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When Propriety Fails, by Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell

When Propriety Fails
by Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG
Allsherjargothi, HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC.

As will always be the instance, there are agents of both the Federal Bureau of Prisons and any number of State’s Department of Corrections Agencies which seek on a continuum to distort and destroy the legitimate religious programs associated with the Ásatrú and Odinist/Wotanist Faiths. Sadly so, so too are there those self professed “Experts” of the faiths which they loudly proclaim to adhere to in service to both Gods and Folk, whom are willing to prostitute themselves and their coveted services by the various Departments whom seek to eradicate any Heathen / Pagan faiths from their religious programs all together, or at the very least, amend such religious practices and fashion them into whatever it is that they deem to be an acceptable version of said faiths.
In concert with this unpleasant, albeit constant threat from what is often pandered as "Within our own camp", though I can assure you, the reader, no such man, or woman from "Our Camp" as it were, would violate our beloved honor in such an egregious manner; we are currently faced with the ill antics of yet another so-called-expert. Certainly when such self proclaimed experts are touted as just that by those agencies seeking to employ their services and testimony, we are forced to examine their testimony and suggestions which they postulate in their 'Expert and Professional' opinions.
Recently, Valgard Murray, the Allsherjargothi of the Ásatrú Alliance had provided just such testimony on behalf of the State of Ohio. His testimony was both financially compensated as was it filled with both inaccuracies and deliberate falsifications.
Therefore, it is the mission of the communiqué to correct these inaccuracies and inform the readers of the missive, be they the incarcerated, the collective corrections agencies and their agents, or the courts whom are charged with the paramount duty and responsibility of descrying the truths and realit¬ies as they pertain to the incarcerated members and practitioners of the Ásatrú and Odinist/Wotanist Faiths.
Initially I wish to illustrate that while Valgard Murray is in fact the Allsherjargothi of the Ásatrú Alliance of Independent Kindreds, headquartered in Payson, Arizona, he is not vested with the authority, or credentials to represent any other Ásatrú, or Odinist Ministry, Church, Hof/Temple, or organizations beyond that of the Ásatrú Alliance. He may not speak as to what constitutes right and proper practice on a spiritual scale, for say, the ODINIC RITE, or the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC., or any other legally inc¬orporated ministry/church of our faith! Plainly put, Mr. Murray has only the 'Expertise' to speak for and represent those whom have placed their own spiritual welfare in his care and custody as their supreme priest of the ministry of the Ásatrú Alliance. It is truly that simple. Nor does the Ásatrú Alliance constitute the crux of the Ásatrú religious community here in Vinland (USA & Canada). In fact, in the past ten years alone, the membership numbers of the Ásatrú Alliance have dwindled in comparison to what they were a decade ago. Afraid that the reality is not that Mr. Murray, or his Ásatrú Alliance are representative of the 'Main' of the Ásatrú community at large, but rather the fringe as it were. They are nearly a cult! They do indeed publish the oldest continual Nordic Faith spiritual publication that I am aware of. Especially in the English language. However, I am certain that publishing a spiritual magazine on a continuum does not render one to be the best representative of a faith. As Ásatrú and Odinism are in fact, two separate, albeit similar, faiths; a fact that even Mr. Murray concedes to on page 54, lines 14 -18 of transcripts, and I first wrote about in our own publication 'GUNGNIR', the official spiritual bulletin of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC. - he is in no position to proffer any expert advice regarding the practice of Odinism in prison. Yet, that is exactly what prison administrators will do! They will employ his testimony and expert advice, which is debatable, regarding Ásatrú, and blanket employ it wherein incarcerated Odinists/Wotanists and the practice of our faith, are in regards.
Mr. Murray further illustrates the differences between Ásatrú and Odinism on page 61, lines 12 -24 and page 62, lines 1 -- 5, of said transcripts.
By Mr. Murray's own estimate, there are ten thousand incarcerated Ásatrúar in Vinland. I, myself would put the number at closer to twenty thousand and to that which the majority are Odinist! I'd further estimate that there is less than half of that number in the free society of our nation and approximately a couple of hundred member’s total, comprising the whole of the Ásatrú Alliance. We at the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. have well over that amount alone, over 300 incarcerated certified members and ministering to thousands world wide via the internet! I'd nearly be tempted to venture that, that would make us more qualified to speak on whom is representing more of our religious folk. But I shall stay such claims, as that is not my agenda herein. I will however assert this, and rather boldly... that is that the incarcerated Northern Heathens (Odinists and Ásatrúar) certainly outweigh the free ones by far and large, and hence forth constitute our faith in the main as opposed to the free world adherents of our faiths. It too must then be asserted that the overwhelming consensus of the incarcerated adherents is representative of the perspectives regarding our faith, not that of the free world adherents, no matter how unsavory it may seen to them! It too then must stand, in any light of honest examin¬ation, that any clergy hired by any entity with the express mission and design to alter said faith so that it no longer resembles that of the general consensus' perspectives, are now pandering a version of a state sponsored religion as opposed to the faith such genuine adherents have devoted themselves to. Furthermore, thus constitutes a violation of prisoner’s constit¬utional rights. Particularly the First Amendment!
Next, I shall address what seems to all to be the elephant in the room which no one ever wants to talk about; though we must include it if we are to engage in any honest and open dialogue regarding Ásatrú and Odinism. Race. It is a reality regarding these faiths and it will not be denied simply because it is not politically correct.
The reality is that the overwhelming consensus of Ásatrúar and Odinists are in fact racially oriented in the same vein as Japanese Shinto, West African Yoruba, or even Native Americans. This fact is inescapable! RACISM!!! It has become the bogeyman buzzword surrounding the issue at hand and its accompanying agenda. But the reality is this, plain and clear; If race exclusion practices are achieved via a `non-violent' vehicle, then it is no more eligible to qualify as criteria for a Serious Threat Group (STG), or individuals thereof, than say the Jewish adherents on the yard, whose 18 volume Talmud expressly prohibits race/religion mixing. And under stiff penalty to the violators I might point out!
If someone, anyone, poses a legitimate penologicol threat, then they therefore constitute just that: A Legitimate Threat! Race is not a determining factor wherefore the qualifications of a genuine threat are determined. The circum¬stances surrounding the assessed threat are.
So long as one is respectful toward others and does not pose any honest physical threat to any other person, then one is no such threat. No matter his/her racial perspectives and beliefs. On the other hand, if one is advocating vulgar euphemisms and epitaphs, or worse, actual physical bodily violence. Well then, by all means thus would constitute a valid threat. No matter what their personal views on race may be!
When we broach the subject of can Odinists and Ásatrúar live with other races, or homosexuals, only the individual Odinist, or Ásatrúar is qualified to render such a determination in concert with the integrity of their own moral and conscientious code of conduct! Allfather Odin tells us in the Havamal Stanza 8; "Very difficult is it when a man lays claim to what's in another's heart." NO one but a man or woman themselves may make such a determination. Certainly Mr. Murray is not qualified to render such a determination on behalf of another any more than I could.
More pointedly, forced mix ceiling constitutes the potential for an 8th Amend¬ment violation at the hands of prison warders when the potential for violence is loudly obvious wherefore lack of compatibility is considered and disreg¬arded of warder's own volition! Such potential for violence is not merely possible in consideration of such factors. It is overwhelmingly probable! Thus constitutes a blatant 8th Amendment violation against cruel and unusual punishment wherefore prisoners whom are wards of the State/Government have a reasonable and constitutional expectation not to be deliberately placed in harm's way, or threat to life, or limb by their Warders whom have a respons¬ibility to provide reasonable protection for those they hold in custody. Wherefore this is weighed and considered, why would any warder seek to force such an issue except to deliberately incite the threat and probability for violence? This is neither an accusation nor allegation levied against any administration. It is merely pointing out the realities as they exist. The overseeing authority within the corrections industry in Vinland (USA) is by and large predominately Christian in morality. Therefore I posit that the Holy Bible loudly acclaims the Homosexuality is an abomination of man! So much so, that the Catholic Church remains inexorable in their position regarding thus. And most of the other mainstream Christian denominations find themselves in a perpetual state of hostile disagreement regarding the subject. In the Old Testament, Leviticus 19:19 states; "Ye shall not sow thy field with mixed seed." This alludes to a Biblical prohibition of race mixing! In the New Testament, in the book of Mathew, Jesus says; "I came not to abolish the law. I came to fulfill it!" Now, I am a Heathen, so these words bear no weight with me, theologically speaking as it were. The very weight of the concept for which they represent, however, I must whole heartedly concur with!
The 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution affords every American the right to the free exercise of their respective religions. This right is pointed out in1st Amendment arguments almost exclusively. On par with that is the 'Least restrictive means' clause of the RLUIPA of 2000. What must be pointed out here is the more obvious, albeit overlooked right to "Freedom of Association" and "Right to Peaceably Assemble" with those of like minded goals, for religious worship as has been affirmed time and again by the U.S. Supreme Court. Forced mix ceiling created a liberty interest wherefore the hardship of impingement upon one's religious rights occurs when one is deliberately housed with another whose own religion is not compatible with the first party's. This fact is made so by the concurrent fact that prisoners spend the majority of their time in their cells and therefore will practice the majority of the spiritual beliefs in said living quarters, shared with another.
The threat of punishment ever looms over those whom refuse to comply with the practice of forced mixed ceiling, no matter the validity of their religious and moral belief assertions.
Imagine if you will for a moment, the notion of a Christian being forced to share a cell with a Satanist. The probability for imminent violence is tantamount to a second battle twixt Michael the Archangel and Lucifer!
Ala Penitentiary.
The potential scenarios are as endless as the personalities are sorted within any prison environment.
Next there is the coercion of Mr. Murray's testimony as to whether, or not an Individual is sincere in his religious belief! By the words of Allfather Odin, this constitutes blasphemy! Once again, I direct your attention to Stanza eight of the Havamal. In light of Allfather's words, I find it rather queer that Mr. Murray would even entertain the notion that he, or any other among us, is qualified to speak of what resides within another's heart.
The fact is, that neither Valgard, myself, nor any other legally ordained clergyman/woman, is qualified to verify whom espouses a sincerity wherefore religious belief is concerned, and whom does not!
Next, there is the audacious assertion that no one would set aside time on a God's given day, to honor/worship him/her. This statement in court is just incredible. As I write this, this very moment (Odinsnacht) Wednesday night, I am observing my vow of perpetual silence on Odin's night from sunset to sunrise Thorstag as is warranted of all SONS OF ODIN, 1519 members. It is a moot issue as to what time of the day this occurs. That it occurs at all is a contradiction on Mr. Murray's behalf. He has known of the SONS OF ODIN, 1519 for well over ten years as has he received at least two of our profiles in that period, which clearly point out that during the Nine days and nights of Odin's Ordeal (August 17th -25th) we practice total silence for the entirety of those nine days and nights in addition to other rites as well. He also claimed his Rite of Sunna is something he does only twice per year and that he personally knows of no one whom would do it daily. That is rather odd once again as the Rite of Sunna most certainly infers and encourages the daily practice thereof beginning with the statement; "When you arise in the morning", and concludes with, "and you can go on your way solar powered".
Furthermore, when Mr. Murray stated that he personally did not know anyone that performed daily or weekly rituals on a God's given day, he was not being truthful at all. He had maintained a very close and personal relationship with Stephan McNallen of the Ásatrú Folk Assembly. Mr. McNallen has written in his manual (which used to be available from World. Tree), "Living Ásatrú", that every Wednesday (Woden's Day) he pours the better half of a bottle of beer into a bowl as an offering to Odin. This he does as a portion of his daily meditation and honoring of his God on his God's day!
The truth is that you shouldn't have to rely upon someone who is concerned with a job on the government's payroll more than he is about the vows he has oathed to serve the Gods and Folk without fail. I could illuminate the myriad of untruths Mr. Murray has posited. But I just don't see that constructively advancing our faith or any kind of meaningful understanding of our faith wherefore any Correctional Agencies are concerned. I decided to better invest the energy that went into this missive, in an endeavor to correct the falsehoods which Mr. Murray collected his money to advocate on behalf of the Corrections Agencies which employ him and make use of his services.
Mr. Murray speaks for and represents none save for those folk whom constitute the collective membership of the Ásatrú Alliance, and have placed their spiritual welfare in his care as their Allsherjargothi.
Just as I represent those whom comprise the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc. as they have placed their spiritual welfare in my custody. The HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc. constitutes over three hundred incarcerated Folk in Vinland (USA) and well over a thousand free world Folk world wide, including here in Vinland. I am a Doctor of Comparative Religion and Divinity, not a mathematician. But I do believe my ministry of over 1,300 combined contra his couple of hundred does indeed render me qualified to assert what I believe have been a fair presentation of the facts herein, regarding Ásatrú and Odinism/Wotanism.
In closing I wish to add just one parting comment regarding Mr. Murray's bitter sentiments toward both the ODINIC RITE and their DCG, Mr. Heimgest Holly... Both Heimgest and the OR have towed the line and stood the test of time wherefore standing by their original mission is concerned, where most others have capitulated to the rigors and attrition of political correctness! Both my self and the Administration and assembled Gothar (Clergy/Priesthood) of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc., salute Heimgest and the OR for their steadfastness as do we stand with them in Fraternal Solidarity!
Heil Allfather Odin and the Holy Æsir and Vanir in his venerable name. May your Hammers strike Trú! I remain in Frith and Fraternal Solidarity with thee Noble Folk of Vór Trú!!!

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