Wednesday, May 30, 2007

David Lane Eulogy, by Ron McVan

Farewell Dear Kinsman
Rare are the men today who display deep commitment for their race and heritage. Rare are the men who through ceaseless striving live their convictions and are willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good of their people. Such a man was David Lane and his passing at age 69 was a tremendous loss in the ongoing struggle for Aryan survival.
For over four decades David Lane poured out his heart, soul, mind and knowledge with such unwavering passion that our people might awaken, unite and fight against the impending realities that threaten our race with virtual extinction.
A prison sentence of 190 years did not waver his ironclad commitment to our plight nor keep him from having his voice heard through his thought provoking and extensive writings around the world.
To many, David was a best friend, a kinsman, teacher, philosopher and at times even a prophet, and his passing leaves behind a void that will take a giant of a man to fill.
Those of us who have had the honor to have known David over the course of many years throughout the Aryan movement, we salute you dear kinsman and eagerly await the day when we will meet again in Valhalla with so many other noble fighters for our cause who have carried the torch of hope through the darkness and turmoil here in Midgard.
Godspeed to you in your journey and new horizons across the Bifrost Bridge, your physical work is done and we will not forget you, nor will we ever forget your crucial 14 words which will resound in our hearts forever!
Farewell dear kinsman! Sage and comrade!............Farewell! Ron McVan

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