Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Diversity: an end game?

A common buzz word in these times is "Diversity”. We may see in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th. Edition, "Diversity" is 1) the condition of being diverse: variety. Further, "diverse" is defined as 1) differing from one another: unlike, 2) composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities. So, by definition, diversity is a beautifully natural occurring phenomenon.

The most prolific users of this word of late are those in control of the media, and politicians whom seem bent on the annihilation of true diversity, on which, in part, this nation was built. In truth, as determined by this writer, the bludgeon that the word "diversity" has become is aimed at any bastion of "whiteness" that seeks to retain its diversity? Meanwhile, every non-white ethnic group on our beautiful Mother Earth may come to these "Amer-anything" shores and receive federal funds so as to participate in their quest for diversity. Whole months and/or days are designated to honor virtually every non-white racial group residing on U.S. soil.

Just for a few moments, humor me and imagine an event called "Aryan Days", wherein celebrations would take place honoring the unparalleled achievements made by the distinct and noble (and yet diverse) peoples that engendered the appellation, Aryan ("Noble Ones" in Sanskrit) - coming together to extol life in all it's natural glory- to dance, hear folk music and share traditional foods. Now snap back to reality people! Anyone reading this that identifies themselves as "White" when the question of race is posed is in dire need of a "heart check". Moments ago the following pathetic joke formed in my mind, "What do you get when you cross a sheep with an ostrich? A White American! As a group [we've] surrendered sovereignty over our destiny to a collective horde of mongrel whores. The saddeningly small number of folks whom have flailed at the system are either dead or behind the wires. I hear Bob Matthew's name bandied about, albeit with respect and the intent to "pay homage", but when does it go beyond words? Hey! You!! Proud White man, at large on the streets of the U.S.A.! Are you out in your neighborhood seeing that elderly whites' yard work is being done? Are you teaching any White children about honor and integrity? Do you condone your own lusting after non-white women? Do you condemn White women in biracial relationships? Do you even understand that loving your own race does not make you a hater? Are you willing to educate yourself so as to be able to articulate your natural inclination to be with your own kind without being baited into Jerry Springer(esque) tirades? Do you have the courage to take an active role in asserting equal rights for whites? If your current lifestyle is one of drugs & alcohol, CEASE! That road leads to ruin and/or prison. "Be of the solution, not the pollution." For myself and many others, "Awareness" did not dawn until irresponsible lifestyles and poor choice making landed me/us in the prolific "prison industry" that this country seems to encourage. So be assured that when I ask you the pointed questions listed above that I've asked them of myself and am indeed working diligently on my own betterment as well as that of my folk. With any degree of awareness comes responsibility. Any activity or habitual wrong thinking that is not conducive to the betterment of your folk, and your family's future are best left to die off, as old antiquated things must do.

There is an enormous ethnic group touting themselves as "The Race"(La Raza), who believes the white race is an old and antiquated thing that should die off. They consist (and boast) of University Professors, elected public officials, Hollywood stars and starlets, artists of various stripe, thugs, pimps, drug czars, whole gangs, migrant farm workers, and roughly 63% of the "service" industries(i.e. food service, housekeeping, etc...). Funding for this giant group, whose main aim is the conquering of the Western United States, comes from corporate America! Yes, across the board, you'll be hard pressed to find any major corporation not paying the means of the impending rape/seizure of this country. The politico-puppets in Washington, D.C., and virtually every state capitol are working hand-in-glove with the people whom openly cry out for the death of the white race. In lieu of death, exile to Europe seems to be their next best offer for us. Meanwhile those white folks that vote are so expertly engaged with the myriad crisis' paraded before them that they don't choose to feel the boot on the back of their neck. Heads have been buried in the sand for so long that the position seems natural, ay?

Look to the Free Press sources and you'll find an alarming trend in nearly all once dominant countries of mostly white folk. Their former nobility, that which championed misguided altruism towards the third world countries of color, are quickly and in some cases violently (as is the case in France) being overrun by a people who refuse to adopt the established traditions, goals, and values of the countries to which they swarm. Austria seems to be bucking this trend at this time, but how long till sanctions are levied by the U.N.?

There flows in this country a current of indifference in regards to some of the most pressing issues of the day. One issue in particular is of the utmost concern to me, and I endeavor to ignite a like concern in the hearts and minds of the white men, women, and precious children whom also know these United States as their Odal lands. These are indeed our Odal (ancestral) lands. Hopefully no readers of this missive are so far gone as to believe any but hearty white souls found, conquered, and built everything "this country" has ever taken pride in, or accomplished.

Wake up or perish! Wake up and look beyond the perceived surface of public trends. Look to see who is truly behind the scenes pushing for so-called diversity, when in truth, their brand of diversity is a monoculture.

The "Me-ists" of this day and age have been constructed, make no mistake. It seems an oxymoron that the components of a herd could be selfish, but the programming that has produced the average constituent we're familiar with, is the product of much research, time, and effort: fervent effort! The farce of freedom and individualism in this country called America is a carefully woven illusion that has been systematically built upon, generation after generation. The indifference to larger social issues, other than those paraded by the mainstream media, is the result of programming.

Please, afford yourself the opportunity to read these fine publications, "The Barnes Review", "The Nationalist Times", "New American", & "Middle America News". Each is rich in factual events that are the current unfolding reality in this once, and potentially once again, great country!
I would leave you with a quote from Plato (you are tasked with determining the merit and validity of his timeless statement):
"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

As I live, I serve.
Ganglare OdinsonVinland Folk Patriot

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