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Yule Message from the Allsherjargothi

Yule Message from the Allsherjargothi

Yulemoon 2257 RE

Heilsan Folk!

As we prepare to celebrate the New Year (Mother Night) on the eve of the 20th and the Yule (Winter Solstice) on the 21st/22nd, depending where you reside, I’d like to wish all our Kinfolk of the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. and our Kith (friends) whatever their faith may be, a joyous and safe Yule/Holiday season with family and friends (Kin and Kith).

And to remind all not to take for granted the greatest gift of all – Our blood/Folk and families!

As Odinists/Wotanists, we are the Folk who are aware of our noble and royal lineage as true sons and daughters of Allfather Odin and the Gods.

Being descended from the very Gods themselves and pointedly, Allfather Odin, we comprehend the enormous sacredness of the blood which flows through our own veins!

In these spiritually deficient and morally vacant times in which we live (the Wolf Age), our noble Folk are often touted as racists and bigots merely because we fully comprehend the duty of protecting our noble and royal lineage; That we should mix that sacred gift from our beloved Gods, only with others whom possess it as well.

This is not bigotry - it is honor and respect to/for that which we owe our very existence to.

That we shun homosexuality as contra procreative does not make us haters. It makes us aware and respectful of the Laws of Nature and our Gods. The desires to see our line, with its origin in Odin, continues and flourish for millennia yet to come. Anyone whom would deliberately seek to compromise this sacred and divinely ordained duty of ours by means of physical, spiritual, a character assault against us and our Folk, must be deemed our mortal foes by their own actions. And as such, are the spawn of Loki and must be addressed as such!

As we begin yet another new year upon Midgard, let us resolve to stand fast and proud in the face of adversity. Let us hold fast to our Gods given and ordained rights, without guilt, shame, fear or remorse! Let our fortitude and rectitude serve to fortify our iron wills. And let us, each one; seek only to better ourselves, not for selfish and personal gain, but to better serve our Gods and Folk; Both individually and collectively. That history’s records not reflect that “we” were the weak link in the chain of our noble Folk. But rather, the unyielding and uncompromising resolve yet determined to see the destiny of our Gods and Folk, fulfilled.

Let this be so by our collective will and in the name of our holy Allfather Odin and the Gods and Ancestors which live yet in our blood. Heil Allfather Odin! May he bless you all will with a good Yule and a prosperous new year. On behalf of the Court of Gothar, I remain in Frith, Service and Fraternal Solidarity with thee…

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG
Allsherjargothi, Holy Nation of Odin, Inc.
and Sons of Odin, 1519
VFR/VFP Local #1488

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