never in all written history has the sum total of our heritage and survival as a species been so vitally threatened. Today's White race makes up between 8% - 10% of the world population, and approximately 2% are White females of childbearing age or younger. The survival of our race hangs in the balance as never before; these grim realities will not go away by themselves. In Nature's Law there are no favorites, the strong survive and the weak perish, might is right, fight or die, sink or swim, it's very simple. Nature does not forgive weakness. That we have survived this long as a species is through the iron willed efforts of our forefathers who fought every step of the way and obeyed the folk-preserving Laws of Nature. Everything that we are now and can ever hope to become in the upward path of our kind can be summed up in one simple acronym, O.R.I.O.N. (Our Race Is Our Nation).

The resurgence of the old yet new Mythos of Wotanism already impels and enriches many of our Aryan folk worldwide. Through Wotanism the survival and dignity of our rich heritage is given into your hands. A Creed of Iron! Preserve it! It falls with you, it will rise with you. As long as a people live, their gods are immortal! May Wotan and the Wotanist path become the symbol of awakening in your personal quest and in a united and vibrant will of our folk.

"SONS OF ALBION" P.O. BOX 422 Butte, MT. 59703