Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Moral Turpitude

Monday, 11, June 2001 CE, is a day I will never forget, for it is yet another day in a shameful history of an out of control government.

At 7:00 am Eastern time, the Federal State of the United States of Amerika, murdered Timothy James McVeigh, age 33, at United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

His crime was being a Soldier, trained by the U.S. and sworn to an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and its people, from all enemies, both foreign and "Domestic". He served with honor and valor in the Gulf War, and he served honorably here in the U.S. against a "Domestic" enemy of the people and Constitution of the United States, its very government, sworn to serve its own citizens, its own people!

The American Government has been both derelict and criminal in its duty to the very people it was assembled for and sworn to serve, for quite some time now. The crime is called Moral Turpitude.

I am a man in prison. I am imprisoned for life under California's 3-strikes law, for performing the courts and police' work for them where they had failed to protect and serve its citizenry. I shot (Not Killed) another Ex-con, with an extremely violent record, while he brutally assaulted a woman (terminally ill with cancer). I advised him to cease his assault and he told me “NO” in an off color usage of English, so I stopped him. During the year in which I awaited my trial in this matter, this same Ex- con (now healed), assaulted this same woman and her boy friend with a hand gun and an ax handle. "No Charges" were filed against him (A 3-Strike candidate himself), by the government in exchange for his cooperation with them in my prosecution.

In the mean time, he remains free to attack again. Child molesters, rapists and deviants of all castes continue to get a slap on the wrist, unscathed by the 3- strikes law which was designed for their ilk. I harmed no honest citizen, but I defended one and now I'm serving life in prison for it... Your tax dollars are hard at work supporting a corrupt government.

It's OK, though, cause I'd do it again. I sleep well at night... I'd hope that if it were a female loved one in my family being attacked, that some one would come forward to aid them!

But this is not about me, and it's not about Tim McVeigh, it's about your government and you.

What led McVeigh to employ the damning measures against the government? This should be the question on America's mind, the true point to ponder. Not the images of the media burnt into our minds which tell us Tim McVeigh is a baby killer! For he is no more the baby killer he is branded to be, than your own government is!! Yes, that title belongs to the craven government officials which utilized those children as mere pawns of protection, as infant shields against attacks from disgruntled American Citizens! The government has not stemmed the flood of illegal emigrants crossing our borders on a daily basis, nor could they without posting an army along the border, but they can legislate and pass tough laws such as California's Proposition 187, which the voters passed overwhelmingly only to have the government negate it!

Or how about selectively picking and choosing which citizens the Constitution applies to and which ones it does not. Take the constitutional right to “Due process of the LAW”, the Constitution guarantees this right for “ALL”!!!

But that is not the case at all. It certainly was not the case for Robert Jay Mathews when Federal agents burnt him alive in Washington State on December 8, 1984. They denied him due process of law by acting as judge, jury and executioner, and the order to act against him was provided by Federal Officials from the U.S. Attorney General, on down to the Federal field agent in charge.

The same was true when Vicki Weaver and her child were executed by a Federal sniper, a professional who had to take precise aim, inhale and exhale half again; he required the authority of his superiors, whom in turn required the go ahead from their supervisors whom in turn required the Attorney General’s green light!

Vicki Weaver and her child had committed no crimes!!! That government sponsored atrocity at Ruby Ridge has gone unanswered for as long as this writing. The same lack of dude process was present in Waco, Texas during the Federal Governments campaign of mass murder of men, women and children, while, now following the McVeigh execution, where’s the justice for the families and survivors of those slaughtered at Waco on your Watch?

There will be none, not for any of the aforementioned in fact, cause the government now enjoys the god like privilege of deciding who lives and who dies, who the Constitution protects and who it does not.

Today the government decides which people they don’t like, the political or religious zealots, the separatists, etc., etc., and they unofficially decide that certain rights no longer apply to them. Who will it be tomorrow? Perhaps it’ll be you or a loved one because of politics, religion, sexual choices or preferences. Perhaps you are deemed ill moral, or unworthy to be afforded your rights longer as you are viewed as a non-ideal citizen!

Or perhaps, you just plain out right publicly express your outrage at your master, I mean, your government. They can employ spin doctors, big words and mind conditioning all they like, but anyone honest enough with themselves need only examine the facts and hard evidence involved.

There is an American Indian Activist still wrongly imprisoned after 30 years simply because the government would rather have blood on its hands than egg on its face!

This brings us back to those children who died in that Federal building in Oklahoma City, remember, the ones the Federal Government used for shields?

But, it’s not just that cut n’ dry, is it? Oh sure, as docile sheep like, people who turn a blind eye the wrongs, or evil of their masters, oops, did it again, I mean, their government. You would like to think it’s all so simple to blame Tim McVeigh, but, it is not!

The government is equally at fault, they used those children as insurance against just such an attack, will knowing the risk to their safety and lives. Well knowing there are many fringe groups and extreme rightist groups with a grudge against the Federal agencies, and Government whose offices were located in surveillance and infiltration knowledge and information in regard to a large number of those groups and individuals. They knew only to well that there was such types looking for a Government target, a target like Oklahoma City!

And what about the grieving parents of those children? Sure, they are just as guilty! What kind of parent would deliberately expose their child to potential danger? What kind of adult with reasonable intellect takes their children to a day care center at say, a nuclear power plant, or a firing range? That's exactly what the grieving parents of those kids did by taking their kids to a day care center at a Federal building ideal for targeting by the disgruntled citizen!

As for the others who died in that building, the adults, they were all Government agents, employees and workers. They all knew the risk of working in that building, just as a cop knows the risk he takes when he hits the beat each day. Yet, they all chose to work there, well knowing the dismay of many extremists towards the government. How could they not when the media sensationalizes their stories on a constant basis? The loss of life regarding those children is nothing less than horrific, and yet, they are but casualties of war, war on a corrupt government.

Let the blame lie where it truly belongs...

Remember Wounded Knee, Washington State, Ruby Ridge, Idaho, Waco, Texas and all the other names the media either omitted or just didn't see an award winning story in, and remember June 11, 2001, for it is yet another day the government hid the truth from its people and swept its dirt under the rug of a nation!

There is a domestic war right here in our own back yard, it's being waged by a government who is no longer accountable to its citizens. It stokes the fires of contempt in the hearts of extremists, ex-patriots, survivalists, militia men and women, and plain out right paranoid nut cases!

When the power of the people's vote no longer is adhered to, and the nation's Constitution becomes mere toilet paper for Government Officials to clean up their messes with, the time has come for the Ben Franklin's, George Washington's and Thomas Jefferson's of the 21st century to come forth; Hence, the tragedy of government crimes against its people have produced Tim McVeigh. I, like Tim, am an honorably discharged Army Veteran. I once served my country proudly, I believed in the government, just like he once did.

And just as Tim McVeigh, a self professed Son of Liberty, has learned, so then have I, that not many will pay the price of death, or life in prison in an effort to return the beast to its cage, and restore power to the people.

For those who read this and deduce that this writer is some nut case or weirdo, you would be wrong, I'm just another Son of Liberty!

But then again, you've still got a right to your opinion, and the right to voice your convictions in this, the greatest of nations... So long as it suits your government.

Fare well little children of Oklahoma City, and fare well Tim…

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell
PO Box 5242
Corcoran, CA 93212
14, June 2001 CE

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