Monday, April 30, 2007


Teachings of Elijah Muhammad
By K II Jervis, Raven’s Lair Kindred
F.C.I. Sheridan, OR

A Brief Overview of a Twisted Opinion

According to a book promoting the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, this so-called leader amongst the Muslim religious community, THE MAKING OF THE WHITE MAN attempts to explain the origin of the White race using his own hypothesis and others, as well as points of historical rhetoric in order to justify the opinion that most of the problems other races face is now, and has been, due to the Caucasian race.

After reading this publication, I came across two conflicting points of interest that were so apparent that I am amazed that both opinions would occupy the same chapter and both would be made referenced as "the true teachings of Elijah Muhammad."

The first explanation to the origin of the White man, as translated by Elijah Muhammad, is that 6000 years ago, the first White child "suddenly appears", being born of black parents. The child is born male and is immediately thought to be a "devil" due to its white skin and it is decided among the people that the "White Devil" child should be abandoned and is banished to the West Asian area known as the Caucus Mountain Region.

Furthermore, this child propagates amongst itself, (obviously, since another of its kind, specifically being female of its race, was not present) and subsequently becomes this Albino outcast race banished to the caves that are indigenous of this area.

According to the teaching of Elijah Muhammad, for two thousand years, the ancient civilized communities prospered during this term of banishment of the White child. After this period, the race of the White man, having amassed in the wild, as beasts, living in caves, running on all fours at times and swinging from tree to tree, this backward race of Barbarians returned from the wild and usurped the lands, possessions and homes from the organized and highly civilized communities of the dark-skinned races in the Near Eastern Areas.

This being the first opinion - that is referred to in this publication as "according to the teachings of Elijah Muhammad". The second opinion – is equally referred to in this manner but is contradictory to the first "truth", leaving one to question, which "truth" is accurate?

The second explanation is that the White race was intentionally "created" by what Elijah Muhammad refers to as "grafting". According to these opinions, 6000 years ago, on the Island of Pelan, in the Aegean Sea, the selective breeding practices, or "grafting", took place among the black islanders under the direction of their leader "Yakub". These light complexioned children were only permitted to survive and systematically selected for marriage based on this light skin tone. Over many generations, the population became lighter and lighter.

This race of Whites then decides to migrate and live among the black civilized communities in the "Near East".

The blacks notice that there has been much bloodshed within their community against one another and can only attribute this to the White race that has caused a "calamity of mischief" among their populace. Because of this it was decided these "White Devils" must be rounded up and driven out of the Near East and into the hills of West Asia. There, the White men lived as animals in caves with dogs. For 2000 years the White race of barbarians lived in a region so harsh that it was unwanted by any other civilized race due to its lack of resources.

Then, the backward, barbarous White race, cut off from the civilized world with it's governments, educated citizens, economy and armies, invaded these people that once banished them and took over all that they owned and enslaved them, effectively usurping the entire area for their own.

These two entirely different opinions are both of the teachings of the Prophet Elijah Muhammad.

References within this publication point toward studies of others theories that support his opinion published by such authors as Charles Darwin and others still that are construed to exemplify his position.

As quoted-in the publication, Darwin states that "without some form of selective breeding, such racial differences cannot be accounted for in a satisfactory manner."

But if Mr. Muhammad were asked his opinion of Darwin's theory that man evolved from apes, I'm quite sure his position concerning the races of men would be different--at least concerning his own race.

So why include Darwin's theory at all? Because this small portion of another man's "theory", helps to strengthen his opinion toward a specific target audience: Impressionable blacks and those of the Muslim faith.

But the even bigger question is just beneath the surface---Why would he want to do that?
There is one more reference I'd like to review before I leave you to your thoughts.

The teachings of Elijah Muhammad, utilizes our own ancestral beliefs as a method of explaining to his followers that we, as White's, admit that what is being said is indeed true.

By utilizing the mythological tale of "The Binding of Loki", the author of this publication would have people believe that Loki, the mischievous God that was banished and bound to a mountain in fetters, writhing in agony, is symbolic of the White race being banished and bound to the caves of the Caucus Mountain Region in anguish due to God's curse, and therefore, this is an admission that our history did in fact include this event.

Although I find these obvious contradictions glaringly apparent, I wonder how many others whom these types of publications are directed at will arrive at the same conclusion. Then I ask myself, "Am I surprised that there exists such opinions?" In consideration of the source, the answer is a resounding, “NO!"

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