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The Spirit Within

The Spirit Within by T.A. Odinson Walsh, 1519-A-G

There are probably few among us who would dispute that every society and culture must maintain law and order, and that those societies must also have means of dealing with those who would, for whatever reasons, violates the terms of those statutes. To approach the matter of law from any other perspective would be both illogical and absurd, for no culture can persist in which BOTH community and personal accountability are not mainstays.
That said, as one who has been racially aware on BOTH sides of the wire, I’d like to address the issues that pertain to the Aryan community at large, and the way in which they view and deal with those kin who have found themselves at the wrong end of the law and are now paying their dues as a result.
First of all, I think we could all agree that there are, under ARYAN racial law, certain crimes so despicable, so heinous and horrible; that no reasonable thinking Aryan person would dispute that there could be no forgiveness for. I think we could also conclude that there are certain individuals who, after many opportunities, have proven that their running afoul of the law is neither the result of youthful indiscretion, poor judgment of bad luck but instead BAD CHARACTER, in which case we must be resolute in our rejections, as to embrace self-destruction is to invite ones own destruction too. Having spent many years amidst some of the worst low lifes this world has produced has made me all too aware that, like the captor of Cool Hand Luke once said, “Some men you just can’t reach”, and each of us must accept that reality if we are to avoid wasting time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.
Having spent so much time in prison myself, I have ALSO has the opportunity to meet a great many men (and, via correspondence, women too) who, having realized the degree to which they let down families, folk and future, have sought out education and ethics that would enable them to develop the lifestyle that would not only prevent them from repeating the errors that brought them to this low to begin with, but which would allow them to contribute to something bigger than themselves, that would allow them to be the examples of Aryanism they were meant to be. Over the years I have witnessed many who, armed with this rejuvenated mind-set, were able not only to uplift themselves out of a previously self-destructive and detrimental lifestyle, but through their example to inspire many others to do the same as well, all in an environment where the pretense of change and the exhibition of ethics are usually mocked, and almost always seen as a front. Unfortunately, these same men and women, who have struggled to evolve and contribute, have found it difficult, if not always impossible, to find the OUTSIDE encouragement necessary to making them see that their efforts have not been wasted, or their sincerity disregarded. It’s a paradox, that our folk and families would tell us, “when you PROVE to us you have changed, THEN we will accept you.” For, HOW, precisely, is anyone to prove anything, if no one is willing to watch, to interact with, and even extend SOME form of kinship to this person? Again, I am NOT talking about the true dirt bags of the world here, and sex offenders or serial dope fiends who say they’re sorry a hundred times, just so they can rip you off that one hundred and first, but rather of those who have made poor choices, but who THEMSELVES first embrace accountability…we too, as a Movement, should embrace them, my friends.
My time behind the wire has also taught me some valuable lessons about those who would use our Cause, or a pathetic semblance of it, to further less than honorable ends, and these, yes, we must be aware of, and critical of. Because prison is such a blatantly volatile atmosphere where racial tensions are a constant, it’s easy for the unscrupulous to convince the naïve new White prisoner that they really “care” about them, that they offer the surrogate “family” and “love” they need to make it through this hard time, and that Race is the foundation of this unity. In truth, RACE is just the ruse, usually taken by those eager for social affirmation, and while the SURFACE is where that racialism begins and ends, for never is there any educational effort, never is there any ethical effort, and never is there any admittance that the lifestyles that got them INTO this mess to begin with was/is WRONG. Rather, they are convinced, by some very cunning cats I might add, that “we can’t save the world, so we’ll just look our for US now”, and “most White people don’t care about US, so why should we care about THEM”, and other such disclaimers and “justifications” that enable them to sell their continuance of criminal lifestyles, dope-doing, and immorality they are most comfortable in. The number of those I have personally met over the years who were drawn into this kind of lie, only to see at some point the degree of dishonor and disgrace they had actually aligned themselves with, is staggering, and sadly many of those same people, people who might, if only taught PROPERLY from the start by those who WERE truly ethical, just might have become adamant activist in our Cause in vain, they are now bitter and disillusioned beyond retrieval. There is, however, a difference, and there is a contingency of men and women behind the wire who attempt to engage us in every kind of side track game they can from slander to physical assault, and despite the doubt we often encounter from the folk in the ‘free world” (unfortunately, usually due to them having had a bad experience with one of the FAKE “Aryans” in here!) we continue to struggle, we continue to reach out to those not yet ruined, and not yet jaded, because we know that, perhaps here more than anywhere, our people NEED us to do that, NEED us to not only make them see the error of their previous lifestyles, but NEED us to remind them that even thought they have erred, they CAN STILL BE VALUABLE assets to our Race, and they can STILL BE good Aryans who make a difference in the future of their folk.
Some of you may say, “Well, I DO know some Aryan prisoners and I DO try to reach out to “them!” and to you I say thank you, and that your efforts are not unnoticed. But to those who are resolutely rejecting EVERY White man and woman who has erred, I ask you: ARE YOU REALLY PREPARED TO GIVE UP OUR FUTURE, YOUR FUTURE, SO EASILY? Has the young White man, who may have had no other example of morality in his youth, other than the MTV or the diversity training of his public school REALLY had a chance to prove his worth? Has the your White woman, caught up in the grip of substance abuse because she sought to ease the pain of not seeing a world that had anything left to offer HER REALLY become “trash” to you, something to discard without even the smallest attempt at salvage? Just as these people have needed those of us behind the wire who could show them the difference between REAL Aryanism and the FAKE version they’d been approached with, so too do they need you, to show them that the new life they have adopted is not in vain, that the Fourteen Words they have embraced are not JUST words, but relevant to them because they TOO are our White Children, my friends. Who among us will dispute that “children” need two things, love and discipline, if they are to become the people we really want them to be?
As my own time winds down and I prepare to start serving the Cause on a much broader scale outside these walls, it would be easy for me to leave all this behind, to be embittered by the negativity that I have witnessed in prison and to walk away from an experience that I know entails far more negativity than positive results, but to do so would be to surrender to forces that I know can be defeated by those resolute, and defeat should NEVER be an option of the true Aryan. I also know, that despite the mistakes they (and I) have made, there are people here who, with the right education and the appropriate encouragement, can and WILL become adamant warriors in our Cause, and so hey are MY people, OUR people, and to turn my back on even one Aryan would be to betray ALL Aryan people, so continue I shall to educate, to uplift, to set the example of change and character these men and women need, to live the life that YOU out there may see that will enable you to know that that change can be real, in hopes that you too may someday work WITH me to inspire MORE change, not simply in SOME of our people, but in as many of them as is possible, wherever they may be. To quote Adolf Hitler, himself an ex-con: “Everything on this earth can be made into something better… and out of every oppression those forces can develop which brings about a new re-birth.”

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Immigration Bill: Friend or Foe

By Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell

I’d like to ask that you consider the following content with an open mind and an honest heart. That you afford the supremacy of reason and logic due respect and deference over any urges, or impulse you may experience whereby your judgment becomes clouded and influenced by the very circumstance of emotion.

It would certainly be an honest observation for me, to assert that the current question of immigration and the myriad of circumstances surrounding this volatile and oft confrontational subject - has the Nation divided. Albeit, it would just as honestly be a pale understatement as well!

Only this past week (recently), my wife had a falling out with a friend of hers over this complex issue. Ergo, a friendship spanning almost two decades has arrived at its culmination. Her friend alleged that her views were “racist” and that I, her racist husband have corrupted her. This of course, is utter nonsense. My wife and I are both free thinkers and Patriots. Though we are indeed racially conscious and aware, we are by no means bigots! Nor are the overwhelming majority of whites whom openly declare pride in our Race, on parity with other Races and their respective peoples. And NO, we do not offer any explanations or apologies for our pride. Nor do we support the Immigration Bill!

Have you ever considered how it is usually the people whom levy allegations of Racism against others, who are always the ones getting loud, angry and hateful about their position? Not those they call Bigot. Notice the screwed up looks of angst and emotional distress etched into their faces. These are neither the voices nor the faces of either logic or reason. But rather unbridled emotion.

But, let’s get back to the immigration affair.

Let’s resolve to disregard the fallacies and stand upon the facts and realities as they exist and apply: shall we?

First of all, I have no problem with anyone, of any race whom resides in this Nation legally so long as they don’t offend or pose a threat to me or my Race.

Next and most importantly, let’s take a peek at just who this Bill protects. “Hispanics/Latin Americans”

Let’s say five million Muslims from Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq made their way into the country illegally. Are they to receive citizenship? Of course not! What about Caucasians form England, Germany, South Africa, Ireland or Canada? What about 5 million of them? Would they receive Citizenship? Of course not! What this all comes down to is cheap labor for farming and factories, imported from South of the Border.

And why? Because they demand it? What message do we send to our youth and honest, hard working tax paying Citizens, if we capitulate? That if you break the law long enough the law makers will yield to your demands? What’s next then? Pedophiles demanding that sex with minors be rendered legal? Rapists demanding Rape does not constitute a crime? Hey, folks have been protesting taxes, inflation and lack of health care for generations. No law maker has yielded to them and they were all born here. Hell, many fought wars for the ideals of this Nation! I suppose that, that is the problem… that they were born here.

Liberals and Democrats think with their emotions, their hearts, not with their heads. And any Republican or self proclaimed conservative who agrees with this Bill is only casting a vote for cheap labor to work in the businesses, they and their cronies own! Either way, a yes vote for this Bill means American Citizens lose big in health care, the work force and most importantly, the so called, afforded protections of the Constitution of the United States!

So then, is the Immigration Bill a friend or a foe to the genuine American Citizens? You must decide. But to my way of thinking, it’s not a complex issue. The law of the land must be enforced in order to set the rule of example. Otherwise, there are no legitimate reasons to obey those laws. When we arrive at such notions, anarchy is in the passenger seat of any such vehicle!

Hypocrisy bodes well with no free man or woman.

The War at Home

By Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell
Vinland Folk Patriot – VFR
For the 14 Words

Greetings fellow Patriots and Comrades!

Today, I desire to illustrate a rather alarming reality, or rather, a series of realities which are contributing to the destruction of the white race. And while this horror is one of global proportion, I shall henceforth address this issue, in the main, as it applies to Aryans here in Vinland. My only request of you is that you peruse the content of this piece with your head, not your heart. In other words, abandon your passion, emotion and animosity in consideration of my postulation, in favor of employing the calm sound of reason and logic instead. For if you may do so, it is my belief that you will better comprehend some long time realities. And if enough of us can achieve such a station of understanding well then, we may just yet be able to turn the tide of Aryan demise in Vinland (US & Canada), which I sadly believe will be total and complete within 200 years if we fail to reverse the damage thus far done!

If Iraq, or Al Queda truly desire a victory over the U.S.A., they should just borrow a page from history as well as today, wherefore the Art of Subtle Warfare is in regard. Both Japan and Mexico have enjoyed great success at it! Of course, I am being facetious regarding any victory over us by our enemies. Albeit, I am not joking about the past and current success of Japan and Mexico.

First, before I continue a minor though rudimentary history lesson… The Third Reich of Adolf Hitler evokes a great deal of negative emotion and animosity among Americans and this of course is only because we were taught to think and feel that way. But the reality is, as any honest historian will inform you, that Adolf Hitler never wanted war with England, or Vinland! A further point of reality is that Adolf Hitler was Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” for 1938 and he was nominated that same year for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, which incidentally, he won. Albeit the award was rescinded. The above two honors are not bestowed cheaply, nor do those whom render such accolades arrive at them without great debate and lengthy considerations.

That Hitler seemed to be on a conquest for European domination, is more rightly confused with his attempt to reclaim what land Germany had lost in previous wars. Any land which he pursued had once belonged to Germania under Charles the Great’s (Charlemagne) Holy Roman Empire.

That considered, I wonder, if our ancestors had lost a war, or two resulting in the loss of say, oh I don’t know, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. And then say, twenty years ago our own commander in chief sent our troops to reclaim those states from those who claim sovereignty over them as the spoils of previous wars, would you call the President a dictator? Or how about evil, would you call him evil? Would you say that he was wrong? Oh, I know, perhaps you are thinking, “What about the Holocaust?”

Yes… What about it? Assuming that it were the truth (and I don’t believe it to be so), what about it? In comparison to other details in history, it assumes its place among such details. What about the Native Americans that the U.S. Army gave Small Pox infested blankets too in the 19th Century? On the orders of the American President, the U.S. Army distributed small pox infested blankets to the Native Americans whom occupied the land the U.S. Government wanted. This is tantamount to a biologically engineered attack (Gem Warfare) upon Los Angles, today! What about the 16 million Stalin murdered? Or the 64 million that communist China’s Chairman Mao murdered! Take a moment to digest those numbers. What about the Armenians that the Turks sought to erase form mankind. What about Dresden, Nagasaki and Hiroshima? What about it?!!!

It does not matter if you are a National Socialist, Skinhead, Identity Christian, WASP, Atheist, Scientist, etc., etc., etc., All that truly matters is that you are a White Nationalist, where Our Race Is Our Nation (ORION)! Regardless of one’s religious or political perspective, Pan Aryan unity and solidarity are essential to our peoples’ survival. One must commit to becoming a stalwart Folk Patriot, without exception, apology, or remorse for your natural desire to see your Folk survive. The right to life belongs only to those who are willing to fight for that life!

What genuine victory did our nation secure from the Empire of Japan during the culmination of WWII, when they have long since reaped their revenge upon our nation, when they have purchased so much of our country? They have laws in Japan which either limit, or prohibit altogether the harvesting of their own natural resources. So, they have bought large portions of Vinland and rape our nation’s natural resources. They deplete our forests and mines of their trees and minerals and coal. They flood our market with electronics and automobiles which are manufactured by the very same manufacturer of the Zero’s (airplanes) which attacked Pearl Harbor!

Our Nation has a long history of being sold out by our own government. Consider the Communist question of both today and the Cold War era. It would have failed and fallen long ago had we as a nation just refused to recognize such governments and enforced our own economic sanctions and embargoes which we imposed upon them. But that has never been the reality at all. Our government has done business with the Reds ab ignition, that is, from the beginning, everywhere that Communism has existed with the single exception of Castro’s Cuba.
If Hitler was so evil, why then did we not view Stalin, or Mao as even greater evil and thereafter seek their demise?

Right now, as I type these very words, Vinland (USA) is under siege! We are being invaded and our own government is holding the door wide open at the Mexican Border. Think about that when next you vote. The death of American citizenship, via open border policies and amnesty programs, reduces genuine patriots to outlaws in their own country. And as I write this, your liberal government is hard at work on passing House Rule 1592 (HR1592), which would make what I am informing you about, a “Hate Crime”. But don’t trust me. Do your own research and flesh out the truth for yourself. Don’t be trusting or lazy any longer. Take a stand damn it, while we still can. Send a message loud and clear to Washington, DC that we’ve had enough!

FACT: Only two Presidential Candidates are truly against the proposed open border policy; (R) Ron Paul of Texas and (R) Tom Tancredo of Colorado. Everyone else is just blowing smoke and telling lies for your vote in “08”.

I am neither a Republican, nor a Democrat. I am a Vinland Folk Patriot - that is to say that I am a Nationalist of the White Race. I believe the Republic of the United States of America died when Thomas Jefferson vacated the White House and had long since been sold out by the Masonic Agents of American government prior to Jefferson ever taking up residence there. And that Democracy as it truly exists, not as we believe that it does, is a threat to the legitimate welfare of any healthy nation and its people.

Incidentally, the House passes HR1592 on May 3rd, 2007 CE, at 1:46 p.m. by a vote of 237 to 180. King George W. Bush has pledged to veto the bill. Providing that he follows through on his veto, it will be the first decent thing that he has done yet, in my opinion.

Something else to consider… The government is ever more seeking to cut Social Security benefits for those eligible Vinlanders, all the while the SSI benefits doled out to illegal aliens exceeds 346 billion dollars! Take a moment to digest that piece of information. If our government would serve their peoples’ wishes, they would cease French kissing the Zionist government of Israel’s ass, and end the current war in Iraq. They could quit spending on an unnecessary war abroad, and instead, back home worry about domestic policy issues. Like revamping the Social Security program and utilize the remainder of body bags in Iraq, back home in Vinland to shore up the overflowing levies and rivers during flood and hurricane season. We could also bring home our National Guardsmen so that they could serve where they were designed to; “Our communities!” Oh, I know, such a novel idea.

Never before in all of our history has our National Guard been deployed abroad to engage the enemy. Not in two world wars, not in Korea, and not in Vietnam! So when our Nation was informed that our National Guard troops were going to a foreign land to fight, that just should have set off alarms in any intelligent citizen’s mind. But instead of listening to their own voice of reason and logic, John and Jane Q Citizen opted to listen to and believe that dangerous little voice which emanated from the glowing, one dimensional gods on the other side, or plasma screen (TV).

Shame on those whom place the future of their liberty into the hands of ZOG’s yes-men and spin doctors!

Say I’ve a grand idea… While we are saving Vinland and her Aryan Folk, let’s demand that our corrupt government sever ties with all the following: the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the World Trade Organization (WTO), all of which are agencies of the mono-culture, New World Order and devices to bring about the destruction of the White Race via the vehicle of passive Genocide (greed and consumerism). Even with the rant and deceit of the mainstream, Zionist owned and operated media, these realities are easy to descry.

Now, more than ever, Nationalist Folk Patriots need to awaken and educate those of our own race whom are in a slumber, or suffer from denial. The red, white and blue of our father’s has long since been betrayed and pimped since the turn of the 19th Century. It is employed to guilt people into uniform and wars which only benefit the International Zionist Jew.

I was once duped, and a soldier in the Army. I used to think, “Get off of the soapbox!”, when I’d read, or hear this sort of content. But thank the Gods, it opened up my eyes to the realities as they exist.

ORION = Our Race Is Our Nation, not a flag with its lies, or any lines in the sand. Our Aryan race is our Nation wherever our people exist and reside… Respect no borders where our people are concerned, our current government severs ties with the Zionizt New World Order’s agencies? I mean, all we have to do is keep demanding… Just like those illegal aliens marching through our streets, carrying their Mexican flags and shouting. “La Raza (the race)!” Demanding that they be granted U.S. citizenship… It seems to be working for them. So if we too, just keep demanding that they do right by us, I mean… You know?

ORION is our creedo and the 14 Words is our battle cry! It is our paramount imperative and any other option beyond that of our total success is just unthinkable. “WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND THE FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN”.

If we don’t set aside our religious and political beliefs for now and unite to secure a future for our race, well then, true to nature’s decree we WILL simply cease to exist as a people.

Unite for white life! I implore you…

I remain yours in solidarity and in service to the 14 Words.

Fraternally Yours,

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell
Vinland Folk Patriot –VFR
14 / 88

Monday, July 9, 2007


By TA Walsh, Gothi, Holy Nation of Odin, Inc.

Political correctness. Were it not for the horrendous impact it is having of entire generations of Aryan people, political correctness would be a laughable exercise in social engineering. An absurdity hardly worthy of any intelligent persons attention, much less their consideration. Unfortunately, because it has persisted, by and large unchallenged by too many who have perceived it as a joke, or at worst a nuisance, it has evolved into an entity that, if left unchecked, threatens to steal the hearts and minds of our kind forever. It is for this reason I now suggest we begin using it to our advantage. Yes, to our advantage!
The fact of the matter is that, for those willing to put in the time and work, opportunities abound by which we could make political correctness our boon rather than our bane. The beauty of it is that, if exercise correctly (no pun intended), it would be an effort our detractors could do nothing but grudgingly accept, for to do different would make a lie of the very things they claim their cause to be about, like equality and acceptance for all.
We are told, for example, that is would be the right thing to do, despite the fact that not a single soul alive today was a participant on either side of the matter, to make financial reparations and to be apologetic to black citizens of the United States because of their ancestors endured slavery at the hands of what was, in truth, a small number of white settlers and businessmen.
To question the utter lack of logic in this, to point out the fact that tens of millions of white Americans today are descendants of European immigrants who did not arrive on these shores until after slavery was abolished (yet their tax dollars would still be “appropriated” to pay these reparations), is to be labeled a “bigot”, a “racist” or simply discompassionate.
So be it! I propose, my beloved Aryan Kin that we collectively file suit against every catholic diocese in the Nation, indeed against the Vatican itself, for the historical evidence that proves their Church systematically murdered, raped, enslaved, suppressed and eventually destroyed the nature-loving communities of the Pagan Indo-European peoples. Our Trú ancestors cannot be denied. While we could hardly put a dollar amount on the suffering our people endured as they were tortured, stripped of their homelands and forced to watch as the temples and groves of their chosen Gods and Goddesses were destroyed, that these things happened to our Pagan ancestors at the hands of the Church are indisputable, and reparations are in order. Likewise, while we can never undo the spiritual damage done to countless Indo-Europeans who were, quite literally, forced to accept an ideology that imposed upon them constant feelings of pointlessness, guilt and worthlessness for the instincts and urges nature blessed them with, perhaps we will find some solace in the formal apology and acknowledgement of what may very well be the greatest crime in the history of man.
Furthermore, we are told by the minions of political correctness that it is wrong to defame, deride or discriminate against someone simply because they look different or believe differently than we do. Here, here! Then let us put on notice every Christian church across the nation and across the globe who every Sunday (and every other time their particular denomination meets) spends a significant amount of time during their “services” defaming and deriding Pagan peoples as “sinners”, encouraging their congregations to view us as something less than human because we have not accepted the yoke as they, under the circumstances, such a deliberate singling out of an entire class of people for defamation and derision would be called “hate speech”, particularly when that class of people are such a district minority.
Which leads me to my final point, as Odinist’s we do and should, scoff at the acceptance of the mantle of “victim-hood”. To accept such would fly in the face of our most basic beliefs in Strength, Integrity, and Courage. We do not need the acceptance or affirmation of those unlike us, and on a personal level most of us couldn’t really care less about what others say about us. That said, if there are any true minorities in this world, we are it! While we may not care about nor need others regard for our chosen path, I see no reason we should not have it. Particularly in a society where we are constantly told that this kind of acceptance is so virtuous. Perhaps in demanding the application of the politically correct virtues where our folk and faith are concerned we will gain some measure of respect for out path thus unknown to most of the world’s Aryan population. Perhaps we will simply succeed in opening more eyes to the absurdity and imposition of political correctness. In either case I would consider it a victory and well worth the effort. May you all be imbued with the bold and beautiful spirits of our Gods, Goddesses and ancestors through us may they never die.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wyrd bið ful Arœd ((Fate is Unstoppable)

by T.A. Walsh, Gothi, Holy Nation of Odin, Inc.

“When fate grips you, you do well to put reason aside.”
from “The Winter King” by Bernard Cornwell

For many years I believed that I and I alone controlled my fate, designed my destiny. Through my studies of philosophy, psychology, sociology, and countless other disciplines, to which I always added the wisdoms of experience, travel and interaction with a fair cross section of humanity, I concluded that none and nothing but I could determine the outcome of my life. What a self-centered and audacious fool I was, to ever think that I could accomplish anything I am not appointed to, or that I could have survived half of what I have were I not blessed with that appointment by someone or something far greater than I.
As I have reached my middle years I find myself increasingly intolerant of those who do not grasp the reality that is fate. Where I once saw worth in the stoic’s words, today I see there a lack of passion men can not hope to be compelled to greatness by. Where I once saluted those capable of conquering the most complex of ideas, today I am disgusted by most people’s inability to comprehend nature’s simplest laws. Perhaps most perplexing to me is the notion by some that we should have by now, as a species, “evolved beyond” our instinctual duty to racialism, as if with reason alone we could undo the threads of fate or create a new paradigm that no longer required such duty to secure our existence.
To call attention to such things these days is to be branded a fool, a “hater”, and all other sorts of nonsensical things I couldn’t care less about, for I have accepted the reality that any white man or woman who would deny our destiny, or the role racialism must play in such, is no kin of mine, regardless of the color of their skin. For whatever reason, the Gods have elected to leave these people blind to the importance of fate or duty to it. Perhaps, knowing they did not equip them adequately to make any significant contribution, the Gods grant them a form of merciful ignorance that relieves them of any guilt for their inability. Whatever the case, while I might pray for some of them to open the inner-eye some day, to accept that there are simply some thing we will never explain away with rationale and reason, and to embrace the truth that we cannot separate ourselves from natures dictates and hope to fulfill any fate, the fact is I view most as hopeless sheep, at best cannon fodder in battles to come, and thus worthy of nothing as much as my contempt and derision.
How can I look to any white man or woman who refuses to acknowledge that importance of racialism in the pursuit of our fate and treat them with anything approaching kinship? To what end would I treat with kindness, civility or, Gods forbid, respect any white person who does not look with love to the loyalist of our Folk or who does not look with hate to those who would oppose or obstruct that loyalty in any way? Because they do not understand fate, is this cause to allow them to thwart ours? Because they do not comprehend their duty, is this cause to forego our own?
Based on reason, I am told, we should meet everyone with equal regard and dignity, for to do so is to assure ourselves in return the same. Being rational, I am told, would entail accepting the ideals of this age, for it is “irrational” to believe on could do anything to change the tides anyway. These are, I say, the platitudes of cowards, the fear-driven ramblings of those who have no faith in themselves and thus surrendered any hope they may have had to one day forward fates cause in exchange for temporary peace or prosperity. Because my faith in the fates is full, I have no such fears, and because I have no fears I “call it like I see it”. When I meet a coward, I call him a coward, when I meet a “man” who carries himself like a nagging woman and when I encounter anyone or anything I know to be defaming, detrimental or even simply indifferent to my duty as an Odinist man, which parallels my duty as a racialist man, then I too will call that for what it is. If this renders me unkind, uncivil, or irrational (and of which I’ve been called – and worse by the blind), then so be it.
As I conclude, to those who may wonder how I can speak so eloquently in one issue of love and seem so callous here, I say to you Odin is both, so too am I. Where I am able, I love with a focus and a passion. I am proud to say is my first, and preferred motivation. Where I must, however, I will hate with a fury all that would make a mockery of all that I love in either case. Duty is what drives me, and in every case fate is the fortune I crave… and fate is unstoppable.

On Aryan Beauty by Mrs. C

This article will be published in the next issue of "Gungnir", the Holy Naiton of Odin, Inc. newsletter

On Aryan Beauty… by Mrs. Casper Odinson Cröwell

There is so much to publish for all to read and I have been happy to contribute by putting Gungnir together, until now. Now, I have something to say…
Something has occurred which ignited a small fire, ate at me for two days, and began to create a bonfire. This will take some explaining, as you will have to use your imagination where this discussion leads you. It is fitting to write this now, with our July Hof service written for Allmother Frigga!
You probably don’t know, but we actually have two websites for the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. One is our official site; the other is on a web host called “My Space.Com”. The “MySpace” site is another connection to mainstream America. This is the reason for my discussion here; you need to have a general understanding about how the site works… People on My Space who see our site and are interested in affiliating themselves to us or the organization can connect themselves to us. Either they or you can send a “friends” request to the other, and be added to either site as a friend. You can (everyone does) have a profile with a photo and you can disseminate information to several people and post notices in the form of “Blogs” and comments. My Spaces has several policies concerning site usage; and if you don’t adhere to them, you will be deleted. One of which is no nudity. This site is available to kids and teens. People can post comments on your page, and comments on your blog articles. The first page is set up as the profile page, and has your “friend’s” photos on it. We have the following comment by Dr. Cröwell posted as a notice on the site for everyone to read:

The Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. does not condone the egregious disrespect of our Aryan Sisters, nor disparaging remarks, nor do we desire to be associated with anyone who depicts our women folk in any ill or demeaning light! If we assert that our children are our greatest resource, the very future of our race resides within them. The Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. is laboring to attract more Aryan women to our faith and folk lifestyle in an honest and noble effort towards Aryan Folk building, that our race may survive yet another millennia. Running them off with disrespect and abuse, places the blame squarely upon our shoulders, not theirs alone, when they run into the eagerly awaiting arms of non-white men with whom many will ultimately breed with! Something everyone should consider in earnest - for Family, Faith and Folk.

To start with, a comment: Art is an interpretation of life. Life is not art.

When I add a friend, I visit their sight to view their content. We want to promote our faith and draw people in – help them discover their ancestral heritage. We have several “friends”. Anyone showing women in a demeaning light will be denied as a “friend” or deleted.
What lit the fire? Well an Aryan man (Odinist/Ásatrúar) sent us a “friend’s request”. When I viewed his site, one of his friends was an Aryan woman, attractive, standing by a couch or chair. She was wearing a knitted sweater which was completely see-through and she had no bra on. Now, I sent him a note and told him I didn’t think we could add him, due to his “friends” photo. The fact he allowed it, means he accepts and condones it. I told him I would have to speak to Dr. Cröwell about it, being this was not a photo he posted, but his friend’s posted photo. He wrote me back and made a comment about the Shiites covering their women and how the sight of a beautiful Aryan woman raised his blood and gave him reason to fight, to be a warrior. He believed this woman to be a work of art. He respected my comments but completely disagreed with me.
Now, our artwork on the Gungnir covers, have very shapely, full figured women depicted. They are created by very talented kinfolk! They are the images of the ideal Valkeyrs - strong, brave, virgin warriors. So, there seems to be a contradiction, I find the cover artwork beautiful, with wonderful colors and detail, and they make me want to be stronger, appreciate the life given to me and fight for the survival of our faith and the Gods and Goddesses whom we love. The photo of the woman on the website is extremely offensive to me.
First, I pondered. Why would a woman expose her breasts for every man on that site to see? Simply, she is doing it for only one reason: to excite and entice men. Feeding her self image by having many men put comments concerning her “sexiness” on the site. There is a prevailing idea in today’s society that morality is prudish and dead. And I am disheartened that Aryan men want to promote it! Now the second reason, more importantly, she is promoting the destruction of the image of what constitutes real beauty in a real woman. Media moguls have corrupted the minds of men in today’s society, defining beauty in their terms. Men teach it to their sons and daughters everyday when they idealize the sculptured, surgically enhanced woman. The woman on this site, no doubt, has fake breasts. So, is this the same as me highlighting my hair - Fake hair? No, I don’t think so. I want to look my best and present myself as a beautiful Aryan woman, and if my husband thinks I look terrific in green, I am going to wear a lot of green! My hair color does not promote an idea that I want you to think of me in a sexual way. Everyone wants to be "attractive", not though "sexual attraction". I am angry that a man would tell me that this unrealistic image of a woman is what he would fight for. This was his image of what constitutes Aryan beauty. Granted there are beautiful women, who for a short period of their lives may resemble this woman as she appears in this photo. I am not using hardships of life as an excuse to let yourself “go”, I believe we all have an obligation to stay fit and healthy. To be the best we each can be.
If you have a copy of Myths of the Norsemen, by H.A. Guerber, on page 99 there is a picture of Idun. In this image, I see the true beauty of a woman. She is real. Every line, every curve, every dimple and scar on my body is the evidence of my fight, my battle in this life. Earned through child bearing and child rearing, my battle scars are symbols of my beauty. Some women carry scars of physical abuse or their fight to save their life because of a health issue. I see myself as a beautiful woman, though I do not meet the contemporary standards. I am offended that a man states he wants to promote Faith, Folk and most importantly, Family and then in the same breath, turn around and say this “unrealistic standard” is the definition of a beautiful Aryan woman and her behavior is acceptable. It is not ok that she chooses to parade around naked to entice all men. Would it be ok, for his wife, mother, sister or daughter to be this woman? Is this the woman he would want his young son to view on his site? My physical beauty does not define who I am; it is small part of me. And, it is a part so very sacred to me - a part that is only available to my best friend and companion – my husband. It is out of my respect for him and for my self, that I only entice him. My gift to him is that I am his alone.
Now, what’s funny is that there are no pictures of men, showing there “johnson” on this site. How would men feel about their women constantly having those images of various men all around them? Openly comparing and setting the “standard” for what a man should measure up to? Flat abs, big biceps, the amount of body hair, Etc. Etc? Would men care? Maybe not, but, I can not respect a woman who promotes the warped ideas of the mass media giants, who only want to profit off unrealistic and fake standards. And I will not promote a man, who wants to allow them to create the definition of what constitutes a truly beautiful Aryan Woman!

In Frith with thee, Mrs. C

Monday, July 2, 2007

SUN OF GOD by Ron McVan

Amid the radiant orbs, that more than deck, that animate the sky,
The life-infusing suns of other worlds.....
The enlighten'd few.....
they in their powers exult, that wondrous force of thought,
which mounting spurns this dusky spot, and measures all the sky.
James Thomson - 1746

The sun as symbol of both God the creator and of his representative son, to the Egyptians, was a symbol of immortality, for, while the sun died every night, it rose again with each ensuing dawn. From the sun came the concept of the Trinity which finds its way into all the great religions. Trinities in every instance represent the threefold form of the one Supreme Intelligence. When Christians proclaim that one cannot find the father except through the son Jesus Christ, it is that Jesus, as solar deity, not unlike Baldur of Euro based Wotanism, or Lugh and Bel of the Celtic pantheon, or Apollo of the Olympian pantheon, or Ra, Horus, or Thoth-Hermes of ancient Aryan Egypt all likewise serve their respective religion as son of God, teachers of spiritual truth and bearers of light.

Without the sun there is no light or life only darkness and death. We know now that God is not the literal sun but it is through the light of the sun that God makes his presence and influence known and by the sun that all life grows and flourish. All are but parts of one stupendous whole, whose body, Nature is, and God the soul. No matter what religion you choose to practice one should always strive to attain full sun-consciousness, the literal door to human soul perfection and only through the light life giving force of God can mankind ever hope to progress in his long and arduous journey back to the source.

The sun generates in all forms of life the needed vitality and the urge to move forward. Within us we possess our own solar fire and through the discipline of our will that solar fire can be used to achieve its object. Unlike other life forms, man has the ability to shape his own destiny. The sun inspires us to seek God, light from the dark, unreal to the real, death to immortality. It is the duty of man to play his part in this great rational whole, to subordinate himself to the universal harmony, to subject his will to law and reason, to help realize the will of God.

An atheist will proclaim that God does not exist on the premise that he cannot see him. God is not of this lower dimension but his being or presence permeates all dimensions of the extended universe. When a doctor dissects a human body he cannot see a man's soul therein nor will a brain surgeon find a single thought in a brain laid open before him. And yet, soul and spirit and thoughts work through these organs of the flesh just as God works through our soul and thoughts. All around us are unseen entities, just as the many forces of mind staggering powers such as electricity, radio waves, magnetism, atomic force and so on. Likewise, neither thought, essence, or life can be seen by the naked eye.

All living life is but a thought in the mind of God just as we ourselves live within the physical 'world thought' of mankind. If someone says the word 'Paris', the mind immediately thinks of France and perhaps Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is nothing more than a projected thought form from the mind of its designer. If we were to unbolt and dismantle the Eiffel Tower piece by piece all that would remain would be one big ugly heap of metal of no significance. It is the single thought that creates something out of nothing. Likewise, once the soul is absent from our flesh it is as useless as that of a worm or garden slug. Without God in our reality and his creative thought to provide us form and purpose we would be as insignificant as that heap of metal. It is the
God force that holds the scales of life, but it is mans freedom of choice to do as he will with his body, mind, actions and relationships with others. Man does not often take into consideration the idea of how his every thought, his every word, sets in motion the Karmic pendulum.

Many Christians mistakenly refer to Jesus as "God" and it would be equally wrong for Wotanists to view their own Son of Light, Baldur, as the All High God of Creation. At best they certainly can serve as Gods representatives and lesser gods over Man with the real ability of guiding mankind to God, but they are not the source of the light, only God the absolute can be that. Christians, too often get caught up in the personality of Jesus and even build churches around his personality. That this happens in Christianity as with most all religions is due fundamentally from the need of man to have a personality of human character to worship.

The Christian bible itself starts off with its own personal creation story that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. God created the heavens and the earth, not Jesus! All the ethnic pantheons of gods make it very clear that the gods are fallible. We can relate to these lesser divinities because they are like us in many respects and thereby it becomes an easier task for mankind to learn their life lessons. Our ethnic gods serve as archetypes that help mankind to understand God and direct us to the majesty of his essence and thereby deliver us from the low conscious state of gross matter through which we now exist. The law still holds good that man's religious consciousness is transferred from earth to the moon, from the moon to the sun, and then further extended and distributed among a number of deities more or less closely associated with the various heavenly bodies, ultimately leading back to God, the source of all that is.

The moon (like its corresponding "element" water) symbolizes Emotion; the sun (like fire) symbolizes intellect. Man's brain and heart are the microcosmic analogues of the moon and sun. Eventually, the human soul will attain complete control of the warring lower elements of its conflicting nature, symbolized as the serpent-fire locked within the earth. The sun, shining in man's heart center, rises in strength and glory to illumine the earthly mind and our whole being, enabling the soul to function henceforth in the solar body. The ancients taught that the greater life cycle of man consists of about 800 physical lives.

Darkness can never uplift the soul of man, or bring him the lasting comfort of true bliss; only the light of God can do that through his divine ray of life giving power. God is the light that radiates in the darkness (chaos). Man is a composition of spirit and matter and through that union is generated the intellectual principle. Danger arises when a person's mental knowledge and intellectual development outweighs his spiritual unfoldment, for this leads to mental and spiritual arrogance, which can reverse the whole process of spiritual growth. This is why the great knowledge of the mysteries are obscured from the unworthy majority of mankind because the ignorance, arrogance and lower untrustworthy nature of man would grossly violate and abuse such sacred works of higher learning. Pythagoras was of the belief that it was ignorance and dissipation, and not age, that destroyed the body. Whatever the case may be, it has proven out over and over again that man's audacity is far in excess of his ability and that his thinking process has actually… degenerated since the golden ages of antiquity. We have moved from a state of fertility to sterility. Truth still remains the supreme fact, the most practical and reasonable of all beings and essences.

There is an essential need for our ethnic pantheons of god archetypes which is why they have always existed since the beginning of man's spiritual development. These primordial images remain in our D.N.A. and work through us as a human being and as a race. A man that Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe much admired, Carl Gustav Carus (1789-1869) had this to say: "Insofar as the idea of life is no other than the idea of an eternal manifestation of the divine essence through nature, it belongs among those original insights of reason that do not come to man from outside......These insights open up in the inwardness of man; they must reveal themselves and, once a man has reached a certain level of development, they will always reveal themselves."

Every God and Goddess represents a particular aspect of nature and divinity exemplified within our own being and the adventures of gods, goddesses, myths and legends are often parables of the phenomena of our own interior and exterior experience. Archetypes are capable of manifesting as autonomous psychoid forces in that middle realm where what we call spirit and matter interact and should never be taken lightly. Our ancestors had a far greater intimate understanding of their divine ethnic gods and goddesses and gave them the highest of honor and respect and built mankind’s finest temples and monuments to their worthy names.

Our ethnic gods and divinities serve and guide us as heroic ideals to be appreciated and emulated and can intervene into our daily lives and consciousness while providing us with both wisdom and strength in times of need. Man however still needs to understand how the microcosmic sun within, reflects the macrocosmic SUN OF GOD and how Gods being permeates all living creatures, nature and the universe. Not until man has found the continuity of the divine functions operating in his always active unconsciousness, can he grasp the concept of the real potential that can elevate his being and soul to its highest stage of spiritual development. Many equivocate upon what should be expected of man within the narrow time-frame of his short fleeting life. Should he go this way or that way, sacrifice this, or pay penitence for that? Should he be with this religion or that religion? Put an end once and for all to the discussion of what a good man should do or should be...... AND BE ONE!!!

"The star is the god and the goal of man. The inner star is the "one guiding god" and the place where the soul travels after death. Approaching closer the star on the zenith of one's inner world helps one. Realize that it too, is a sun. Thus, the star and God are sun and are one. With this knowledge of the pagan path of redemption, the grateful dead become silent and vanish up into the night sky to travel to seek their own inner stars."
...................Gustav Carl Jung

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Every country it seems has within their myths and legends some reference to far distant times when colossal men of incredible size and strength had once walked the earth. Myths are history in disguise and lead us to the youth of the world, where the sky is nearer to the heavens, men to gods, time to eternity. The memory of the mind has long since forgotten but the memory of the blood still preserves the ancient dark wild magic and awe from the mystical age of Titans.
Modern man is content to shrug off such eras of history as the stuff of fairy-tales, yet mounting evidence continues to prove otherwise. There is no longer any enigma that dinosaurs existed, for we have their bones, flesh and footprints but what of giant humans? Let us first go back to the earliest of times when giants were believed to be the true sons of the gods arising from the mist-shrouded chaos.

With planet earth spinning out eons of time over billions of years and a seemingly endless variety of living species, many of which have come and gone, where does history truly begin? In London Texas for instance in 1934 a small round shaft of wood was found protruding out of a boulder of solid rock. The rock was split open in 1947 to reveal a metal hammer head on the other end of the shaft of wood. The age of stone is measured in its smallest time segments of 50,000 years. How many years would you imagine it would take for solid Ordivician rock to form around a hammer? Which further leads to the question, how many entire eras of civilizations have been wiped clean on the slate of mankind’s history from numerous past catastrophes?

Whenever the beginnings of human history fade into the gathering darkness, the great former age of our Atlantean pre-history creeps in to haunt us again. The legend of Atlantis seems to stand only for the final symbolic memory of a lost culture, the closing curtain of a bygone golden age. Many facts indicate that these early civilizations were not at all beginnings; instead they where the remnants of perhaps even higher lost civilizations. In light of the accumulated knowledge of Atlantis today it would be fair to say that its destruction also marked the end of the age of the giant races for the most part.

The highly accomplished German scientist Otto Muck, has unraveled a good portion of the mystery concerning the destruction of Atlantis. According to his research of the catastrophe, the earth had at that time been hit by an asteroid in the area of the Sargasso Sea. The asteroid had actually split in half before striking earth causing a double impact. The craters left from that impact are still clearly visible on the ocean floor and can now be viewed from NASA satellites. At the time of Mucks investigation he surveyed the entire area by scuba diving around the impact site. Much of the meteor shower following the asteroids struck the land areas of the Carolinas which left a crater field also clearly visible now through the use of NASA satellites.

Muck went on to explain that these asteroids contained many thousand of millions of tons of nickel still concentrated in that area of impact. This would account for the unusual havoc played on instrument gauge panels on boats, ships and planes to which the Bermuda Triangle is notorious. Many researchers have speculated upon the date of the destruction of Atlantis ranging anywhere from ten to twelve thousand years ago. Otto Muck was not satisfied with guessing and speculation, so in his research for the exact time he depended primarily upon the accuracy of the Mayan calendar. He pin points the exact moment of the end of Atlantis at 20:00 hours local time on June 5, 8498 B.C.E.

The Norse Eddas are a kind of Germanic Atlantis document: That is to say, an account of the site of the 'holy island' in the amber region in the Bronze age; of its destruction in a world-wide conflagration and flood, and its reemergence at a later time. In the realm of the Norse gods known as Asgard stood the mjot vithr, the 'measuring tree' also known as the 'ash-Yggdrasil'. This tree is a symbol of the center pole of heaven according to the Eddas. Æsir; derives from the word as meaning center-post, or the island of the heaven-pillar. A number of European fairy-tales relate to the world ash such as Cinderella, which translates to 'child of the ash'. In the tale of Jack and the beanstalk he must climb the stalk or world tree to reach the land of the giants.

In the territory of the giant Atlas, which is Atlantis, being one of its rulers and the son of the Titan god Poseidon, he has the Hesperides, from the isle of the blest, guard the golden apples. In the Norse pantheon the goddess Idun guards the golden apples in her chest of ash which the gods must taste whenever they grow old, to remain young. The Norse Eddas preserved accurate memories of Atlantean times referred to as the 'Age of Gold'. In the Gylfaginning it is told how after Ragnarok (the end times) the Æsir sit down together and hold speech with one another and call to mind their secret wisdom and speak of those happenings which have been before... Then they find in the grass those golden chess pieces which the Æsir had had. According to the Eddas, the Æsir remember their secret wisdom; the word for 'secret wisdom' to the Norse is runar, which also means 'runes'. The god Wotan is known to have given his left moon eye into the well of Mimir to learn the secret wisdom from the giant Mimir. Mimir was the wisest giant in the world and keeper of the ancient sacred knowledge.

In Atlantis the ten ruler kings wore blue mantles. Wotan in Asgard also was known to wear the symbolic blue heaven mantle as well as did the god Apollo who was known to have blue tinged hair and born among the Hyperboreans of the north. The entire Teutonic creation cosmology starts off with the giants. These were the primal giants of the earliest ice age, the 'UR-HOMINES' who's offspring would then give birth to Wotan and his brothers Vili and Ve. Later, when the giants became a threatening menace to the gods of Asgard they in turn became staunch enemies. Wotan’s son Thor was known among many other names as, 'The Giant Killer'. Essentially the giant is a symbol of dissatisfaction in that he either aims at dethroning the gods or destroying the work of man. The hero’s deed is to restore the equilibrium that had been upset by the giants overturning of the universal order.

"Godlike men, andres theioi, the higher leaders of the Athenian republic, correspond to "Suns Of God", the ten Kings of Atlantis. In one case we have the "seed" of father Okeanos; in the other, of Mother-Earth, Gaea; but in both cases god appointed guardians of men, Phylakes, a special breed of men, not only politically, but also physically. They stood above all, these "godlike men" these "men-gods" follows that they were wise men and prophets."

"There dwelt in your land (before the deluge) the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived", says the Sais priest to Salon, "of whom you are and your whole city are but a seed or remnant." In all Euro Western mythology and legend reference to Atlantis and the early age of giants are many. Equally as important is the Atlantean heritage that remains from the Mayan culture, the Minoan and early Egyptian who themselves are offshoots of the Atlantean empire.

It is important to note that two Egyptian papyri were examined by Heinrich Schliemann at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg which contained the following Atlantis information: "Pharaoh sent out an expedition to the west in search of traces of Atlantis from whence, 3350 years before the ancestors of the Egyptians arrived carrying with themselves all of the wisdom of their native land."

Heinrich Schliemann, well known for his discovery of the long lost city of Troy and Mycenae also found artifacts from Atlantis which bore the inscription; "of Cronos of Atlantis" Cronos was known as the father of Zeus.
"There were giants in the earth in those days”
...............Genesis VI, 4

Pope Gregory ordered classical literature destroyed, "Lest it distract the faithful from contemplation of heaven". The bible however could not ignore certain pre-historic realities which gave some of its own story legitimacy. This included the existence of ancient human giants. In various segments of the bible one can find passages such as:

"And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.”
.............Numbers XIII 33

And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a man of great stature that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born of the giant.
................2 Samuel XXI 20

So many distant epochs of man on earth may forever be lost in time. The epochs known to the Atlanteans were, The Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian and Atlantean which leads into the Aryan epoch. The original early races of Atlantis were very tall in stature ranging from ten to twelve and sometimes fifteen feet in height. These were certainly giants by todays standard height. The Anglo-Saxon word, Etin, still found in Scottish legend, is the same as Jotunn, the Scandinavian form, and both can be philologically equated with Titan.

" Children of the Heavens and the Earth, Titans crowned with glory, fathers of our fathers remote, who live in dark Tartarus, Ye are the springs of life and sources of all suffering creatures.”
.............Ancient Orphic Prayer

The tall Aurignacian tribe of the Atlanteans was later succeeded by the Azilians who invaded Europe at widely different periods. The Aurignacian giant race was physiologically far superior to any human type existing, during that era of history. But in time they were replaced by the Azilians, a tall but much smaller people. The Azilians were a fore runner of the later Iberian race, Iberians were a smaller race than the Azilians but normal by our standards and physically well developed. Iberians were a branch of the Aryan tribes with jet black hair and were believed to be the founders of early Druidism. They mixed their race into a good portion of the Celts, Egyptians, Spanish and various coastal tribes along their shipping and trading routes down the west coast of Europe and on to the Mediterranean and North Africa. The bulk of their people became the Minoans of Crete. The mix of Celt and Iberian are commonly referred to today as the "Black Irish".

"Up on high the Father of men and gods thundered ominously, and down below, Poseidon caused the wide world and the lofty mountain-tops to quake…
such was the turmoil as the battle of gods began."
............Homer, The Iliad Book XX

As mythology has it, Poseidon, is a derivative name of Potei-Don, which means "Lord of the Water". In earlier times he was known as the ("Earth Shaker Potei-Don") was the all high Titan god of Atlantis. He bore three Titan sons, Atlas, Albion and Iberius. Atlas became god of Atlantis, Albion, god in the area of what is now Britain, and Iberius, god of Ireland.
With the sinking of Atlantis, Atlas, likewise became the subject of myth. As English historical legend has it, the land of Albion remained inhabited by giants. The younger son of Anthenor of Troy, Brutus, engaged in battle with the giant Albion; Accompanied by a party of Trojan exiles under the leadership of a champion fighter called Corineus. Brutus landed at what is now the port of Southampton. Hearing of the invasion, Albion raised a power of fellow giants and encountered Brutus. A bloody battle was fought wherein the Trojans were worsted and many of them slain, and their army forced to retire.

Brutus did not give up easily. During the night a long deep trench was dug and lines of sharp stakes were driven into its floor. The giants were then challenged to a second battle. This time the Trojans emerged victorious and the remaining giants fled to Cornwall, hotly pursued by Brutus's men. At this point Brutus decided it would be a wise idea to divide the island in two as this would facilitate control of the race of giants, keeping the remainder of Albion under his rule and renaming it Britain.

In a subsequent bloody battle Albion was slain by Brutus while his brother Gogmagog, the mightiest of the giants in Britain, was killed by the warrior Corineus who hurled the monster over a cliff. This cliff was henceforth known as Lan-Goemagog or the giants leap. The name Alba, is a Celtic derivative of Albion from which Scotland takes her name Albany.
Behind the prophetic works of the visionary artist and poet William Blake, "Albion", stands not only for Britain but for perfection of humanity itself. That age of Titans when ancient man contained in his mighty limbs all things in Heaven and earth; The children of Albion, he explains in his Descriptive Catalogue, were once archetypal figures of the 'golden age'.
The tallest living man known to enter Rome in its day was in the time of Claudius Caesar. His name was Gabbaras, brought by the emperor from Arabia. He was nine feet nine inches high. It is important to realize that the giants are quite different all together from the early Titans, who were the original generation of the gods, the semi divine 'UR-Homines'.
In California and Arizona skeletons of giants twelve feet tall, having six toes have been unearthed. In his excavations in Moravia the archaeologist Burkhaltar found stone tools more than ten feet long weighing three to four hundred pounds. Evidence showed that they were tools that had been used!

Ancient Crete was an offshoot of the Atlantean empire in pre-historic times. Some believe Atlantis existed closer to the north-west African regions and the regions of Spain close to the pillars of Herakles. The nearby mountains in Morocco were believed by the ancients to be named after Atlas. An electrifying find was made in Agadir in Morocco where the French captain La Fanechere discovered a complete arsenal of hunting weapons including 500 double-edged axes weighing 18 pounds or twenty times as heavy for you and me. It has been estimated that to handle the axe one would have hands of equal to a giant with a height of at least 13 feet. La Fanechere may have discovered the implements of the giants in or near Atlantean regions.

Doubting minds continue to remain as closed today as they were in the Middle Ages even when solid evidence is presented before them. Witness then this finding of a giant found buried with his armor. The discovery was reported by Hugh Hodson of Thorneway in Cumberland. "The said giant was buried 4 yards deep in the ground which is now a cornfield. He was 4 yards and a half long and in complete armor: his sword and battle-axe lying by him. His sword was two spans broad, and more than 2 yards long. The head of his battle-axe was a yard long, and the shaft of it -all of iron, as thick as a man’s thighs, and more than 2 yards long." "His teeth were 6 inches long and 2 inches broad; his forehead was more than 2 spans and a half broad. His chin bone could contain 3 pecks of oatmeal. His armor, sword and battle-axe are at Mr. Sands, of Redington and at Mr. Wybers at St. Bee's."

The above was quoted from Jeffersons History of Antiquities of Allerdale above Derwent, and stated to be taken from the Machel Mss. (Carlisle), Vol. VI.
In our own modern times we occasionally hear of an incident where a human reaches the height of eight or nine feet but again such cases are uncommon. The biological gene that produces humans of giant stature is an anomaly which is all but extinct. Let us then back up a few centuries when the world was vast and not yet fully explored and giant sightings more prevalent.

While Magellan's fleet was lying in port in San Julian in June 1520 a gigantic native appeared on the beach near the ships. "This man", says Pigefetta, a companion of Magellan, "Was so tall that our heads scarcely came up to his waist and his voice was like that of a bull." The smallest of this particular native was far taller and bulkier than any of Magellan and his men. By a stratagem they managed to put two of the natives in irons intending to take them back to Europe. Both died before crossing the line.

Anthony Knyvet, who accompanied Cavendish in his disastrous second voyage and traversed the strait in April 1592, speaks of having seen Pantagonian natives 14 to 16 spans (i.e. 10 to 12 feet) in height. Sebald de Weert, who visited the strait in 1598, speaks of the natives as being 10 or 11 feet high; and Joris Spilbergen, on April 3,1615, saw "A man of extraordinary tall stature "watching his ships from the south side of the eastern entrance.

In Lampock Rancho in California in 1833 some soldiers discovered during excavations a skeleton 3.65 meters long and surrounded by worked shells, heavy axes of stone and boulders covered in unintelligible writing; and a similar one was on the island of Santa Maria near Los Angeles.
In July 1887 Ronald Charles Calais says, "Four men looking for precious metals in Spring Valley near Eureka, Nevada, noticed an odd object projecting from a rock. The object was a human leg bone, broken off neatly above the knee. After getting rid of the quartzite around the leg it was taken to Eureka where doctors examined it carefully. The leg was undoubtedly that of a man .but what a man! From the knee to the heel it measured 99 centimeters’, which meant that the man must have had a height of 3.65 meters!

"For always heretofore the gods appear manifest amongst us, when so ever we offer glorious hecatombs, and they feast by our side, sitting at the same board, yea, and even if a wayfarer going all alone has met with them, they use no disguise, since we are near of kin to them, even as the Cyclopes and the wild tribes of Giants.
................Homers Odyssey Book VII

The eminent writer Homer, in his epic tomes, "The Iliad and the Odyssey brings to life a vivid world of gods, giants and immortal heroes. He also presented to the world of literature the most memorial giant of all the Cyclopes "Polyphemus", the human eating one eyed wine guzzling scourge of the Greeks. This awesome character ultimately becomes out smarted and overcome by the crafty Ulysses. From this story in the Odyssey one gets the impression that Polyphemus is a holdover from a once flourishing Cyclopean breed of giants from far distant times. What also becomes self evident in the research of the Cyclops mythos is that two classes of this giant seems to have existed. The early Cyclopes appear semi divine and far superior to man, the later species are characterized as uncivilized and slow witted shepherds which seems to follow with all in general.

Cyclipsia, which is characterized by the presence of a single eye, placed in the forehead, is extremely rare today. It is either an epicerebral eye, somehow connected with the purietal organ stunted in modern man, or it is a pathological case. As a deformity it consists of the movement of both eyes toward the bridge of the nose, where they blend into a single eye.
The story of Titanmachia, or divine war with the Titans, relates that Uranus the first ruler of the world, cast his sons, Briareus, Cottys and Gyes, the Hecatoncheives, or Hundredhanded, into Tartarus, along with the Cyclopes, "The creatures with round or circular eyes, "gigantic shepherds of Sicily. Both the Cro-Magnons and the Cyclopes, seem to have been the degenerate aborigines of Atlantis. The Cro-Magnon skull was large, the eye-orbits immense, and the whole physique powerful.

There is ample evidence available concerning the former existence of Cro-Magnon man but what of that strange exotic species we have come to know through mythology as the one-eyed Cyclops? The very fact that the one-eyed giants have remained a fixture for so long in Western Literature leaves a seed of thought as to their actual existence so long ago. The Cyclopes are at times known to have been helpers of man, performing large tasks beyond our capabilities such as moving and crafting huge stone for buildings and walls. These are still known today as Cyclopean stones. Such immense irregular stones so carefully formed and set continue to remain an enigma to the world.

The walls of Tiryns and Mycenae, were attributed by Greeks of the classical age to the Cyclopes because they seemed too difficult for mere human beings to have accomplished. Walls bearing identical similarities can be found in Peru, and in underwater stone constructions from a bygone age off the coast of Bimini. There are some tooled Cyclopean stones so incredibly large that the biggest crane in the world can not so much as budge them. Such are the three stones at Baalbek in Lebanon which the Romans once called Heliopolis, or "City of the Sun". Stood upright, these stones would each be as tall as a five story building, and each weighs anywhere from 600 to 800 tons! The mystery is only deepened by the presence of a fourth even larger stone, cut but then abandoned in a stone quarry. At almost 1,100 tons and seventy-two feet long, this gargantuan monolith is the largest piece of hewn rock on the face of the earth. To budge it an inch would have required an army of more than 16,000 workers all pulling in unison. We can not manipulate stones of such size today with our best modern equipment. How then did the ancient men do it?

One singular aspect about Titans and giants of ancient times that speaks out to us from the evidence left behind is that they were surely supermen of body and mind. They were founders of civilizations and great culture bearers, engineers and artisans. Did giants originate on this planet before or parallel to the dinosaur age, or could it be that perhaps they arrived here from a distant planet in the Pleiades which some legends suggest? Ask yourself this question, where, when or why does a species originate? Do they just pop up out of nowhere or migrate from planet to planet throughout the infinate galaxies? There must be a point of origin for all existing life but where? The further one looks back in time where we would be expect to find total primative societies, instead, we witness higher technology higher than can be imagined today by the best minds of our times.

Scientists estimate the earth to be 3.7 billion years old. W. Scott-Elliot, claimed in his book, "The Story Of Atlantis", published in the 1890's that Atlantis existed more than a million years ago at its origins. In 1960 in a coal mine in Italy human remains were found that date back 10 million years! Our own study of archaeology tells us clearly that histories have been wiped clean many, many times.

This old creaking earth is getting tired and battle weary with continuing assaults from comets, asteroids, meteorites, floods, earthquakes, ice ages, rising and sinking continents, continental shifts and axis shifts and yes, that destructive little parasite known as mankind. We smug rapacious humanoids in our frail existence and artificial consumer gadget world continue to ignore natures warnings always assuming that we know everything, and that we are the alpha and omega of all that is and ever can be. Somewhere, far off in infinite space, if you listen closely, you will hear the Titans laughing.

"People make mistakes in life through believing too much, but they have a dammed dull time if they believe too little."


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