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The dawn of man's history follows on the twilight of a preceding history of man. The birth and death of a complete history of mankind is not unlike civilizations themselves or the cycle of man's physical body. It is said that a man's life consists of twelve seven-year cycles, which in the final state of decline is extinguished by the inevitable process of physical death. A history of mankind is extinguished by a cyclic death as well, which comes in the form of a natural, or in some cases unnatural, catastrophe.
This is a period upon which all previous knowledge is extinguished and scrubbed clean with perchance a few mysterious remaining vestiges left behind. When man is born he has very little, if any, remembrance of his past lives, due primarily to the fact that he has a new brain. There are fortunate few who retain the ability to remember their past life through flashes of blood memory or psychic ability.

"In man's analysis of understanding of himself, it is as well to know whence he came as whither he is going." ....................Edgar Cayce

All men and woman living today, whether they care to admit it or not, possess an anxious feeling within themselves, a feeling of impending doom concerning mankind and the planet upon which we chart out our daily lives. We feel this way because we have been through it before, perhaps in a far distant pre-historic civilization. Our short memories can insulate us from the immediate potential dangers beneath our feet, as long as we choose to ignore the hot, bubbling reality below the earth's crust, or the hurling random matter, ever moving precariously through space. The fact that we are alive and conscious in our world at this very moment is not just phenomenal, it is an absolute miracle! The entire planet Earth has the potential to blow apart at any given time, or whole continents sink beneath the ocean, or rip in half from a violent axis shift caused by sliding polar ice. A leading scientist in underground nuclear testing stated that we are just a few more underground nuclear explosions away from splitting the earth apart. Even the slightest temperature change could extinguish all human life. We blot these many looming catastrophies out of our mind, but we shall never erase the reality that such dreadful occurrences have happened before and they will happen again.

The short ten thousand years of our recorded history are barely enough time for a significant upgrading of mankind, yet it would be laughable to say that we are now living in a pinnacle golden age of human development. Our great forefathers who built the magnificent civilizations of our historical past would recoil in disgust at what we have become after such glorious and noble beginnings. We have devolved spiritually as well and abuse and violate nature and the planet upon which we live with impunity. Many geneticists believe that civilization causes the human stock to slowly degenerate, by enabling persons with unfavorable mutations to live and breed---when in a wild state, they would quickly perish. Not only do many Aryans today not consider themselves Aryan, most do not even have a clue that the word signifies their unique species among the races of mankind. All books throughout history have always referred to the White race as Aryans up until about the 1970's when all the anti White race stigma really kicked into gear. Aryan families have progressively been producing less and less children, while the silent genocide, abortion and birth control pills totally devastate any chance of restoring a balance in the numbers of our people worldwide which only hastens our race towards total extinction in the very near future.

One of the most poignant scientific discoveries of the 19th century was that which officially traced the descent of all Indo-European peoples from that of the Aryans while today the enemies of our kind work overtime to brainwash our children that Aryans are not a race at all. The major Aryan branches are roughly five in number: the Greeks, the Latins, the Celts, the Teutons and the Slavs. To understand the origin and evolution of the Aryan Tribes, one must know something about the reasons for their major emigrations. To do this we must return to the last great cataclysmic events that changed the geography of the world. This was the time of the great migration of the races, a time when whole continents sank, and once temperate living areas in the world became lost and all but forgotten under the sea. Let us begin with one of the great civilizations of the former historical era, which was the highly mystical and never to be forgotten continent of Atlantis, for it was from the survivors of that great cataclysmic catastrophe approximately 11,600 years ago that our current Western World received the light of highest knowledge and wisdom that would produce the new Golden Era and the Seven Wonders of the World.

One can only imagine the awesome horror of witnessing the sinking of an entire continent. It is, also, only natural that the few who did survive would be inclined to migrate as far away from such a nightmarish geological havoc as fast as their legs or boats could carry them. These Aryan Tribes would later become referred to as Indo-Europeans, traveling and settling to the far reaches of the East and South. A more in-depth study of Atlantis and its most recent scientific facts and findings can be found in the book, "Atlantis The Eighth Continent" by Charles Berlitz.

At the beginning of our new historical era Atlantis was gone, but not forgotten. It survived in the memory of the Aryan Tribes by many assorted names. Along the north coast of Africa, it was referred to by ancient Aryan writers as Atlantes, Atarantes and Atlantioi. Carthaginian seafarers knew it as Antilla. The Welsh and English named this lost paradise Avalon. The Basques, who still believe themselves to be direct descendants of Atlantis, called it Atlantika, the Portugues, Atlantida, the Spanish Atalaya. The Babylonians called the Western paradise Arallu. The Egyptian hieroglyphs exhibited sea battles with the Atlanteans, whom they refer to as "the Amenti, from the paradise of the west abode of the dead and part of the divine sunboat." The ancient Arabians referred to Atlantis as the Land of Ad. It may well be that the name of the new man in the Christian bible, Ad-am, was a derivative of the two. Notice in the word Amenti the name Amen, which seems more than coincidence that the first Egyptian Aryan God would be named Amen Ra. Christians today still end their prayers with the word Amen, most all of whom are unaware that they are still paying their respects to Amen Ra as well as to Atlantis. This is the way in which many names are originated. For instance, the Jews call their nation Israel, which is the combined name of three gods: Isis, Ra and El.

Throughout Mexico and Central America we continue to find remnants of Atlantean memory in the names Tlapallan, Tollan, Azatlan and Aztlan. Further down in South America, conquistadores in Venezuela found a settlement called Atlan, peopled by what they referred to as "White Indians." Early explorers in Wisconsin USA, found a fortified village near Lake Michigan which its inhabitants called Azatlan.

The Vikings believed that Atli was a wondrous land in the West, and it was there that the Teutonic races placed Valhalla, a mystic land of self-renewing, battle, drinking and feasting. The Aryans who went eastward after Atlantis submerged, settled in Bactria, which is today central Asia. There was situated, according to the accounts of ancients, a nation called Arii, and a country known as Aria. Here the Aryan god Wotan (pronounced Vo-tahn) is supposed to have come with the Asen from the region of what is today part of Asia. Recent diggings in China have unearthed many tombs containing tall, fair haired Aryans, which adds credence to that question in history. The ancient Aryan city of Troy, now a part of Asia Minor was, also, said to have distant links with the patriarchal Allfather Wotan.

After the fall of Atlantis the name Wotan surfaced in many diverse areas, even as distant as South America. Pedro Corzo, a pilot who sailed up and down the Peruvian coast for four years, reported that everywhere in the temples he found wooden or stone statues of a god called Guaton. The name means whirlwind, an equivalent to the Teutonic name Wotan, also known as a god of storm, and the Maya called him Votan, Quetzalcoatal and Kukulcan, all were known as fair haired and of White complexion, bearing striking similarities and impact throughout the leading centers of civilization at the time. Kukulcan is somewhat akin to the great Celtic, heroic, legendary figure Cuchulainn. It is the belief of some scholars that historically, Hermes and Wotan are one and the same person, perhaps all three in one, if we add Quetzalcoatal. It seems apparent that some one individual or perhaps several highly intelligent beings were spreading the high science and technology of Atlantis around the remaining major civilizations after the deluge.

Aryan spiritualism has been primarily solar based. This idea of never-dying fire is surely the oldest form of the religions of the White race. The early tribes who settled in Italy introduced the vesta fire cults there, further exampled in the mythos of Prometheus. The winged solar disk was a trademark symbol of the early Aryan civilizations. Aryans were always warlike, just as the gods they worshiped, as well as agricultural; above all they possessed the divine gifts of artistic creativity, high intellect and ingenuity.

The name Aryan is derived from the Indo-European sanskrit language and means noble. "Aryan" is the correct actual name of our species. White is a color, not a name that defines a species, European also is a name of a place, not a species. The name in its origin started with the goddess Europa. Most are familiar with the mythological story of Europa and the Bull. Caucasian, likewise does not define a species, it is derived from the word Caucus which is the name of a place or region in the Caucus Mountains. It is much like calling ourselves "Americans" as a race and just as ludicrous, neither name defines a species, they are merely the names of a place pure and simple. The word "Gentile" is of Jewish biblical origin and is used to signify those who are non Jews. Again, not the race defining name of a specific human species.

The Aryan race has always had a tendency to divide itself up into nations and make the quite common mistake in proclaiming that such nations are who and what we are as a race. It is no different than an Aryan in California stating that he is a different people than the Aryans who live in New York. Ask any Aryan today what race they are and they will name off some nations in Europe or worse say that they are Heinz 57, which is to say, a little bit of everything. Someone says that they are German, French and Scandinavian. What does that mean genetically? All are of the Teutonic tribe branch of Aryan.

There are only two primary root tribes of Aryans in Europe, the Celts and the Teutons all other tribes of Aryans are a derivative of those two. It is certainly not the place called Europe which has made the Aryans what they have become over the many centuries of our history. We were Aryans before we settled there and this we owe simply to far distant Aryan origins and the far-reaching influence of the migratory period after the fall of Atlantis, which hardened our people and developed the hearty and virile character of our ancestors. This is not to say that all Aryans were bottled up the area of Atlantis alone before the great cataclysm, ancient Aryan Egypt co-existed with Atlantis and likewise there were many tribes of our people spread far and wide in between. There remains existing Egyptian heiroglyphs that depict great naval battles between the Atlanteans and the Egyptians. In fact both were in the midst of a fierce battle with one another the day that Atlantis was submerged which we have now learned was the result of an asteroid striking the earth in the region of the Sargasso Sea. What serves as a testament to the distant age of Egypt is that it survived the last great flood and axis shift. There still exists salt water tide marks on the interior of the pyramid of Giza which is not even the oldest pyramid. The Sphnix itself is far older than all the pyramids in Egypt. Look at the globe of the world and you will see that the Nile river is the only river that has its delta pointing towards the north. That it survived the last axis shift is also evident in that upper Egypt is still called lower Egypt and lower Egypt is still called upper Egypt.

How was the Indo-European evolved from the Aryan? He certainly left his home a different man from what he had become when he set foot on European soil---at the time when he first made his appearance in history. Nor is he invariably the same. The Greek differs from the Roman, the Roman from the Celt, the Celt from the Teuton, the Teuton from the Slav. Yet, one bonding genetic element runs through all the Aryan Tribes, which defines them back to the original source. It is genetic physiognomy which defines the Aryan species, not the language or temporary political boundaries, which many are taught to believe from today's Aryan culture distorters. A race is not to be determined by skin color alone, it is genetic, and it is the defining DNA of a specific race of humankind. There are Aryans of light medium and dark skin completions. There are Chinese of ranging from yellowish skin to pure white skin. Negroes can range from darkest black skin to brown, tan and in some cases pure white albino Negroes. Indians can range from reddish skin to tan white to darkest black as in India. Indians it has been found co-existed with the Aryans in Atlantis. The name Indian was not the original name used to define their race, they were all known in the days of Atlantis as Toltecs.

The entire current condition of present day Aryan culture is seriously ill and degenerating in an alarming manner. Having come under the custody of men who are inwardly indifferent, self hating and even hostile to it, and whose mental and moral attitude differs drastically from our noble race-conscious forebears. At this juncture in history Aryan man is fighting for the battle of his life, with the ever present specter of impending extinction of his entire species hanging in the balance before him. In a report by the United States Immigration Commission dated 1911, it states that, "The Aryan 'races' comprise nearly half the population of the Earth, say 700,000,000 out of a total of 1,500,000,000." In less than one century, the Aryan race has dwindled to a most shocking 8% of the world population and still declining, while the world population has more than quadrupled, now in excess of 6 billion. A front page article in a national periodical back in 1960 stated, "It is one of the riddles of our time why the White man, lord of the earth from pole to pole, should, in the short space of a single human generation, renounce his rule, draw back wearily from a position of world-wide power, so that today he is in panic-stricken flight, where yesterday he still governed inviolably."

If the Aryan race does not regain control of its survival instincts, then certain extinction from the face of the Earth within a space of one century but even more likely 50 years is inevitable. The battle that must be faced is not from any enemy without, but from the enemy within our own self, and our people. That special something which made our ancestors the literal sovereigns of the earth, developed from an indigenous inborn yearning. It is this yearning that builds uncommon valor, makes men take chances and risk their very lives and limbs for the greater glory of their people. Such a yearning has always been a genetic characteristic of Aryan man, matched with an indomitable will and biological determinacy. This yearning is perhaps more accurately defined as "The Vital Spark".

The Aryan race certainly has never been submissive in the past, which is why it has reigned in its might since the dawn of history. Should it fully adopt the submissive, turn-the other-cheek, resist not evil, all-men-are-created-equal pabulum of alien Christian dogma, or the universalist and self hating anything goes disease of the liberals we shall perish as surely as the sun sets in the West. Jewish religion and history works fine for the Jews, but it is not our religion, nor is it our history. We shall never find the path to our Aryan soul by following a Jewish roadmap or any path or system which is not our own. Only the dare to be strong and great as a people, dare to be vigilent against all odds for the right and honor of your family, culture and race. That is what filled our ancestors with the vital spark to produce the wonders of the world! The alfa Aryan must also remain thick-skinned to bear his or her steadfast non-conformity to the maddening and unconscious world which is ever ready to pull us down into the mire. Always remember that from the grinding, grating friction within the oyster comes the pearl. There is no growth without adversity, and there is no life worth the living without your race, your ethnic roots and that will to be, which is your quest alone by divine right!


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