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Since the dawn of human existence the Aryan tribes have had numerous matriarchal and patriarchal gods. Though the names have changed the essence remains virtually the same. In the writings of Tacitus he states: "the chief god of the Germans (Wotan) is the same as Mercury among the Romans".

To the ancient Greeks Wotan was considered one and the same as Hermes. It is also becoming more widely believed by many today from mounting historical findings that both Wotan and the Egyptian Hermes were one and the same entity. Somewhere in the Fourth or third century B.C.E. the Aryan patriarchal god Wotan began to emerge to the forefront as the central deity of the Northern Europeans particularly the Teutons. Wotan replaced the former Allfather Tyr and the further distant Poseidon who's realm reached back into Atlantean times. To the Scandinavians he was known as Odin, to the English, Woden and the Germans, Wotan. The days of the week were named after the Wotanic gods of the Asir and still remain so to this day. Sunday (Sun) Monday (Moon) Tuesday (Tyr) Wednesday (Wotan) Thursday (Thor) Friday (Frigga) and Saturday (Saturn).

In the beginning of the first chapter of the book "Teutonic Mythology", by Victor Rydberg Ph.D., copyright 1906, he states: "Already at the beginning of the Christian era the name Germans was applied by the Romans and Guals to the many clans of people whose main habitation was the extensive territory east of the Rhine, and north of the forest-clad Hercynian Mountains. That these clans constituted one race was evident to the Romans, for they all had a striking similarity in type of body; moreover, a closer acquaintance revealed that their numerous dialects were all variations of the same parent language, and finally, they resembled each other in customs, traditions, and religion."

The name 'German' and 'Teutonic' are Aryan tribal names. The name Teutonic derives from the ancient worship of that clan of Aryans who aspired to the war god known as "Tyr" or Teu. Teutonic warriors well into the Viking age were known to inscribe the Tiwaz rune (symbolic of Tyr) into their battle sword in his honor and that it would bring them victory and protection. The Teutons are believed to have been the founders and builders of Troy. Rydberg also mentions in his Teutonic Mythology book that "Wotan had been a Trojan chief, and when he appears in Teutonic Mythology as the chief of the gods, it seemed most probable that he was identical with the Trojan King Priam, and that Priam was identical with Hermes-Mercury." Further, the author of the Younger Edda speaks of the Trojan decent of Odin and his people, should marry Thor to the most famous of Trojan woman." Still, this marriage is not invented by the author. The statement has an older foundation, and taking all circumstances into consideration, may be traced to Germany, where the goddess "Sif" (Thors wife), in the days of widespread Aryan Wotanism, was as well known as Thor.

In today's times Wotan is not just the god of the Teutons exclusively but representative of the entire Aryan race. Wotan is a God of the blood and as adaptable to modern society as it was to ancient times. In the proto Aryan civilizations our race was simply one people genetically defind as Aryans which is the true and accurate biological name of our race as a species. Through the long course of history the Aryan people split off into many various tribes religions and nations which only served to further divide us as a distinct unified race. Those today who identify themselves as Wotansvolk do so in the knowledge that it is not the name of an organization, club or guild, but in essence describes those of Aryan extraction who continue to adhere to the indigenous practice of Wotanism and recognize that the first and highest law of Nature is the preservation of one's own kind.

After two thousand years of universalist, alien religion imposed upon the Aryan tribes by force of church and state, the White race worldwide now faces the very real prospect of total extinction as a species in the very near future. Miscegenation is genocide. Racial integration is genocide. Forced integration is deliberate and malicious genocide. Birth control pills, abortion and homosexuality all work against our advancement as a race and do more collectively to deplete our population than any war and thus greatly lessen our chances for survival. The ability to adhere to the upward evolutionary path of natural instinct and biological determination; the will to victory and the ability to advance and secure it, separates Wotansvolk from other relatively similar ethnic belief systems.

Wotansvolk practice what is known as "The Nine Noble Virtues": Courage, Honor, Fidelity, Truth, Discipline, Industriousness, Perseverance, Self-Reliance, and Hospitality. The Aryan from earliest times has always intrinsically followed a basic code of ethics. It was in the ninth century that "The Havamal" (The words of the High One) as we know it today, was compiled as one of the poems in the Codex Regius of the Elder Edda. The Havamal best expresses the deepest essence and character of Aryankind as practiced by our ancestors. By the close of the 20th century a compiled adaptation of those ethics was made available for easy access and use for modern times and needs which are known as:

"The 14 Codes of the Aryan Ethic"
• (1) Honor no gods but those of your own Folk----(As alien gods destroy you.)

• (2) Nature's laws evidence the divine plan----(As the natural world is the work of the All-High Creator.)

• (3) Act nobly and courageously, always carefully considering the consequences----(As the effects of your deeds live on after you pass from Midgard.)

• (4) Live within the reality of this life; fear not your fate----(As fear is for fools and cowards; a valorous man boldly faces what the Norns decree.)

• (5) Love, protect, reproduce and advance your Folk----(As natural instinct prohibits miscegenation and self-destruction.)

• (6) Be honest, be disciplined, be productive and loyal to friends----(As the Aryan spirit strives for excellence in all things.)

• (7) Treasure your history, heritage and racial identity----(As your ancestors have entrusted, it falls with you, it will rise with you.)

• (8) Honor the memory of your kith and kin, especially those who have given their lives or freedom for the folk----(As your race lives on through your blood and
your will.)

• (9) Respect the wisdom of your elders----(As every moment of your lives links the infinite past with the infinite future.)

• (10) Honor your mate, provide for your children and carry no quarrel with family to sleep time----(As family is your purpose and fulfillment.)

• (11) May your word to a kinsman be a bond of steel----(As your troth is your dignity and strength.)

• (12) Be cunning as the fox with enemies and Skraelings----(As their goal is your extinction.)

• (13) Secure, defend and cherish your homeland----(As Nature's Territorial Imperative demands.)

• (14) Live in harmony with Nature and the Folk and compromise
not with evil----(As racial survival is your perpetual struggle.)

Authority maintains its power and influence only by imposing false doctrines upon the people since knowledge is not one of its attributes. Wotansvolk remains an open door to infinite knowledge and it is indisputably evident through the teachings of the Havamal and the practice of Wotanism that it is not rooted in any kind of fear, neither fear of deity nor fear of death. To the Vikings who followed Wotan's path, honor and acclaim was like rain upon a parched meadow. It was a strong belief at that time that through a life of unflinching courage and achievement and a glorious death that a man will be remembered for many generations. Wotansvolk also believe in the infinite intelligence of the All High Creator of the Universe above and beyond our divine ethnic gods and goddesses.

As generations of our heroic forefathers laid the foundation for Aryan culture, and existence, Wotansvolk recognize and strengthen that chain of heredity with our god given uniqueness, determination and natural abilities. Wotanism rises out of the mystical soul of Aryankind to bind us together as one Folk, one Destiny, and certain Victory! Volk is Teutonic for "Folk", the culture-producing, culture-bearing part of the race, who place a high value upon ancestry, heritage, knowledge, spiritual development and awareness. From this vantage point Wotanism is able to attain a higher state of mind above and beyond the man made religion aspect by establishing an essential Folk Consciousness, both as an individual and collectively. To the enlightened Aryan the whole universe breathes the very spirit of Wotan and the gods of Asgard. As Allfather of Aryankind, Wotan reaches deep into our collective conscience and unites us as a people in a uniquely ethnic, symbolic and emotional way, something that alien religions are not capable of achieving. Through Wotanism we find the innermost character of the Folk Soul and a balanced self-assertion in the universal order of life. Wotanism opens doors to the true inner temple of manifestation in the essence of our being, our race and the world in which we live.

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