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In Pursuit of the Truth, by Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell

In Pursuit of the Truth
by Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell
Vinland Folk Patriot, Local #1488

The pursuit for knowledge and that for truth, have more oft than not, in the contemporary age in which we reside, assumed some quasi-persona of the same reality, when in fact, the two pursuits are equally as oft - bipolar. For truth is, in and of itself, legitimate and genuine. It does not exist based upon any human condition or emotional state of being. It merely exists within the order of natural law and its conditions. Whereas knowledge may conversely and deliberately be predicated upon deception, in accordance with any particular writer's/speaker's own personal convictions and thereafter emotional liaisons thereto said convictions.

Any honest pursuit for truth is seldom fluid or achieved with any degree of ease and this of course may be attributed to the panoply of threats which the truth may pose for those whom have established institutions, philosophies and belief systems based upon deceptive realities contrary to the truth.

Such are the very real fears of those whom have built what they have upon the unstable foundations of fraud and deception. Grand schemes and tactics have been devised and implemented throughout the epochs of man in an effort to protect and safeguard their secrets and that which they conceal. Wars have been waged and assassinations perpetrated. No means have been spared to achieve both secrecy and the intended goals for which the deception was devised and implemented' with its very mission in mind.

Bearing in mind what I have thus far posited, one may further consider that guilt and misplaced conscience may further exasperate and contribute to the erosion of truth and the facts which support it. One may struggle with great moral upheaval wherein the truth is in regard until one becomes so ridden with guilt, or outright uncomfortable with the reality of the truth that they elect to simply disregard it as though it were some dark and forbidden knowledge which if otherwise embraced, or even acknowledged would mean certain ostracism, or perhaps, worse!

This reality has contributed greatly to the erosion of truth as it exists unmolested. Truth has more oft than not been reduced to myths and fables while blatant and egregious lies have become the new truths via the vehicle of repetitive assault upon our innate sensibilities. Custom and use allows for lies to usurp and supplant the truth wherefore the ebb and flow of time are concerned. And the panderers of treachery and deception not only know this. They count upon it!

For those of you whom may be unfamiliar with any of my previous work and compositions over the years, you may be inquiring as to what I am on about, or what my angle is?

No angles here folks. Just an honest effort to stem the flow of decadence associated with moral bankruptcy wherefore it is steadily facilitating the very decline of western civilization and more to the point, the Aryan people.

I offer no apologies when I postulate that among the greatest liars in history, we shall find the Zionists reigning supreme. For over sixty years now the Zionists have conned the world into believing, via the vehicle of guilt, that six million (a number which never existed) had perished at the brutal and atrocious hands of the evil Nazi's perfect hatred!

The Zionists have furthermore parlayed "their lie" into a multi billion (if not trillion) dollar a year industry. Complete with a nation of their own.

For you, the disbeliever, query of yourself this; "Where is the legitimate evidence of the mechanics, of this detail in man's history that we've come to call the Holocaust?"

Remove your emotions from the investigation and equation. Be totally honest with yourself. Retrace your indoctrination from your earliest public education and media exposure memories. Where has anyone ever provided any credible evidence of this event's occurrence? Remember; leave your emotions out of your considerations. We've been taught through guilt not to question too deeply the propaganda which we've been inundated with for over sixty years now! Yet, on the opposite side of this argument, several scientists and scholars have been imprisoned, or murdered for unearthing the truth! These are/were legitimate historians, not anti-Semites with an ax to grind. For exposing facts and truth they have become targets of character assassination, unlawful kidnappings and extradition and imprisonment. What kind of fear is that when you arrest, imprison and murder people for what they think and say?

If one were to declare that the Turks never committed Genocide against the Armenians, no one goes to prison, or is heralded as a racist! Why do you suppose that is?

How many Vinlanders (Americans) who pay taxes realize that their hard earned wages which Uncle Sham demands of them, does not get spent on one single U.S. program, deficit deferment, etc., as we are led to believe? I'd venture that most would be shocked to learn that every year U.S. tax dollars pay for Israel's existence! Every year it increases too. This past year, 2007, 65 million dollars of American tax money went to Israel, not counting military expenditures.

I'm not referring to Foreign Aid either. Foreign Aid requires that the recipient provides the U.S. Government with an itemized and detailed projection account of how the money will be utilized and then a follow up accounting of how it was dispersed and employed. Every foreign nation which receives such U.S. financial aid is required to follow this protocol. Israel is not required to do this. And they do not. Period.

65 million unaccounted for U.S. tax dollars annually to Israel, whether or not you like it.

As for the remainder of your tax collected dollars. They go to the Federal Reserve Bank to pay off interest of the nation's deficit, or so they claim. The only problem with that is that while the name "Federal Reserve Bank" sounds like an official government entity, it most certainly is not! It is a privately owned financial institution just like Chase Manhattan or any other privately owned company. In fact, the president of Chase Manhattan is one of the owners of the Zionist owned Federal Reserve Bank. It is usually just called the Fed, or the Federal Reserve, in nightly news reports regarding the nation's wealth, market and economy. This is to afford it that official government entity sound and prestige. But the only government which it serves is Israel. Did you also know that it is the only privately owned bank which operates within Vinland (the U.S.), that has NEVER been audited?!!! While this information is all true and a matter of public record, the mission of the work you now peruse is not to strip the whore American Government has become, of her Halston or Dior evening gown to reveal her Israeli under-garments. That is yet another essay to be, in the near future.

The mission of this work is to agitate the complacent minds and outrage the naive, but otherwise, genuine patriots in an endeavor to arouse in them a desire to research the facts for themselves in the pursuit of the truth.

Were the Holocaust lie ever to be fully exposed, not only would the Zionist's cash cow drop dead. But the world's Jews would never recover from world wide scorn. Israel would be returned to Palestine and Vinland (America) would have to institute a new form of honest government other than the neo-Marxist, albeit capitalist government which currently collects U.S. tax dollars to support Zionist Israel.

Open your eyes and do your own research before it is too late. America is fastly becoming a Police State! Soon, nothing but Zionist lies shall pass for the truth. And with such a corruption of truth shall come the demise of the White Race and over 35,000 years of history engendered by "OUR" Ancestors!

For those of you whom may allege that this is but yet another conspiracy theory, I offer you this; your heated emotions will never surpass logic, reason and the facts as they do indeed exist. For such are the faculties of any honest reality. I am afraid that all that will suffice in this forum of truth is honest examination. Not personal emotions and passionate agitations. For any search for truth demands of one to examine and make use of all available records and reports based upon today's sciences and such facts in concert therewith. Sound bites from the evening Zionist owned media's news programs do not constitute reliable sources of information. Lies always require battalions of supporters. But the truth is able to stand on its own. That is why it is so often concealed by the liar's host! It is rather ironic that the world's Orthodox Jews loudly warn the world at large of the evils of Zionism. Especially the Orthodox Jews in Israel place more effort into exposing Zionism's evil and lies, than any other people on earth. Including National Socialists! In light of this reality, isn't it about time that you join in the pursuit for truth, yourself, for the very sake of your own descendants yet to be? For the nation they will be born into, which so many of us take for granted today as free folks, will be determined by the choices we today shall make on their behalf. "Goyum Slaves to Zionist masters, or Free Men and Women, charged with a destiny of self determination? “ You decide.

I remain committed to the struggle and in fraternal solidarity with thee...

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