Monday, March 26, 2007

“Fact vs. Fiction in the 21st Century”

By Dr. Casper Odinson CröwellVinland Folk Patriot

It seems that the more we evolve as humanity, the further we stray from the realities whence we originated. For instance, in the past fifty years alone, we, as a technologically advanced civilized society in the west (which sets the social climate for the greater majority of the earths civilized popu­lations), have produced an endless plethora of so-called legitimate historians whom in turn, promote an erroneous picture of many facets of the histories of man. Whether, or not they are in pursuit of some prestigious award and their assured place in the annals of history is of moot regard. For the damage they wrought with their "professional and expert" opinions becomes, more oft than not, the very catalyst for a society of peoples' tone and attitude thereafter, regarding any subject of study such experts pander in their lectures and writings. And yet, most of them know fully that the very curriculum which they promote is in fact either partially, or fully fictitious. So then, why would a so called lover of the histories of man deliberately advocate falsities and even blatant lies? Agenda is the simple answer. Perhaps the professional teacher so loves to teach that he/she is willing to forfeit their very integrity by promoting an understandably false history as mandated by the institution by whom they are employed, and thereby procuring and securing a comfortable and permanent place upon said instit­ution's faculty as a reward for lowering their standards.

In other instances, the realities are much more grim and criminal. Take the instance of those whom are charged with the very duty of re-writing the histories of man in a dual attempt to 1) eradicate the genuine glories of a race's (Aryan / Indo-European) world conquests and advances spanning the ages past, and 2) by effectively implementing thus, they may control with a greater degree of ease, the very direction humanity is most likely to venture forth in the future.

In the 21st century, the western world's societies have assumed such an egregious politically correct tone, that for the majority of people in the main, they dare not speak out against that which is deemed politically correct even if they feel strongly against it. This malady occurs for the most part because no one desires to be ostracized, or reap the ill rewards of swimming against the current of political correctness.

And just who establishes and adjusts the climate of what is and what is not politically correct? The media does, just as it dictates, to a greater degree, the fads and fashions, et al, in concert with western civilized culture today.

Needless to say, and so I shant, it is painfully obvious to any adult in command of the average faculty of intellect, just who owns and operates the media in its entirety. It is not a defamatory or pernicious allegation levied at the International Zionist Jew, which Henry Ford once warned us about, or which their own Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion blatantly and proudly announce for all to see. It is an inexorable fact! Just consider for a moment, if you will indulge me and afford me a bit of latitude, the very cleverness of a well perpetrated Zionist plan, two pronged like a serpent's tongue, guilt, on the one side and custom and use on the other. What I am referring to is the vulgar lie that Judaism is somehow a race of people. It most certainly is not! Judaism is a religion, a theology and a philosophy, and naught more. The Muslim is not a race, nor the Christian. Never the less, via the vehicle of custom and use, most people's awareness is lacking. They have no idea that they have even been de-sensitized and brainwashed through custom and use, into believing that there is truly a Jewish race. The second prong is guilt. Via the vehicle of guilt over the supposed Holocaust, many Caucasoid people have suffered an immense sense of guilt. In fact, until recently, most Germans would not refer to them-selves as Germans, but rather as Europeans. What a genuine shame this is to consider that these very people are descended from the very same folk that once sent the mighty Roman Empire packing! And yet, they have been beguiled by a long term Zionist plan of destruction. Many of these despon­dent Aryans, consumed by guilt for a crime that never was, themselves converted to Judaism, washing their hands of this imagined blood and thereby renouncing their own true blood and assuring their descendants their place among God's chosen people. Why, most of these so called Jews never even attend Synagogue and services. So then, how are they a Jew at all? They are not! An Aryan is an Aryan. An Oriental is an Oriental. And an African is an African. Thus constitutes the three primary races of Homo Sapiens. Hominid Caucasoid, Hominid Africas and Hominid Orientalis. All other races are Mongoloid hybrids of these three races. This is not bigotry, it is science. It is not racism, it is DNA and Anthropology. Politically correct, or not! Facts do not cease to exist merely because we do not care for the way realities which they present are received by the masses, or the majority of a well duped society. That said, the fact is that most Jews are not Jews at all. They are either Aryans (Caucasoid), or Khazars, whose Emperors converted to Judaism circa the eighth century. The Khazar were trans-Caucasiatic peoples of mongoloid distinction whom populated the Southern Russian geography. Either way, both peoples converted throughout history either with some form of gain in mind, or just being victims of a well designed Zionist plan being even better executed right up to the 21st century!

The point of this study is not an attack against any religious stripe of theology, but rather an exposure of long known realities which have somehow become lost upon the non-inquiring, albeit otherwise intelligent minds of western civilized people. If free thinkers we would be, then facts we must unearth, examine and promote, whether they are politically correct, or not. This requires us to assume the nature of a Salmon. We must learn to swim up stream and against the current!

In any research we endeavor to undertake, we must employ the facts as they exist and without misplaced guilt and remorse. We must consider who authored the works in question, what is their personal or political agenda and what is their likely motive for composing such bodies of work? What credentials do they possess on behalf of the agenda which they are seeking to promote? Who is contradicting what they have posited, and why? All of these queries must be taken into account and afforded full consideration wherefore they are usually just whitewashed over by the media and its myriad of agents. When we can learn to educate ourselves and arm ourselves with the facts upon which such realities are predicated, then our arguments become persuasive and hard to dismiss in the forum of reasonable intelligence. When we learn to remain in command of our emotions while coming under direct fire of rapid and emotional lines of questioning, we instead, discredit the true racists and bigots whom would have the entire world believe that we are naught more than some Aryan Bogymen!

Friedrich Nietzsche once penned; "Independence is a privilege reserved for the strong". Well, I submit that there is nothing strong about a people who fail to arm themselves with the facts in any campaign of intellect, for they are destined not for the mantle of greatness once dawned by their mighty ancestors, but rather, they are headed for thralldom and ultimately, extin­ction for their lack of vigor in their campaigns toward survival, and their loathsome embracing of lethargy and complacency!

Seize the day my brothers and sisters, seize the day...

It begins with separating fact from fiction in the 21st century.

“One is punished most for one's virtues.” -- Friedrich Nietzsche


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